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Beautiful intimate haircuts: procedure, photo
Beautiful intimate haircuts: procedure, photo

Not so long ago, the existence of modern intimate haircuts could only be guessed at. And those who knew about their existence preferred to talk about it in a whisper. Over time, fashion has changed, and with it the desire to pay attention to such a delicate bikini area has increased. At the same time, this hobby made me think not only women, but also men. What are modern pip haircuts?

A brief history of intimate design

Few people know, but the creation of intimate hairstyles has its roots far into the past. Since ancient times, women all over the world have been trying to pay attention to their intimate parts of the body. They take good care of her. Moreover, getting rid of unwanted pubic hair was not limited to a standard shave or an intimate haircut.

Options for intimate haircuts
Options for intimate haircuts

Some Egyptian women sought to change the color of their hair. To do this, they used various plant mixtures, and also made primitive flower drawings.henna. The fair sex, living in India, got rid of excess hair in the bikini area to maintain their own hygiene. They left virtually no pubic hair, but did thematic drawings on exposed skin.

Legendary celebrity with first intimate haircut

One of the celebrities who first used the services of the "spicy masters" and made an intimate haircut was the legendary blonde Marilyn Monroe. Rumor has it that she not only made herself a short hairstyle in the bikini area, but even dyed her pubic hair white. And all this in order to match the established image of a natural blonde.

Haircut materials
Haircut materials

The appearance of an intimate hairstyle in Russia

The fashion for intimate haircuts came to Russia in the 90s. In the same period, the well-known sexual revolution thundered throughout the world. And after it, a completely unconventional service appeared in many beauty salons, which was called bikini design.

Who does the intimate hair work?

The beautician is working on creating a beautiful intimate hairstyle, no matter how strange it sounds. Much less often, this work with a delicate bikini area is carried out by a stylist or hairdresser. The procedure itself is carried out at home or in specialized beauty salons.

What is this haircut?

Creating a women's intimate haircut is a special creative process that involves permanent or temporary staining in the pubic area, partial or completecurly hair removal, biotattoo, body art and decoration with various decor. According to preliminary data, the creation of such an unusual hairstyle takes at least 1.5-2 hours.

Women's intimate haircuts
Women's intimate haircuts

When contacting the salon, as a rule, you are offered a catalog with an impressive list of photos. Among these pictures you can find photos of intimate haircuts in the form of a strip, a triangle, a twig, a leaf of a tree, a heart, a square or a rectangle. For those who like to experiment, stencils with the image of playful butterflies, cats, lips are always ready. Sometimes, instead of drawing, many ladies choose completely unusual inscriptions, hieroglyphs, and even the initials of their beloved man.

How is the procedure done?

When contacting the salon, you can choose a finished photo from the master's catalog or make your own sketch of an intimate haircut. Women are not allowed to do such hairstyles. On the contrary, it is useful both in terms of aesthetics and in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Before creating a hairstyle, the master makes a preliminary sketch or applies a special stencil to a given place. The pattern is drawn around the contour, and a haircut takes place. If before this it is supposed to be stained, then the master applies a special paint. For example, it can be paints intended for coloring eyelashes and eyebrows. With a temporary change in hair color, paints used in body art are used. However, this staining is washed off in just 2-4 days.

Design materials
Design materials

After staining, the place of the pattern should betreated with a special antibacterial lotion. Next, the curly epilation procedure is performed. At this time, the master uses a special hot wax, which is applied and removed with a small wide spatula.

Then, you need to apply a product that promises to reduce the rate of hair growth in the pubic area. After that, according to the photo, female intimate haircuts are decorated. Excess hairs in the drawing area are carefully trimmed or shaved with a trimmer. As a decor, you can choose colored gel, beads or rhinestones. In this case, all the small details of the decor are seated on a special bio-adhesive.

How long will the decor last?

