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Mint wedding decor ideas
Mint wedding decor ideas

Shades of mint are associated with gentle coolness, morning freshness and sophistication. Wedding dresses made in such colors look original and delightful. Mint shades are neutral. They can be taken as a basis and supplemented with other colors. Menthol, rich, cold tones are ideal for brunettes, and warm, pastel colors are ideal for blondes. A mint wedding is an extraordinary idea for newlyweds. The main thing is to choose the right tones and create romantic, sophisticated, but at the same time interesting images.

mint wedding
mint wedding

To avoid mistakes

Mint wedding is an original celebration filled with warmth and freshness. When making such a marriage, monochrome should be avoided. An overabundance of mint shades can play a cruel joke. You should not buy everything mint, starting with the bride's outfit and ending with dishes. This will look ugly. To avoid this, you should correctly place the accents. There are several schemes that allow you to make the right choice:

  1. Table decoration, groom's tie, desserts, bride's dress.
  2. Shoes and bouquet of the bride, any of the groom's accessories, such as a pocket square, cufflinks or tie, wedding cake, hall decoration.
  3. Tape ona bouquet, decorations and accessories of the bride, a bridesmaid's dress, a solemn cake, floral decorations for the hall, individual details of the room decoration.

Such schemes will help maintain harmony. A mint wedding, whose photos are impressive, will not be monochrome. Such a celebration will be remembered for a long time by both the newlyweds and their guests.

mint color wedding
mint color wedding

Bridal bouquet is important

It's hard to imagine a bride without a bouquet of flowers. This attribute must match the color scheme of the celebration. To create a bouquet, you should use painted and white roses. You can add brunei, hydrangea, amaryllis, gypsophila, eustoma to them.

The finished composition must be decorated. Braid, beads, lace, silk ribbons and other small details made in mint colors are suitable for this.

Mint Wedding Decoration

For the decoration of the banquet hall, use a mint-colored fabric. It can be curtains, tablecloths, napkins and so on. As for dishes, it is better to use ivory porcelain. It is better to put white covers on the chairs and decorate them with mint-colored bows. Mint-scented candles, all kinds of arrangements of ribbons, lace, flowers and balloons in the appropriate color palette of the wedding will help to give the desired effect.

A cortege of mint flowers will also look original. For a wedding, you can order a vintage car for a photo shoot. You can decorate the vehicle with ribbons, bows and flowers that were used to decorate the ceremonial hall.

mint wedding photo
mint wedding photo

Combination of mint shades

In order for the mint wedding to be wonderful, you need to carefully consider the color schemes for decorating the hall and for the guests' outfits. To do this, you need to know what shades menthol is combined with.

This color will look best with purple, yellow, blue, red, white and brown. Mint green harmonizes with warm and pastel shades. Ideal olive, dark gray, chocolate, beige, pale yellow.

Classic menthol is best paired with coral, sand, burgundy and dark fuchsia. Deeper and colder tones go well with blue mint: pink burgundy, purple and the whole palette of blue, from pale blue to dark blue.

mint wedding decoration
mint wedding decoration

Pleasant little things

Any wedding in mint color begins not only with the choice of outfit, but also with the distribution of invitations. If a thematic celebration is planned, then the cards must fully correspond to the main direction. In this case, the invitations should be mint in color. For their manufacture, it is worth using lace, old monograms, colored paper, and so on. This will emphasize the main theme of the wedding.

When choosing a cake, you also need to consider the direction of the celebration. For a mint wedding, a delicacy with a mint base and white decorations is suitable. At the same time, the taste of the cake can be absolutely any. If desired, you can add mint notes to it.

Supplement the design of the wedding will allow such trifles aspillow for rings, candles, decorated bottles of champagne, original banquet cards, guest book for wishes, decorated glasses for the bride and groom, garters and more.

Retro style wedding table decoration

The peak of popularity of mint color came in the middle of the last century. At that time, dishes made in green and blue tones were in special demand. When holding a mint wedding in retro style, you can focus on table setting. For the celebration of this theme, vintage products should be used. Dishes should combine shades of ivory and mint green.

In this case, you need a table with sweets. You can place high shelves filled with original cupcakes. Treats can be covered with mint glaze. On their surface, you can also create an original pattern that matches the theme of the celebration.

As for natural flowers, it is recommended to use turquoise glass vases filled with white and pink peonies for decoration of banquet tables.

Do you want a retro mint wedding? You definitely need to pick up the appropriate outfits for the newlyweds! In addition, it is worth thinking about invitations. Cards must be made of yellowed paper signed in faded ink. Invitations should be sent in envelopes sealed with sealing wax.

mint style wedding
mint style wedding

Wedding in nature

A mint-style wedding can also be held outdoors. You can even organize an outdoor ceremony. Similarcelebrations are planned very carefully. The ceremony should be held in a beautiful place, preferably among flowering trees and shrubs. However, when decorating, you should avoid the predominance of a rustic style.

All the details of the celebration should be refined and simple. When choosing accessories, textiles, dishes and decorative elements, you should give preference to products made in golden and mint blue tones. As for flower arrangements, it is best to choose white buds.

To decorate the table of the newlyweds, you should use decorated champagne bottles and glasses. They must be gilded. As for the pillows for rings and satin ribbons used to decorate the venue for the celebration, they should be in bright turquoise tones. This will set the accents.

Special attention should be paid to the design of invitations. They should fully reflect the theme of the holiday. These must be real works of art. Mint wedding invitation cards are usually decorated with original golden decor and unusual ornaments.

wedding in mint colors
wedding in mint colors


Wedding in mint colors is a great themed event. A festive mood is guaranteed by all participants if the newlyweds think over the design of the banquet hall, images and outfits for witnesses and bridesmaids in advance. When preparing a celebration, special attention should be paid to the little things. The result is an original, elegant, sophisticated mint wedding that everyone will remember.

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