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Village wedding: description, traditions, features, script and interesting contests

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Village wedding: description, traditions, features, script and interesting contests
Village wedding: description, traditions, features, script and interesting contests

Wedding is one of the most significant, expected and fun events in the life of every person. They say that the more people walk on the holiday, the happier the newly-made family will be. The traditions of Russia involve strictly regulated actions, but although this sounds unpleasant, in fact, a wedding in Russian traditions is something unforgettable, filled with bright colors and special energy of the people. A Russian village wedding is strictly subject to certain actions at each stage of the organization, and the result is a fun, sincere and freedom-breathing holiday.

Country wedding

country wedding
country wedding

Such a wedding means the observance of the established customs of Russia, which the newlyweds have observed from time immemorial. This was done so that the couple would playfully get acquainted with their future responsibilities, and realize that now they themselves are responsible for their family.

The village wedding begins with matchmaking - the groom's parents come to the bride's house under the guise of lost wanderers who allegedly heard that there is a "heifer" for sale in the house. At the beginning of this ritual, the groom must remain outside the threshold, and only after the consent of the bride to enter the house. According to tradition, matchmakersto get the approval of the girl's parents for marriage, for this they naturally ask what she herself thinks of the groom. If the bride agrees to marry a young man, she cuts the bread brought by the matchmakers into several pieces. After that, the bride and groom leave.

A conversation begins between the parents about organizing a wedding. The day of the event, the number of guests on both sides is determined. Immediately after this, a friend should be elected - the main manager of the wedding, in other words, the toastmaster. He is looking for an assistant and a temporary replacement, and two matchmakers should also help him.

Assistant bride and groom

The choice of boyfriend was always approached very carefully and carefully, because this person was entrusted with leading the most important event in the life of loving people. He had to be able to lead a holiday, amuse the crowd, be a ringleader, and at the same time clearly control the process.

Matchmakers were chosen by parents from among married relatives. They were women who knew their stuff. They dressed the bride on a memorable day, took the dowry to the groom's house. Their duties included entertaining guests and accepting gifts. The design of the village wedding also lay on the shoulders of the matchmakers.

The bride chose her older boyfriend, who followed her closely on her heels. She helped the girl to accept gifts, invite guests and always participated in the process of dressing her future wife in a wedding dress.

Rustic style wedding decoration is quite simple, but it is better to hire a person who is very well versed in Russian wedding traditions.


Rustic wedding decor
Rustic wedding decor

Drunken village weddings are the foundation of a fun party. But it is worth noting that people drank natural alcohol - liqueurs and tinctures. Because of this, their intoxication had a special character - it is not at all like the body's reaction to modern alcohol, when a person becomes passive, aggressive and dull. Folk drinks evoked joy, enthusiasm, a desire to have fun and a huge inner uplift, which is why even decrepit old people could dance all night long.


Great importance was attached to the signs that accompanied the future spouses during the preparation for the feast. Here are some of them:

  • if a girl sneezes in the morning on the wedding day, then the marriage will be strong and happy;
  • help in dressing a girl should only accept married friends;
  • you can not show the groom in a wedding dress before the ceremony;
  • you can't have girlfriends spinning in front of the mirror in front of the bride on her wedding day;
  • it's considered a bad sign to let your girlfriends try on your engagement ring;
  • groom must participate in the process of organizing the holiday at all stages, otherwise he will be a bad host;
  • if the future husband stumbles on the way to church, this indicates his uncertainty in the perfect choice;
  • at the end of the wedding feast, the groom must carry the bride across the threshold of the house in his arms.
Russian village wedding
Russian village wedding

Folk fun is considered a very important partholiday, because the happier and more fun people are at the feast, the more successful the couple's family life will be. A friend organized folk fun - he came up with contests and amused the people.


