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Washing gels: customer reviews, ratings and photos

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Washing gels: customer reviews, ratings and photos
Washing gels: customer reviews, ratings and photos

Laundry for most housewives is an integral part of housework. Every woman dreams of smelling fresh and spotlessly clean underwear. Previously, only powder or soap was used for this. Today, a huge amount of a wide variety of detergents, including washing gels, has appeared on store shelves.

color washing gel reviews
color washing gel reviews

Main Features

Laundry gels are very popular today because they dissolve well without leaving streaks on clothes. In addition, they are non-toxic and safe for he alth, suitable for washing down jackets and delicate linen. Such products qualitatively remove stains, clean problem areas of pollution and prevent the appearance of pellets. Gels can be used to wash delicate fabrics and children's clothes, as they act gently and gently.

washing gel
washing gel

Main Features

Laundry gel is a liquid product that is designed to eliminatepollution of varying complexity. It contains a minimum amount of surfactants, and there are no phosphates. The composition of such a product includes special substances that preserve the freshness and whiteness of things. They do not wash out after washing and protect the fibers of the fabric, preventing further contamination.

The water softening ingredients contained in the gel retain the shape, color and appearance of garments, making it ideal for washing silk, lace, wool and other delicate fabrics. In addition, defoamers, fragrances and special additives are often included in the detergent product to prevent scale and plaque in the washing machine.

There are several types of such funds:

  • universal;
  • for white linen;
  • for color;
  • for black.

Each of the types is suitable for a certain color of products (with the exception of universal gels), since they contain a dye in their composition.

General features:

  • remedy - concentrated gel;
  • washing - manual or automatic;
  • fabric - white, colored, black;
  • packaging - plastic bottle;
  • volume - 1-3 l.

The lid is used as a measuring spoon. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage indicated by the manufacturer, as excess product may accumulate inside the washing machine, thereby shortening its life.

Let's consider the rating of the most popular washing gels, user reviews about them.

Kao Attack Bio EX

washing laundry gel reviews
washing laundry gel reviews

Highly effective concentrated universal gel designed for washing white, colored and dark laundry made of cotton, synthetic and linen. The formula of means is developed with use of the most modern technologies. The product perfectly cleans fabrics even in cold water (30-40 °C).

The enzymes contained in the product effectively fight various contaminants without damaging or deforming the fabric structure. Due to the deodorizing and antibacterial effect, the product qualitatively neutralizes unpleasant odors and removes traces of grease. Kao Attack Bio EX dissolves quickly and rinses out well, leaving no white streaks or fine particles on fabrics that can cause skin irritation.

Gel for washing user reviews received the most good. It is noted that the tool retains the brightness of the color, does not cause allergies, removes stains well.

Synergetic Baby Wash

washing gel for children reviews
washing gel for children reviews

Laundry gel for children, reviews of which we will consider in the article, is a biodegradable concentrated product for children's underwear. Thanks to a specially developed formula, the product effectively removes protein, oily, starchy stains and other contaminants (mashed potatoes, juice, grass, etc.). Active substances with antibacterial properties penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric, neutralize unpleasant odors and destroy harmful bacteria.

Laundry gel reviews has the following. The hostess noted that the product is completely washed out when rinsing, reducing the risk of appearance on the delicatechildren's skin irritations. Since the composition includes vegetable hypoallergenic components and natural oils, this product is suitable for use from the first days of life of infants. After washing, a pleasant fragrance remains.

Eared Nanny for baby clothes

This is a hypoallergenic high quality washing gel for washing clothes, including clothes for newborns, made from different types of fabrics (cotton, linen, synthetics, etc.).

The product perfectly removes at temperatures from 30 ºС any kind of dirt and stains, including products (berries, juice, fruit, blood, etc.). Due to the presence of active color-preserving components, fabrics retain their brightness and color saturation even after multiple washes, which allows the product to be used for any clothes.

Reviews washing gel received mostly positive. Users are pleased with the following qualities:

  • product washes well, removes stains;
  • gel destroys harmful bacteria, disinfects;
  • thanks to the very convenient measuring cap, the gel is easy to dispense, which is very economical;
  • the composition does not contain chlorine and artificial colors, so the drug does not cause allergies.

Thanks to all these qualities, the laundry gel reviews are very good.

Gel "Weasel". Black restoration effect

good washing gel reviews
good washing gel reviews

A good washing gel, reviews of which you will find below in the article. It is ideal for dark and black items from different types of fabrics. Thanks to the unique 3D formula,impeccable color saturation and brightness, dyes are not washed out of the fibers during washing. The active ingredients of the product delicately even out the texture of the fabric, making it smooth and pleasant to the touch. The gel dissolves in water very quickly, rinses out easily, and does not leave bright spots on things? divorces and raids. The universal product is designed for machine and hand washing in water of different hardness.

Gel for washing "Weasel" reviews has the following:

  • fabric retains color;
  • gel washes out easily and leaves no residue on fabric;
  • after washing, things become tender and soft, do not shed, do not shrink or stretch;
  • great value for money.

Ariel. Mountain Spring

washing gel weasel reviews
washing gel weasel reviews

Concentrated thick gel - a highly effective product for washing colored and white laundry made of synthetics and cotton. The innovative original formula at a temperature of 30 to 90 ° C effectively removes dirt and stains of any complexity (coffee, fat, ketchup, etc.). The enzymes included in the composition provide gentle and careful care for things, retain the brightness and saturation of colors.

Includes measuring cup with ribbed edge and special spreading surface for dosing and pre-treatment of difficult stains.

Product free of phosphates.

According to reviews, the washing gel for colored and white clothes is an affordable, economical and highly effective product that copes well with difficult stains even withoutpre-soak.

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