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Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home: rating, reviews, what to look for?

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Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home: rating, reviews, what to look for?
Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home: rating, reviews, what to look for?

In home cleaning, a vacuum cleaner will be a great helper. At the same time, there are many types of devices that differ in design, functions, sizes. It is important to spend more time choosing a vacuum cleaner in order to purchase really high-quality equipment. This is described in the article.

Best appliances

Will help when choosing a vacuum cleaner for home rating. It is difficult to choose the best device, as many of them do their job perfectly:

  1. Samsung SC4520 - for dry cleaning. The compact device has a container for collecting dust, it has a washing filter for purifying the air of repeated use. The vacuum cleaner has two-chamber filtration that purifies the air even without a water filter. Suction power is maintained throughout the cleaning.
  2. Thomas TWIN XT. The device has a new technology of water filtration. The equipment is designed for cleaning, drying, washing, humidifying and purifying the air. Thanks to various attachments, you can thoroughly clean parquet, upholstered furniture and carpets.
  3. LG VK89382HU. With the help of the compressor system, the incoming dust is separated and compressed, so itplaced in a larger container. Briquettes are easy to remove, contact with dirt is minimal. With the help of a 4-layer filter, the issuance of purified air is ensured. Thanks to the high suction power, you don't need to stop the cleaning process to empty the container.
  4. iClebo Arte. This is a robotic vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a programming system, a built-in room mapper. The robot is able to overcome thresholds up to 2 cm, work in wet mode, collecting dust and small debris, and also carry out wet cleaning. Due to the automatic recharging, large rooms can be cleaned. According to reviews, buyers appreciate the device for its original design and low noise.
  5. Electrolux ZB 2901. The model is presented in the form of two devices. One of them can be removed and used as a handheld vacuum cleaner. The device allows you to clean bookshelves, furniture.
Choosing a vacuum cleaner
Choosing a vacuum cleaner

How do vacuum cleaners work?

The standard equipment has a simple operation mechanism. The thrust created during the operation of the motor sucks in particles of dirt and dust. With the help of special nozzles, it will be possible to lift the pile of the carpet to remove dirt from its base. Penetrating with air into the device, dirt and dust passes through the filters and accumulates in the dust bag. The air flows further through the “fine filter” into the room.

The device operation system is constantly being improved by manufacturers, new models appear. For example, devices with a filter in the form of a water tank are now in demand. Through it, the air is cleaned of dust and dirt. There are appliances with 2tanks - for dirty water and detergent. According to reviews, washing vacuum cleaners are now one of the most sought after.


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to its important components. The suction tube is an important element that affects the operation of the appliance. They are made of plastic and metal. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic pipes are considered short-lived and fail quickly if not handled properly. The material cracks, breaks, scratches, but such a device will be easy to operate. Metal is considered durable, but using a metal tube during cleaning is inconvenient.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home
Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home

Tubes are solid and collapsible, as well as telescopic (extend to the required length). If a single piece is selected, a suitable storage space must be prepared as the machine will be large.


According to experts, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to the presence of nozzles. The set usually provides 3-5 pieces:

  1. Slotted. Presented in the form of a flat tube with a small slot at the end. The part is suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Round with long hairs. The brush is suitable for cleaning sharp furniture or things with small notches.
  3. Rigid oval. She has a short pile. The nozzle is used to clean wall carpets, furniture and curtains.
  4. Turbo brush. If you need to remove wool or hair from the carpet,then such a nozzle will be ideal.
  5. Electric brush. It runs quieter due to the rotation with electric current. But it should not be used on carpets where the pile is longer than 1.5 cm.
  6. With natural bristles. The nozzle is used for cleaning smooth surfaces - parquet, laminate, as it cannot scratch them.

Given the reviews, the listed nozzles will serve as excellent helpers in home cleaning. With them, it will be possible to clean even hard-to-reach areas of the room where no other devices can cope.

