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Wedding gifts for newlyweds: original ideas

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Wedding gifts for newlyweds: original ideas
Wedding gifts for newlyweds: original ideas

Wedding gifts for newlyweds are traditionally given by everyone who receives an invitation to the marriage ceremony. Of course, every guest wants his present to make an indelible impression on the newlyweds, to evoke pleasant emotions in them, which are so important on this day. The original gift ideas collected in this article will help you make the right choice and spend a minimum of time.

Wedding gifts for newlyweds: money

For more than a decade, people have been giving friends and relatives who get married cash. This solution is convenient because the newlyweds have the opportunity to independently choose the perfect gift for themselves. The one who believes that such a present is not capable of being original and memorable is mistaken.

weddingts for newlyweds
weddingts for newlyweds

A gift made of money can, for example, take the form of a bouquet, which is easy to create with your own hands. It is necessary to roll the banknotes into a tube, then tie them with a festive ribbon at the base. An additional decoration of the "bouquet" canbecome a living or artificial flower located in the center. If those who are going to be surprised have a great sense of humor, you can glue bills together to create a roll of "toilet paper".

A gift of money can also be presented in the form of origami. It is enough to fix a few simple figures from banknotes on a sheet of paper using double-sided tape. Rhinestones and sequins will give a festive look to the present, with which you can decorate the background. Those who are new to the art of origami can limit themselves to banal airplanes. People who are afraid of damaging banknotes are free to use photocopies when creating figurines, attaching an envelope with real money to this gift.

Not serious gifts

Who said that wedding gifts for newlyweds have to be practical? It is easy to surprise the bride and groom by giving them a piece of land located on Mars as a gift. Surprisingly, the sale of such plots has been conducted since 1980, and the cost of 40 acres does not go beyond three to five thousand rubles. Those who think that Mars is too far away can stop at the Moon. The certificate of ownership is traditionally accompanied by a map of the surface of the chosen planet. An alternative solution is a star purchase certificate.

original wedding
original wedding

You may prefer other cool gifts for newlyweds that create a romantic mood. For example, now it is fashionable to give the bride and groom tropical butterflies. Unfortunately, this option is only available to those who plan to spend a large amount of money on a surprise.

If the people entering intomarriage, there is a sense of humor, you can stop at a gift copy of the Kamasutra.

Extreme gifts

The opportunity to go on an adventure is an excellent gift for the bride and groom. It is possible that the newly-made husband and wife will be happy to spend their honeymoon participating in kayaking. Perhaps they have long dreamed of making a parachute jump or going on a safari with lions. Finally, spouses can be delighted with the opportunity to fly in a real hot air balloon, feeling like the heroes of a love story. Of course, such gifts should be discussed in advance with those to whom they are intended.

For newlyweds who love adventure, but are not ready to embark on a dangerous adventure, you can choose a gift that is not related to extreme sports. For example, you can pay for newlyweds diving or go-karting, swimming with dolphins, riding or shooting lessons. Finally, the donor is free to pay for a visit to a fascinating excursion, a cruise on the river.

Good memories

An original wedding must certainly be captured in photos and videos so that the newlyweds can live one of the most exciting days of their lives again and again. It is not surprising that a wedding clip is a gift that has remained relevant for many years. A specially invited operator will not only skillfully edit the video, choosing the most successful moments of the celebration, but also select the musical accompaniment.


Choosing unusual wedding gifts for newlyweds,you can stop at the photobook. For example, it can be a book of fairy tales, the main characters of which will be the bride and groom. To create such a presentation, you only need to provide photos of people getting married.

Finally, nowadays everyone can rent a photo booth. Why not install this device where the celebration is planned - to the delight of the newlyweds and their guests?

Video greetings

A video greeting can act as an independent gift or be attached to the main present. The video, the main characters of which will be relatives and close friends, will certainly be given a place of honor in the family archive. It is desirable that the congratulations pronounced by the "actors" turn out to be cheerful and original.

An alternative to video congratulations is a dance of friends and relatives captured on camera. Of course, to prepare such a surprise, you will have to devote some time to rehearsals.

