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High floor ceramic vases in the interior

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High floor ceramic vases in the interior
High floor ceramic vases in the interior

Once vases were purely functional and used to hold fresh bouquets of flowers and plants, they are now a staple of modern home decor. Using original high floor interior vases throughout the home can add warmth and coziness to every room. It will bring pleasure to you and the guests who come.

Competent furnishings

Decor items of various heights help to visually balance and dilute the standard sizes of placed furniture. A high ceramic vase placed on the floor will help create an attractive multi-level interior. For a subtle yet noticeable accent in a living room or dining room, place a large or two floor vases in a corner or next to a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa or table. Group several vases together on the floor. To add beauty and accent to a room. They can be diluted with decorative bottles, urns or planters.

Shiny floor vases

What are the different types andfloor vase shapes?

In a modern interior, vases will look relevant in the hallway, corridor or bathroom. Although tall floor standing ceramic vases may seem relatively similar at first glance, they cover many shapes and different styles. You can choose from the most original, ultra-modern shape, as well as a classic cylinder or pipe shape. A particularly popular form of the floor vase is the trumpet. It has a large opening that narrows towards the neck and then widens again at the body or base. The other type, the cylindrical vase, has a generally consistent, very concise shape that may taper slightly towards the bottom or vice versa. Simple shapes look spectacular, especially when complemented by an unusual texture or colorful hand painting.

Ceramic vase from Malaysia

Short and wide vases in the form of buds, as well as square, rectangular or amphora vases are popular. Amphora vases, as if inspired by classical Greek and Roman designs of the past, have a narrow neck and a volumetric part just below. They also have miniature handles on both sides.

Some material options

There are also many options in different materials. Exquisite glass vase for fresh sunflowers, rustic wood or stone vase for dry branches. Tall glass vases look sleeker and can be completely clear or frosted. For luxurious, expensively furnished apartments, decorative porcelain design inbaroque style. Crystal items will add elegance to any room.

metal vase

The most popular option are high floor ceramic vases, they allow such a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, among ceramic, metal products there is a much wider choice of colors and textures. Finish may show cracked paint or multi-colored metallic sheen.

Shapes suitable for future bouquets

Traditional vases come in all shapes and sizes. They can be placed flower arrangements, dry branches. Or leave it blank as a stand-alone decorative element.

Glass miniature floor vases

Before investing in a tall floor standing ceramic vase, it's important to make sure the size is proportionate to the flowers you plan to display in it. If you are planning to arrange a simple flower arrangement or flowers without a long stem, then a small tabletop vase is a better option. If you prefer the look of longer stem flowers such as sunflowers, hibiscus, lilies, and others and are looking for a decorative decoration for them, then a large floor vase is the perfect choice.

Amazing decor item

With a large range of color variations, it's easy to match or coordinate a similar floor composition without updating the overall atmosphere in the apartment and without changing the decor.

Want to decorate your entryway, living room or bedroom with colorful huesor add stylish pastel colors? Why not add a colorful floor vase to your current home decor? A tall product can serve as a stylish accent that goes well with the overall style and color scheme of the room in which it is located. Tall black floor vases add style and conciseness. Or a handmade terracotta ceramic floor vase that rises up and expands slightly. It will look natural next to a sideboard, hallway bench or sofa. Tall, floor-standing ceramic vases in a serene neutral color will complement any decor.

Tall stone vases

Floor vases come in different sizes - from short vases that can be placed on the floor or table, to tall glass vases that are clearly visible from anywhere in the room. And each of them will make the interior cozy and more interesting, which can be seen in the photo of tall floor vases.

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