Epilation with wax
Epilation with wax

If you have chosen beautiful intimate haircuts with spectacular decor, such as feathers, then the effect of such a pattern will be short-lived. According to experts, a drawing from such a decor can deteriorate within a couple of days. If sequins or rhinestones act as decorative elements, then they can last a little longer - up to 3-4 days. Drawings made in the style of body art last up to five days. The intimate hairstyle itself can last up to 3-4 weeks. In the future, it will need light correction: epilation, shaving or painting.

What haircuts are in fashion today?

Today, haircuts with coloring are in fashion. Most often these are shades close to natural. Much less often, many salon clients choose non-standard green, red, blue, orange and purple colors as shades. Interestingly, such experiments are resorted to not onlybrave women, but also men. An intimate haircut for men is something special and interesting.

This could be a nice sleek haircut called "baby". According to the name, it suggests a completely shaved male organ. Also very popular is the haircut, called the "landing strip". It is made in the form of a square or rectangle cut from hair. If you wish, you can always choose an athlete haircut. It involves shaving the hair along the line of swimming trunks. As a rule, it is done by men of athletic build. Sometimes, among the huge variety of men's intimate haircuts, representatives of the stronger sex choose the logos of their favorite car brands.

Interesting haircuts with tattoos

In addition to pip haircuts, women and men can choose additional decor in the form of a temporary transfer or tattoo. In this case, first, a complete depilation of the bikini zone is performed, and then a special sticker or transfer is attached to the selected place. This application, as practice shows, can last no more than 4-5 days.

What are the benefits of intimate hairstyles?

The first thing an intimate hairstyle is associated with is hygiene. Most of us know that hair is a real breeding ground for bacteria and germs. They create a greenhouse effect. As a result, the skin under the hair becomes stale, sweaty and prone to irritation.

The second main point is the emergence of self-confidence. Just imagine that a man or woman with a spectacular pip haircut appears in front of you. What do you think of her or him? Of coursewell, you'll assume that he or she is just great in bed. And this confidence usually goes to the owners of such an unusual intimate hairstyle. Consequently, potency increases and sexual desire arises.

Haircut templates
Haircut templates

The third and main point is to create an optical illusion. According to psychologists, a completely shaved manhood against a bare background looks somewhat larger than its actual size. Women's haircut also looks bewitching. It allows you to draw attention to the most important and relieves complexes in bed.

The fourth reason to get a beautiful pip haircut is to take care of your partner. Very often, a man or woman can be irritated by excessive hair in the intimate area. This is especially true for people with too sensitive skin in these places. Moreover, your hairstyle in the "most interesting place" can tell your partner or partner about your taste preferences and hobbies. For example, it could be your favorite sports brand, car logo, favorite character portrait, etc.

Is there a difference between a men's pip haircut and a women's?

There is no fundamental difference between men's and women's haircuts. It can be cute pets, hieroglyphs, beautiful inscriptions or drawings. The principle of drawing drawings and the procedure are also not very different. Like women, men can choose dyed haircuts, sometimes even in very flashy colors. Here it is important not to overdo it with color.

Where is the best place to get haircuts?

Hairstyles designed for a narrow circle of people can be done at home. However, this approach has a number of limitations and pitfalls. Therefore, according to experts, it is best to entrust this matter to the master. This will protect you from unwanted irritations, allergic reactions, burnt skin and other unpleasant moments. A professional master from the salon will help you make a choice in favor of a particular haircut, use professional paint. And this means that in the end you will get exactly the result that you originally expected to get.

How to care for a pip haircut correctly?

After a pip haircut, it must be properly looked after. For example, according to the advice of experts, swimming after such a salon hairstyle of the bikini zone is not earlier than after 5-6 hours. This is especially true for those people who, in addition to haircuts, also did coloring.

Haircut stencils
Haircut stencils

During bathing, only the use of the shower is allowed. Do not take a bath or visit a sauna immediately after a haircut. It is also not recommended to use a hard washcloth. Special attention should be paid to your underwear. Let it be natural, not synthetic materials. In a word, accuracy comes first.

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