Dust box type

What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner? to this important nuance. This part is designed to collect the suction dust. Given the reviews, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the characteristics of the equipment. There are 3 main types of dust collector:

  1. The bag. It can be reusable (textile) or disposable (paper). This is a familiar and cheaper dust collector. There are drawbacks to the fabric look - it is able to retain only large debris, and fine dust is skipped. Cleaning and caring for a textile product is not a pleasure. A paper dust bag is more convenient, it should only be changed and thrown away when filled with garbage. But paper bags are not always on sale.
  2. Container. You can opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner. It is considered convenient and reliable. To maintain cleanliness, it is necessary to wash and dry the container after cleaning, and it can be used again. The disadvantage is the high noise level, since the product, when dust is suckedis a resonator. Plastic bag machines are more expensive than bag machines.
  3. Aquafilter. This option is suitable for those suffering from allergies, as well as in the presence of small children in the family. Choosing a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter ensures clean and fresh air in your home. The incoming air is cleaned with water, and the wet dust is collected in a separate container. This technique provides excellent cleaning performance, but such a device is expensive.
Choosing a vacuum cleaner for home rating
Choosing a vacuum cleaner for home rating

As evidenced by the reviews, the choice of a vacuum cleaner for the home is an individual matter. But still, the recommendations of experts should be taken into account. Many people prefer to choose devices with an aquafilter, because after cleaning the room becomes fresh. It will be useful to get acquainted with the rating. The choice of a vacuum cleaner in this case will become easier.


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you must consider the presence of additional filtration. Not everyone understands why this feature is required. Air, entering through the system, returns to the room again. Dust particles that have been blown out of the vacuum cleaner with air are considered more dangerous than ordinary garbage. For microbes in technology, this environment is favorable.

In order for invisible dust that irritates the respiratory mucosa not to cause allergies or an asthma attack, the air must be clean. In modern models, there are several levels of purification of the outgoing air, and dust and harmful components are retained by 90%, and with an aqua filter - by 99.97%. As the reviews show,the choice of a vacuum cleaner should be made taking into account this parameter.


The choice of a vacuum cleaner for the home must be carried out taking into account the power of the equipment. Big numbers don't always mean better quality. The parameters on the case indicate the power consumption. The larger the technique, the higher its value, and besides, it is noisier. It is advisable to read the instructions or ask the seller for this parameter.

Choosing a washing vacuum cleaner for the home
Choosing a washing vacuum cleaner for the home

Powerful appliances for the home, when the value is above 300 W, is required if there are small children in the family. Such equipment is suitable for constant cleaning, it can be used for fleecy surfaces. Devices with a power of 260-300 W can be used for cleaning carpet, laminate, linoleum. According to reviews, stores sometimes offer outdated models at a low cost, but if the power is below 260 W, but this purchase will not be able to justify the money spent.

Cleaning Type

Tips for choosing a vacuum cleaner include recommendations for choosing the right appliance based on the purpose. It should be determined for what it will be used: for cleaning an apartment, industrial premises or office. Based on this, the type of cleaning is selected:

  1. Dry. Such vacuum cleaners are suitable for a home where there are no children and people with diseases of the respiratory system. Dust and debris are collected in the dust collector. It is only necessary to clean the container or bag after cleaning. This equipment is much cheaper than other types, although the kit may include nozzles of various configurations forhard-to-reach areas.
  2. Wet. The choice of a washing vacuum cleaner for the home is acceptable for rooms where there are carpets with a long thick pile, especially light colors. The nozzles of standard appliances and brushes cannot clean the floor as well as it is possible with the wet mopping function. If the family has small children or animals, then this technique will be an ideal acquisition. But keep in mind that these are expensive devices that also take up a lot of space.
  3. Combined. For special rooms, it is desirable to choose a vacuum cleaner that has the function of wet and dry cleaning. The Karcher brand produces many models of this type. Due to the presence of the function of collecting water, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, removing dust on different surfaces, the purchase price increases. But such a multifunctional device lasts long enough.