Drunken country weddings
Drunken country weddings
  • Create invitations. They can be ordered from a printer or made in person. The main thing is that their style matches the style of the wedding.
  • Choosing the venue for the ceremony. It is best that the wedding takes place outdoors, because it is most connected with the countryside and nature. It is necessary to arrange long tables and cover them with linen tablecloths and towels. As a decoration, it is better to use fresh flowers and clay dishes. A Russian village wedding is impossible without mead, which is worth making yourself. Dishes should be prepared in accordance with the national cuisine - that is, simple and satisfying.
  • Decoration "pedestal" for a couple. This moment should be taken carefully and decorate the “pedestal” with sheaves of rye and wheat, dolls in national costumes and a lot of fresh flowers.
  • Date selection. You can’t get married on fasting and on the January holidays, as it is believed that evil spirits are walking around at this time. The best time to get married is summer. Pay attention to the lunar calendar, the wedding date should be set on the waxing moon so that the family also expands and grows.
  • Bride. She has to look right. To do this, her friends braid her braid, and the dress is tied with a red belt. Particular attention should be paid to the veil, it should have 3 parts - forcovering the braid, face and wreath.
  • Wreath of brides. It is desirable that it be made of fresh flowers, of which there are plenty in summer. It is necessary to weave such flowers into it: mint, periwinkle, viburnum and rue.

Wedding scenario

Village wedding fun
Village wedding fun

A rustic wedding scenario includes several successive steps.

Bachelorette party. A country-style wedding suggests it on the eve of a solemn event. A bachelorette party is a fun event with singing songs and funny ditties. But also the girls sing old ritual songs.

At this time, the groom is having dinner with his friends. After that, having collected sweets and treats, they all go together to the bride's house. Free guys and girls begin to dignify the future married couple with different chants.

Morning songs. On the day of the wedding, the matchmaker and boyfriend are with the bride in the morning. They sing songs non-stop until the groom arrives.

Ransom. The groom and his retinue go to the bride's house, where relatives (girls, often children and teenagers) are waiting for them with brooms and sticks, so as not to miss the groom and demand a ransom for a charming relative. He is not even allowed on the threshold, the "defenders" of the bride stand outside the gate and carefully guard them. The groom must pay a decent ransom and answer the questions of the "defenders" of the bride. Only if the answers are satisfactory, he will be allowed to see the girl.

Kurnik. This is a wedding cake, which is an integral part of a Russian wedding. It is baked from rich unleavened dough and beautifully decorated. Usually, the kurnik is made in the form of a dome or an octagonal hat, and then decorated with many figurines of people, animals and flowers.


Rustic wedding script
Rustic wedding script

In the church, before the wedding, the priest said the following words: "If there are party or non-believers here, let them leave, or behave decently." When the couple was offered to approach the lectern, they had to step on the carpet as soon as possible, because it is believed that the one who does it first will be the main one in the family.

Then the whole procession went to the gatehouse, where snacks were served. Father drank the first mug. Then he began to start the song and passed the initiative to the guests.

Interesting contests

rustic wedding
rustic wedding

It is impossible to imagine that a cheerful village wedding, the jokes of which are known to everyone, takes place without fun. Here are some of the favorite folk games:

"Rope". The matchmaker brings a rope tied in one knot into the hall, the guests take it in their hands and surround the woman. It all starts with a round dance around her. At this time, the matchmaker at this time says either a red word, or a saying, or sings a song to everyone who holds on to the rope. Everyone should respond with a smile to her words, even if they are a little hurtful. Those who are distracted from the game, looking around, the matchmaker beats their hands and leads them to the center of the circle - now the delinquent continues the game.

"Turnip". The motive of the game is inspired by a Russian fairy tale. Participants grab each other by the belt, and begin to pull. The point is to tear off the firstplayer from his support. For interest, it is important that there are as many people as possible. The process is accompanied by sharp jokes, songs and ditties towards the participant who holds the whole crowd.

"Cherry". This fun is for free guys and girls. They become pairs, stretching their arms forward and firmly connecting them into a “lock”. After that, the "cherry" - the main character, runs up well and jumps into his arms. Then it is passed from hand to hand until it reaches the girl to be kissed. After the stormy flight of the guy, the kiss turns out to be very beautiful and sensual. The main thing here is not to fly further, otherwise you will have to kiss the wrong beauty at all.

"Recognize the bride by her little finger". The groom was blindfolded with a thick cloth, and all the women present at the celebration sit in a circle and put out their little fingers. There was complete silence in the hall. The groom had to feel to find the little finger of his betrothed. If he succeeded, the fun continued, if not, such contests continued until the groom found his bride.

Chorus and vytnitsa

Special attention at the wedding was paid to the choir, which sang ritual songs for the benefit of the future family. They also often invited a vytnitsa who sang sad songs about the girl's farewell to her parental home, girlish beauty and carelessness.


The tone for the whole holiday was set by music - they provoked the people and played cheerful music. The basis of the wedding was hot dances until dawn and a chic feast.

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