Metal plate: types, material, how it is made

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Metal plate: types, material, how it is made
Metal plate: types, material, how it is made

Video: Metal plate: types, material, how it is made

Video: Metal plate: types, material, how it is made
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A metal plate is a part of interior advertising, it contains the necessary information about an enterprise or company.

What should be on the plate

Each plate must contain the name of the organization and the work schedule. At the discretion of the manager, additional information may be posted that can benefit people.

metal plate
metal plate

There are many varieties of this product. Plates are facade, office, desktop, wall, etc. Depending on the type, the nature of the information on it may vary.

How are products made?

Manufacture of metal plates is made in a variety of ways. It all depends on the specific technology. Modern workshops are able to produce plates of any size with designs of varying complexity.

For their manufacture, as a rule, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, cupronickel and other metals are used.

metal plates
metal plates

The low cost of the plates allows them to be used everywhere. itquite durable product. Modern craftsmen are able to realize even the most complex design ideas with three-dimensional letters and images.

Production steps:

  1. A sketch is being prepared for the future plate. Sizes are selected, elements and fonts are defined. The sketch is done in a vector editor.
  2. The material is selected. Among dozens of species, the most optimal solution is selected.
  3. A metal plate is made, information is applied to it. Production is carried out in one of several ways. It can be engraving (mechanical or laser), milling, thermal printing on metal and other technologies.
  4. The finished product is being processed. This is necessary to increase its attractiveness. Polishing, polishing of the entire product or part of the image.

When all the necessary actions are done, the plate is mounted at its destination.

What are the benefits of signs

All stainless steel products are durable and will not oxidize. Therefore, metal plates will last a very long time. The material from which they are made is used in mechanical engineering. Stainless steel does not corrode. Most often, facade signs are made from it.

Metal plate made of brass looks very nice. In terms of design, she has no equal. It is recommended to hang these products in shopping centers, offices and cafes. The golden sheen gives the plaque a high-end effect.

production of metal plates
production of metal plates

Brass was chosen as the plate material for a reason. italloy of zinc and copper. The brass metal plate has improved technical characteristics and meets the requirements of decoration. The product also has:

  • Increased strength, which does not lead to deformation.
  • Corrosion resistance.

Brass is easy to shape, allowing it to be made into a variety of configurations.

With the help of a plate, you can easily increase brand awareness by placing a logo on it. These products are taken very seriously. Engraving takes place under strict control, because the work required is almost jewelry.