How to organize the motor mode of a preschooler?
How to organize the motor mode of a preschooler?

Video: How to organize the motor mode of a preschooler?

Video: How to organize the motor mode of a preschooler?
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The word "regime" in most people is associated with unpleasant duty and submission. In fact, this is just an accessible and intelligible formulation of the necessary order of affairs and activities of a person in a given situation. Another thing is that it is recommended to follow any routine, because this is a he althy need, and not just an order from a doctor, teacher or educator in a preschool institution. In today's article, we will find out what a motor mode (MR) is in general, find out how important its organization and implementation is for children of different ages, as well as how to establish it.

motor mode
motor mode

What is physical activity and mode?

Such a concept as motor mode refers to the total physical activity of a person, which he produces in a certain period of time. This is a natural need to keep your body in good shape, while it is important to make the load regular, feasible and cyclical. It should be noted that good physical shape and regular aerobic exercise of varying intensity contribute not only to he alth promotion, but also have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person. At the same time, this relationship comes to the fore in children of early childhood.age. That is, the younger the child, the more important it is for him to move more.

The motor regime of the day consists of several components, each of which has its own meaning and features. During the day, you need to provide your own body with such loads:

  • power rhythmic exercises that will develop the respiratory and circulatory systems of a person, his metabolism and thermoregulation;
  • classes aimed at strengthening the muscular frame, the development of the musculoskeletal system, joints and ligaments;
  • general wellness hardening;
  • short-term workouts, including physical exercises and morning exercises.

The above list is a basic and average regimen for a he althy person. However, it must be adjusted in case of any diseases, including chronic ones. The acute form of the disease can become a direct indication for the restriction of motor activity, up to its complete exclusion.

optimal driving mode
optimal driving mode

The importance of dynamics in human life

Why is it so important to be active in life? The organism of almost any creature on Earth is designed in such a way that it must spend a significant part of its existence in motion in order to be able to survive. Our body allows us to walk, run, jump, climb, pull, push and do so many other actions that we simply have nowhere to put into practice.

Several centuries ago, people did not have to think aboutwhere to put your energy, how the organization of the motor regime takes place. They worked a lot in the field, the men hunted, were engaged in handicrafts, which in itself was hard work, the women were busy with housekeeping, while their assistants were most often only children. In such conditions, we had to move a lot, sometimes even excessively, but people were he althier and more resilient.

The modern way of life has allowed a person to stop, as a result of which millions of men, women and children suffer from obesity, metabolic disorders, hormonal disruptions, many have muscle atrophy, skeletal disorders, joint diseases and insufficient emotional activity. In many ways, this is a consequence of insufficient physical activity, or even their complete absence.

organization of motor mode
organization of motor mode

When does a doctor dictate compliance?

It is important to observe the optimal motor regime not only for one day or a week, but in general always. In the case of certain diseases or a special condition of the body, a person needs to develop an individual set of exercises, which will be based on the basics of exercise therapy. At the same time, it will concern not only the list of special classes, but also the entire daily routine. What categories of people should contact a specialist to create real recommendations for establishing the right mode of physical activity?

  • for people with disabilities;
  • those who have serious endocrine diseases;
  • people with cardiovasculardiseases;
  • categories of elderly citizens, the elderly;
  • women during pregnancy.

Motor mode includes not only a dynamic load during a certain time of training, but also outdoor walks, active types of games, short-term warm-ups, dancing, etc.

motor mode of children
motor mode of children

Types of physical activity

This classification of modes directly depends on the medical decision made by the doctor regarding his patient. He gives his recommendations and instructions on the intensity of physical activity to a person on an individual basis, and they depend on the patient's state of he alth and his capabilities. There are such main types of motor modes:

  • free - when a person can move around without restrictions, he is allowed to take walks, exercise;
  • ward - in this case, you can get out of bed, walk, if possible, take care of yourself (wash, go to the toilet, eat, etc.);
  • bed - a person is forced to stay in bed all the time, he is only allowed to change the position of the body, sitting down or turning over;
  • strict bedding - in this case, the prescriptions of doctors prohibit any physical activity, lifting and sitting down, all manipulations by a person are helped by strangers.

In addition, it is worth distinguishing between the types of positions a person can take while observing bed rest. The position can be active, passive orforced.

motor mode of the day
motor mode of the day

Free the children

The motor mode of children should include the same items as the activity schedule of an adult, the only thing is that the time for kids' classes cannot be as long. So, morning exercises should last an average of about 15 minutes, and physical education cannot last more than 2-3 minutes.

It is extremely important for a child to be active and develop physically, this develops his body, strengthens and heals him. Regular physical activity contributes to the development of endurance, discipline, hardens the baby, helps to increase the level of his resistance to various infectious diseases. Teachers note that not only educational institutions, but also parents themselves play a key role in organizing active pastime.

It is important that these two sides work together and be a kind of tandem. In kindergartens and schools, physical activity is part of the educational process, but two hours of full-fledged motor activity is not enough to organize an optimal regimen. Therefore, it is so necessary to encourage parents to actively play children both at home and on the street. Alas, often mothers and fathers themselves limit their child to movement, fearing injuries, noise and disorder, but this can be avoided if the child’s energy is directed in the right direction, providing him with a free area for movement and games, as well as the necessary equipment and inventory.

types of motor modes
types of motor modes

Movement and psychology

Young parents know that the modern approach to the motor activity of a newborn is significantly different from the standards adopted several decades ago. Pediatricians and neonatologists have proven that babies who are not constrained by tight swaddling develop coordination of movements faster, they begin to hold their heads earlier, sit down more confidently, crawl and walk. In addition to the fact that the free position of the arms and legs has a beneficial effect on the overall physical development of newborns and children of the first year of life, it also helps children develop psychologically. The baby's motor regimen should include daily gymnastics, swimming, ball exercises.

Moving and trying everything around by touch, the child learns the world, and this knowledge ends not as early as his parents think. Even schoolchildren, seeing an object with unknown properties, tend to pick it up, smell it, lick it, touch it and examine it from all sides. Only freedom of movement helps the child feel free and self-confident. If he is inactive, this often leads to complexes and emotional imbalance.

motor mode of a preschooler
motor mode of a preschooler

Actual for kids

The motor mode of a preschooler depends very much on the teacher's program with children. The teacher must organize the work in the group in such a way that throughout the day his wards alternate educational activities with active ones. In addition, it is necessary to organize time as productively as possible.walks in such a way that the children are busy with a collective outdoor game. This can be a task both for the whole group and for small companies, in each of which the guys will have their own game.

Rational motor mode in kindergarten will help organize special literature and visual aids, cards with descriptions and illustrations of various exercises. All of these materials should be placed in a group, hung or placed in a children's area and taught to work with them.

rational driving mode
rational driving mode

School problem

It is usually easier for teachers and coaches to work with children of primary school age - they are more willing to make contact than teenagers, they are happy to engage in various circles and sections. It is at this age that it is necessary to instill in kids a love for physical culture, teach them to do exercises and encourage active pastime, show collective games that they can play with friends on the street.

Children who were taught by parents to actively spend their leisure time at an early age, later usually adhere to their usual motor regime, lead a he althy lifestyle.

How to increase a child's daily physical activity?

It is very important to provide the child with the necessary equipment, he should have a variety of balls (soccer, volleyball, basketball, throwing), badminton sets, home bowling or darts, ring thrower.

Also, it's good if the kids have their own personal vehicle. It could bescooter or bike, roller skates or bike run. Skating is not only a great way to diversify your child's physical activity, but also an opportunity to get closer to him.