Having a show

An original wedding will be remembered by the newly-made husband and wife for life, if at the end of the celebration a grandiose salute is launched into the sky. Guests of the ceremony can pay for a luxurious fireworks display in honor of the newlyweds, which will be arranged at the end of the holiday.

A wonderful surprise for the newlyweds will be a laser show, which can also be organized at the end of the celebration. Today, this representation can take many forms. For example, a volumetric show involves the movement of laser beams in space, a constant change in their color. Of course, all thisaccompanied by energetic music, which customers can choose. You can also stop at laser graphics, arranging a surprise in the form of portraits of the bride and groom floating in the air.


Of course, the options described above (fireworks, laser show) are only suitable for those guests who plan to present vip gifts to the newlyweds by laying out a round sum of money.

Gifts for home

Can a present be not only original, but also practical? For example, what should be a gift for newlyweds from parents who, for one reason or another, do not want to give money? A great idea is to pay for the services of a designer who will help the newly-made spouses equip the family nest. You can also choose a certificate that allows the husband and wife to choose their own gift in the furniture center with a wide range of goods.

Those who have an idea about the tastes of the newlyweds can decide to purchase a piece of furniture. For example, to make the newlyweds happy with a bean bag designed for two, or trays designed for breakfast in bed. However, it is still better to stop at a picture or a vase than, say, on a sofa, for which there may simply not be a place in the apartment.


Another original version - a surprise in the form of a vehicle. This idea can be noticed not only by relatives and friends who want to give the bride and groom vip gifts that involve serious expenses.


It is likely thata guy and a girl getting married will be happy to receive a pair of inexpensive bicycles as a gift with which they can compete with each other. They can also use roller skates, skateboards, and other gear to ensure they have fun together.


When choosing wedding gifts for newlyweds, you can also focus on a person's friends. Perhaps the bride and groom would like to acquire another family member, but are not yet ready for the birth of a child. Of course, such a surprise must certainly be consistent with those for whom it is intended. In addition, when planning to give a cat or a dog as a gift, it is worth asking future owners what breed they prefer.

It is not necessary to consider exclusively traditional options. Not only a cat or a dog can live in the house of the newlyweds. It is likely that the newlyweds are among the connoisseurs of the exotic. In this case, they may like an elegant aquarium with colorful parrot fish or creepy-looking piranhas. The main thing is not to go to extremes, preferring, say, a live lion cub.

Innovative devices

What should be a gift from friends who want to meet newly-married couples more often? A great idea is a robot vacuum cleaner, having received which the newlyweds will be able to devote a minimum of time to cleaning. This device independently eliminates dust and wool, copes even with small debris. The owners only need to turn it on, after which they can safely go about their business and even leavehouse.

gift for newlyweds from parents
gift for newlyweds from parents

Many newlyweds prefer to spend the first months after the wedding in an apartment, reluctantly getting out of a cozy nest. Therefore, original indoor slippers with a USB opening will be useful for them. By connecting these products to a laptop, you can enjoy the warmth emanating from within.

In addition, the bride and groom may need a waterproof FM radio designed for the shower. Such a device has a remote control, with which you can, if desired, arrange a colorful illumination show in your own bathroom, controlling the light overflows.

What not to give

When choosing wedding gifts for newlyweds, people invited to the ceremony should remember a number of important rules. You should not give future spouses a present that is of interest to only one of them. For example, a bad decision would be to buy decorative cosmetics or a set of tools. This should be remembered even by those guests who, say, are only closely acquainted with the groom and do not know his chosen one at all (and vice versa).

gift from friends
gift from friends

There are things that popular folk omens categorically do not order to give. It is not recommended to choose sets of knives, mirrors, watches, handkerchiefs - newlyweds who are serious about signs may consider such gifts a bad omen. Also, you should not make a choice in favor of presents, which theoretically other guests who have received an invitation to the celebration can stop at. For example, the bride and groom are unlikely to be impressed by the fifth fryer or the third juicer.

Finally, you should be careful when choosing things that may simply not fit in size. Let's say that even the most beautiful set of bedding will turn out to be a bad gift, if you do not take into account the dimensions of the bride and groom's bed.

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