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Choosing a wedding hair comb

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Choosing a wedding hair comb
Choosing a wedding hair comb

Every girl who gets married wants everything to be perfect on her wedding day. Starting with the design of the hall and ending with all sorts of little things. Each of the future wives thinks over her image even more carefully, planning in advance not only the design of the dress, but also the bouquet, and the hairstyle, and much more.


Wedding hairstyles with a hair comb have been in fashion for quite some time now. This is not surprising. After all, a wedding hair comb is very elegant and attractive. It complements any image of the bride. However, today the choice of wedding combs is so great that it is difficult for girls to make a final choice. Therefore, they begin to doubt and think about buying jewelry.

bridal hair comb
bridal hair comb

In order not to get confused in the cabin, you need to think about the purchase in advance. To do this, it is recommended to first learn about the varieties of products, after which the idea of them will already be much better.

Types of wedding combs

If you look at the crests of different types, you can understand that some cleardistribution, in terms of wedding or not, cannot be made between them. After all, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and is able to decorate a festive outfit. Therefore, jewelry of all kinds is classified. The first distribution of all combs is according to the material used for production. According to this difference, there are 4 main groups:

  • ivory combs;
  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • plastic.

However, in addition to this, there are options made from several materials at once.

wedding hairstyles with hair comb
wedding hairstyles with hair comb

Also, these hair ornaments differ from each other in the quality of materials, value. After all, silver or gilded items are very common.

Comb types according to the presence of decorative elements

In addition, several types of decoration are used on the combs, according to which all decorations can also be combined into groups:

  1. Floral decoration. This group includes combs, the decorations of which are all kinds of leaves, flowers and other plants. At the same time, it does not matter at all what material the comb itself is made of, nor the material used to create jewelry. So, there are scallops with flowers made of clay, fabric, metal, beads and other things. An accessory of such a plan will emphasize the elegance and modesty of any bride.
  2. DIY wedding hair comb
    DIY wedding hair comb
  3. Metal jewelry with stones, pearls and beads. If a girl is most suited to classic or evena little strict image, then such a wedding hair comb will come in handy more than ever. At the same time, it does not matter at all what materials it will be made of (whether it be cheap rhinestones or natural stones). Refined and iridescent, the product will be a great addition to your festive outfit.
  4. Jewelry in rhinestones. A wedding hair comb shimmering in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow will make any image of the bride even more elegant and solemn. Such jewelry looks great with a veil or with a veil.
  5. Decoration-tiaras. Combs of this kind are suitable for girls who find it difficult to make a final choice about their hairstyle. The diadem fixed on the hair will become an original decoration, turning the bride into a real princess.
  6. Special models. This category includes scallops, which are decorated with the most unusual products. For example, this includes combs with a cute, miniature hat, as well as products with intertwining chains. Such scallops have recently become in great demand. After all, more and more often young people arrange extraordinary celebrations, with unusual stylistic directions.
bridal hair combs spb
bridal hair combs spb

Each of the types of scallops a girl can do on her own, because their design is quite simple. Only here, a homemade jewelry will make the hairstyle unique and inimitable and indicate the creative nature of the bride.

Another division of scallops depends on the number of cloves. So, on sale you can find jewelry with two teeth,so with the whole neighborhood. In this case, the choice of product depends entirely on the chosen hairstyle, on the direct purpose (decorative or holding) and on the thickness of the girl's hair.

Which bridal hair comb to choose?

To make the choice of jewelry even easier, you need to think through the following points in advance:

  • what hairstyle will the bride have during the celebration;
  • what style will the final image be in.

Before you go shopping, and the comb can be purchased in almost any salon or even on the Internet, you need to carefully examine the dress. This is done so that all the nuances and elements of decoration do not go unnoticed. As a rule, girls try to pick up all the jewelry in the same style, so if there are stones on the dress and shoes, a wedding hair comb with pearls or rhinestones is bought.

It is also very important to pay attention to the color design. If the scallop is gilded, and all other jewelry is silver, then the image will turn out to be unfinished and inexpressive.

Buy or make your own?

Bridal hair combs are sold in almost every metropolis. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Volgograd - all these cities are literally filled with wedding accessories, including these. If there is no comb in your small village, you can follow it to the big one.

bridal hair comb with pearls
bridal hair comb with pearls

If the dress was made to order, and you simply can’t find the desired comb model in stores, then don’tgotta get upset so fast! In any store you can find an ordinary accessory and a lot of decorative items. Then you can make a wedding hair comb with your own hands.

At the same time, the choice of decorative products is so wide that it will not be difficult to choose the details that will be combined with the dress. The rest is a matter of technique. You just need to carefully glue all the decorative elements to a regular comb. The main thing is to do everything carefully so that in the future not a single flower or bead comes off, and also dried glue is not visible from under them.


Knowing all the distinguishing features of wedding scallops, you can easily choose a decoration that perfectly emphasizes the nature of the bride and her taste preferences.

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