The choice of a vacuum cleaner according to the parameters will allow you to purchase high-quality equipment. It remains only to use the technique correctly, taking into account the manufacturer's recommendations.


This parameter is important to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Noise is measured in dB. For vacuum cleaners, it should be within 71-80 dB at a distance of 50 cm. The higher the power consumption and suction of the device, the more noise there will be from the vacuum cleaner. The design features of the new devices are aimed at reducing noise even in powerful equipment, reducing the vibration of the engine turbines. According to reviews, many models of modern technology work almost silently.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner
Choosing the best vacuum cleaner

Additional features

When choosing the best vacuum cleaneryou need to pay attention to the presence of additional functions:

  1. Power indicator.
  2. Signal for dust bin full or water pollution.
  3. Engine overheating shutdown.
  4. Surge protection.
  5. Bumpers that can soften contact with furniture and protect against damage.
  6. Long cord with automatic winding.

Devices designed for cleaning must perform additional functions. According to the reviews of the owners, washing equipment is suitable for cleaning windows, wall tiles. And steam machines are ideal for cleaning upholstered furniture.

Mops-vacuum cleaners do an excellent job with smooth surfaces, such as laminate and linoleum. Lightweight hand tools can be used to clean vertical surfaces. Various nozzles eliminate dust in crevices, collect liquid, remove stains.

Cord length

It is necessary to choose a vacuum cleaner with automatic cord winder. It will not bend during storage, during use it can be fixed at the required length. For a small room, a short cord is suitable - up to 4 meters, and for a large house - about 15 m. According to reviews, the cord length adjustment function provides convenient cleaning.


When choosing a device, it is necessary to take into account the equipment. This affects the usability. The presence of a telescopic tube will help to set the required length of the handle, adjusting it to the height of the user.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner, reviews
Choosing a vacuum cleaner, reviews

Includedmay be nozzles. Be sure to have brushes for smooth floors and carpets, as well as crevice nozzles that allow you to collect debris in hard-to-reach areas. A turbo brush is required in homes where there are animals. As customer reviews confirm, it picks up wool and lint remarkably.


An equally important parameter is security. Vacuum cleaners must have:

  1. Start-up locks in the absence of a dust collector in the device.
  2. Smooth start of the engine to increase power.
  3. Dust bag full indicator to remind you to clean.
  4. Automatic shutdown when overheating.
  5. Rubber bumpers.

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the safety rules provided by the manufacturer in the instructions. Compliance with all recommendations regarding the operation will extend the life of the operation.

Wireless options

If you are interested in a compact device, then you should choose among wireless models. They operate on batteries. Such devices have an unusual shape. Housing, filters, dust collector - everything a person holds in his hand.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter
Choosing a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter

There is only a brush on the floor during cleaning. It is connected to the body with a tube, but usually the tube is equipped with a movable joint to improve mobility and maneuverability, as well as facilitate control of the device. Includes charger.


According to reviews, the service life of the device largely depends onproper care. Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Must empty waste container after 1-2 uses, change bag when ¾ full. If you use a vacuum cleaner to remove ash from a fireplace or use dry shampoo to clean carpets, then you need to change the bags more often: the powder penetrates into the pores of the bag, which reduces the effectiveness of the procedure.
  2. If the suction power of the device has decreased, you need to check if the bag is full and if the filters are clogged. The cause of the defect may be a clogged hose or nozzle. Should be gently brushed or blown out with the attached hose if there is an outlet opening.
  3. Regularly inspect the carrying straps to keep appliances in good condition. Must have a spare belt.
  4. You must use the type of replacement bags recommended by the manufacturer in the instructions.
  5. Brushes should be kept clean and replaced as needed.
  6. It is important to clean or replace the filters at the intervals indicated in the instructions.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home with a rating will be easier. The presented devices are suitable for regular cleaning of residential premises. Which one to choose depends on personal preference.

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