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Invicta watches: customer reviews, types, specifications and quality
Invicta watches: customer reviews, types, specifications and quality

In the era of gadgets, a watch is not just a mechanism with arrows designed to tell the time. Such an accessory today is, first of all, a status item. Watches emphasize the position of its owner in society and his financial capabilities. And, of course, it is very important that such an accessory be of high quality, stylish and at the same time not flashy.

Swiss watches are especially popular nowadays. Such mechanisms are distinguished by their spectacular design and reliable assembly. In Russia, for example, Swiss Invicta watches are highly valued at the moment. Reviews of accessories of this brand from consumers deserve very good.

Brutal watch Invicta
Brutal watch Invicta

Brand story

Invicta was founded more than 150 years ago - in 1827 by Raphael Picard in the small Swiss town of La Chaux-de-fonds. Initially, the owner of the company focused not on the mass production of his watches, but on their quality. At the same time, Rafael Picard tried at the same time to ensure that the models manufactured at his factory were not too expensive and were accessible, including to representatives of the middle class.class.

The policy of the owner of Invicta turned out to be correct, and in a few years the watches of this brand gained immense popularity throughout Europe. Almost a century later, Invicta flourished. However, in the middle of the last century, with the advent of Japanese quartz precision watches on the market, the company, like many others that produced mechanical models at that time, unfortunately began to deteriorate.

Brand Invicta
Brand Invicta

By the 90s of the XX century, Invicta had almost ceased to exist. But fortunately, in 1991, the Americans paid attention to this company. The company was bought out, and a few years later, thanks to a successful marketing policy, its products became extremely popular in the USA.

Later, Invicta watches were re-evaluated in Europe. Today this brand is recognizable on all continents. Appreciate watches from this manufacturer, of course, in our country.

The Americans who originally bought the company moved its production to the USA. However, later the watches of this brand were again assembled in Switzerland. At the moment, the head office of Invicta is located in this country, in the city of L'Abbeye.

Consumer Opinion: Good Qualities

What did Invicta watches deserve excellent reviews from consumers, including Russian ones? The advantages of the models of this brand, Internet users on specialized sites include, first of all, an excellent combination of price / quality. According to consumers, this watch shows the time perfectly accurately. Even after several years of work, theyusually do not lag behind and do not run ahead for a minute. Consumers, of course, consider their spectacular design to be another advantage of Invicta watches.

Models of this brand, like almost any other Swiss watch, are not particularly flashy. But at the same time they look very stylish and solid.

Women's watches Invicta
Women's watches Invicta

Women's models of this brand are usually characterized by elegance and sophistication. At the same time, Invicta men's watches in most cases are characterized by rather large sizes, they look brutal and presentable. And that's what many consumers love about them.

Water resistance is one of the advantages of Invicta watches. This indicator for models from this manufacturer can vary between 100-1000 meters. In any case, watches of this brand will not be damaged in any way even during the heaviest rain or, for example, when washing hands.

This watch is cheaper than many other Swiss brands. A female model can be purchased, for example, for 3-7 thousand rubles. Consumers also consider the low price to be an absolute advantage of this brand.

Are there any negative reviews from owners about Invicta watches

There are practically no shortcomings in the accessories of this brand, according to buyers. In any case, most watch owners of this manufacturer certainly recommend them to all their friends and acquaintances. In particular, Internet users consider Invicta women's watches to be of high quality. Such models usually work without breakdowns for many years.

A man wearing an Invicta watch
A man wearing an Invicta watch

With men's watches of this brand, their owners, unfortunately, very rarely, but still sometimes there are problems. The fact is that for some models from this manufacturer it is quite difficult to change the battery. If this procedure is not performed correctly, the watch may lose its water resistance. In this case, in humid conditions, their glass will begin to fog up. Also, men's watches "Invicta" often, judging by the reviews, begin to lag behind when the battery charge decreases.

Another small drawback of the men's models of this brand is considered to be a non-standard fastening for straps. Finding a suitable accessory of this variety for such Invicta watches, unfortunately, is sometimes quite difficult.

Expert opinion on watch quality

From consumer reviews of Invicta watches on the Internet, therefore, there are mostly very good ones. Experts also consider quality models from this manufacturer. Mechanisms in Invicta are used only Swiss (sometimes Japanese). Both, of course, are the most reliable, accurate and durable.

Expert opinion about Invicta
Expert opinion about Invicta

Judging by the expert reviews available on the Web, Invicta watches can actually be considered Swiss. This means that more than 70% of the components included in their design are produced in the territory of this country. According to Swiss law, the Swiss Made badge can only be affixed if this condition is met. This engraving is present on Invicta watches of all lines. By the way, it is precisely from this that it is possible to determine thatthe selected model can be considered the original. Any other inscription, including, for example, Made in Switzerland, is nothing more than a clever move by Chinese marketers.

Most Popular Lines

At the moment, Invicta supplies watches to the market with about 20 series. Models of this manufacturer may differ in design, price, functionality. The most popular Invicta watch lines in Russia today are:

  • Invicta Russian Diver;
  • Lupah.

Models of these series in our country people buy most often.

Invicta Russian Diver Series Specifications

Translated from Swiss, the name of this line sounds like "Russian diver". The year of birth of the Invicta Russian Diver series is considered to be 1959. According to legend, then the Soviet government ordered Invicta watches for officers of the Soviet Navy. However, the company's specialists made an unfortunate mistake and engraved the IMF on the watch instead of the Navy. Since then, this abbreviation has become the hallmark of the Invicta Russian Diver line.

Watch "Russian diver"
Watch "Russian diver"

The peculiarity of the watches of this series is primarily a protective cap on the crown and a chain. The diameter of the models of this line starts from 50 mm. That is, these watches are very large. Mechanisms in models of the Invicta Russian Diver series can be used as conventional two-hand, as well as with chronographs or, for example, even with tourbillons. Accordingly, the cost of watches of this line can vary significantly.

Lupah line: description

This Invicta watch, which has received positive feedback from many domestic consumers, is distinguished primarily by its stylish patented design. All models of this line have a special classic case shape and are equipped with a very thick glass, reminiscent of a magnifying glass. Lupah watches are usually supplied with several leather straps of different colors. The line includes both the simplest models and premium class watches with chronometers. All watches in this series, among other things, have a calendar, which consumers find very convenient. In any case, the owner of such a watch can find out today's date simply by looking at their dial.

Other rulers

In addition to those described above, Invicta supplies the market, of course, with models of other lines. For example, Invicta watches from collections such as:deserve quite good reviews.

  • Invicta Venom ("Poison") - models made in a bright men's brutal style.
  • Invicta Subaqua ("No Compromise") is a watch with bold design and the finest Swiss movements.
  • Invicta Force ("Armed Forces") - military design models with Japanese or Swiss movements.

Optional accessories

Invicta watches are delivered to the market in branded boxes of yellow color, on which the name of the company is applied with silver paint. Also, the hallmark of this manufacturer is a logo in the form of a funny puppy with wings and a watch on the collar. This icon is available on all Invicta models.

Mechanism Invicta
Mechanism Invicta

Straps included with models of this brand can be either metal or leather or, for example, ceramic. The quality of such additional accessories, judging by the feedback from consumers, is also simply excellent. The straps often last as long as the watch itself from Invicta.

In some cases, watches of this brand may be covered with gold. For this purpose, Invicta uses its own patented Swiss Gold technology. Judging by the feedback from consumers, the gilding from the Invicta watch is not erased even after many years of its operation. Invicta uses extremely durable sapphire crystals to protect most models.

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