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What is a floral tape: purpose and types

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What is a floral tape: purpose and types
What is a floral tape: purpose and types

Floral ribbon plays an important role in flower arrangements and holiday decorations. Due to its strength and elasticity, this material is often used even in some types of needlework.

What is floral tape

This is a special synthetic fabric with an adhesive surface, which is used in floristry. It is very elastic and durable, which makes it indispensable in the process of decorating bouquets and various gift arrangements. Another name for the material is floral tape tape.

On sale there are teip tapes of different colors. But they all have a standard width of 13mm.

Outwardly, the floral ribbon looks like a non-woven synthetic material.

floral ribbon
floral ribbon

Where floral tape is used

The main purpose of the teip tape is to decorate the wire, from which the stems for handmade flowers are then made. So, this improvised material is used to create paper bouquets, flowers from cold porcelain or polymer clay. Also, floral tape is used in many other types of applied art: quilling, beading, ceramics, etc.

She alsoindispensable in the manufacture of today's popular trees from beads and money. The right color of the ribbon makes it invisible among other details of the product.

Floral materials are often used to create candy bouquets. So, dark green ribbon is indispensable for masking candy flower stems.

floral ribbon
floral ribbon

Features of tape tape

  1. Easy to pull on.
  2. Lets firmly on the surface of the workpiece.
  3. Adjusts to any shape due to elasticity.
  4. Prolongs the freshness of the cut flower.

In addition, teip tape is an excellent material for processing a smooth surface before fixing a floral arrangement.

teip floral tape
teip floral tape

Ribbon variations

Today, there is a large assortment of teip tapes on sale, which differ both in color and in price. Therefore, each master has the opportunity to choose the material most suitable for creating a particular composition.

It should also be taken into account that floral tape is produced by different manufacturers. Therefore, the quality of this material may vary.

According to experts, the following teip tapes are the best:

  1. "Parafilm" is a very elastic and durable tape with water-repellent properties. It stretches perfectly and securely fixes decor elements. Basically, Parafilm tape is used to process the stems of freshly cut flowers and to createholiday compositions.
  2. "Anchor" is a waterproof durable teip-tape on a synthetic basis. The main advantage of this tape is that the "ribs" are covered with cotton. This gives the material extra softness and makes it easier to work with. Anchor tape is used for tying flowers into bouquets and fixing freshly cut flowers.

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