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Porridge "Nutrilon": assortment, age, composition, complementary foods, feeding instructions and parent reviews

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Porridge "Nutrilon": assortment, age, composition, complementary foods, feeding instructions and parent reviews
Porridge "Nutrilon": assortment, age, composition, complementary foods, feeding instructions and parent reviews

When a baby turns six months old, it's time to diversify his diet. Breastfeeding or feeding with adapted formulas to meet the needs of a growing body is no longer enough. In the article, we will talk about the assortment of Nutrilon cereals from the Nutricia company, their composition, complementary foods, feeding instructions and consumer reviews.

Instant rice porridge

Often, parents face the question: what is better - to feed the child with home-made cereals or industrial production? Opinions vary on this.

Consider the benefits of Nutrilon cereals. This product is completely safe for babies, as it undergoes careful processing and testing. Nutricia baby food is enriched with vitamins and minerals that a child needs at each specific stage of development.

A few words about the company

Nutricia is the world's leading manufacturer of baby food. Company experience -over 120 years. Dairy and dairy-free porridges "Nutrilon" are produced at factories equipped with modern equipment. They are located in the countries of the European Union. Products fully comply with quality standards adopted throughout the world.

About cereals

This product is based on the ProNutra Vi+ complex. As part of GOS/FOS prebiotics, which strengthen the baby's immunity due to the growth of beneficial microflora in the intestines. The complex also includes vitamins and minerals. Particular attention is paid to a sufficient amount of iodine and iron, which are necessary for the full development of the baby's mental abilities.

Feeding porridge

Assortment of Nutrilon cereals

Trademark "Nutricia" offers to introduce cereals in 4 stages.

Milk porridge "Nutrilon"

First: For 4 month olds who are formula fed or formula fed. For fully breastfed babies, breastfeeding starts at 6 months, because until that age, breast milk fully covers the baby's nutritional needs.

Which products are suitable for the little ones?

Porridge "Nutrilon" buckwheat

The manufacturer suggests introducing it first, as it is gluten-free and is considered the best source of calcium. It is this element that is most needed for babies aged 4 - 6 months.

In addition, this product is quickly and well digested and does not create additional stress on the baby's digestive tract. The food does not contain s alt, any flavorings,dyes, preservatives.

Like all other Nutrilon cereals, the product does not need to be cooked. Compared to home-cooked meals, instant products contain less fat and carbohydrates, which means they will not cause gastrointestinal upset.

Rice milk porridge from Nutricia trademark

Product with a soft texture. Indicated for children who are prone to stool disorders. Includes:

  • rice flour;
  • whey powder;
  • palm, rapeseed, sunflower oils;
  • skimmed milk powder;
  • prebiotic complex;
  • 19 minerals and vitamins;
  • emulsifier - soy lecithin.

Oatmeal milk porridge

This product, like buckwheat porridge, does not contain gluten, therefore it is recommended for the first acquaintance of the baby with new foods.

Porridge for a 4 month old baby


  • oat flour;
  • vegetable oils;
  • prebiotics;
  • vitamin-mineral complex;
  • soy lecithin.

These three products are called the "gluten-free trio". Doctors recommend them as the first complementary foods.

Second stage: for babies from six months (artificial). For breastfed babies, these cereals as complementary foods are introduced into the menu according to the situation, but approximately two months later. At the second stage of the introduction of complementary foods, the manufacturer offers:

  • Nutrilon 4 grains (wheat, rice, oat, millet).
  • Nutrilon corn rice with banana.
  • Nutrilon multigrain with fruit.
  • Nutrilon Wheat with Apricot and Banana.
  • Nutrilon wheat with biscuits.

Third stage: for artificial babies who are 8 months old. And, accordingly, for breastfeeding babies who have reached the age of 10 months. Please note that these terms are very arbitrary. The decision about when and what kind of porridge to introduce is made by the pediatrician and parents. It all depends on the individual parameters of the baby, developmental characteristics, the presence of allergies.

At the third stage, the manufacturer offers to expand the baby's diet with the following products:

  • Nutrilon 7 grains with apple.
  • Nutrilon wheat-rice with apple and pear.

Fourth stage: it starts from ten months for artificial babies and about one year for breastfeeding babies. The manufacturer offers Nutrilon 4 cereals with rice balls. Its texture is adapted for older children who can already chew relatively solid foods.

The assortment from the Nutrilon trademark also includes dairy-free cereals:

  • buckwheat;
  • oatmeal;
  • 4 cereals;
  • wheat with cookies;
  • corn rice with apple;
  • wheat-rice with fruits.

These products should be diluted with breast milk or an adapted formula that the baby is used to.

The introduction of cereals in the diet

Rules for introducing porridge into the diet

  1. The product begins to be introduced into the child's diet from half a teaspoon. Every day, the volume should be increased by one spoon. ATthe end result should reach 150 grams.
  2. When the baby is 8 months old, the norm of eating porridge should be about 170 g. A one-year-old baby should eat about 200 g.
  3. You need to carefully monitor the well-being of the crumbs when introducing a new product. Thicker foods can cause constipation in a baby, and new ingredients in baby food can cause food allergies. If you notice a rash or your child's condition worsens, stop using the new product and talk to your pediatrician.
  4. If porridge is introduced into the diet, which consists of several cereals, then each of them should already be included in the child's diet.
  5. Cook food strictly according to the instructions. Make sure no lumps form. There is no need to add sugar or s alt to Nutrilon baby cereals. You can only feed your baby with a spoon. Do not try to bottle this product!

What parents say about the product

Reviews of Nutrilon cereals are generally positive. Nutricia brand products rarely cause allergic reactions. It's easy to cook. When diluted with milk or a mixture according to the instructions, lumps do not form. But some mothers believe that if you dilute the product in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer, then the porridge comes out too thick.

The downside is that porridge is not available in all stores and the price of products is quite high.

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