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Day of the bailiff of the Russian Federation - November 1: the history of the holiday and congratulations

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Day of the bailiff of the Russian Federation - November 1: the history of the holiday and congratulations
Day of the bailiff of the Russian Federation - November 1: the history of the holiday and congratulations

It is impossible to count on the fingers how many different holidays are celebrated in Russia every year: church, international, personal, professional. The latter are the most common. They contribute to uniting colleagues and creating a comfortable working atmosphere. This article will discuss how Russia celebrates the Day of the Bailiff.

Why is a profession important?

Before talking about the holiday dedicated to the Day of the Bailiff, it is worth saying a few words about what this profession is and why it is so important. So, a bailiff is an official who enforces decisions and orders forcibly.

happy holiday card
happy holiday card

The main purpose of the bailiff's work is to call citizens to fulfill their direct duties. For example, a debtor is unwilling to pay contributions to a company or individual. Then the bailiffs enter the work, who force them to perform their duties forcibly. Costsnote that officials are endowed with a wide range of powers that allow them to influence non-executive citizens.


The history of the holiday begins in 2009. For almost 10 years, its officials have been celebrating every year. On September 8, the President signed a Decree, according to which an official holiday was established - Bailiff's Day.

bailiff car
bailiff car

It is worth noting that the bailiff is one of the most ancient professions. Collectors have existed since the days of feudal fragmentation. However, official laws regarding their powers were developed only at the end of the 20th century, after their introduction, this activity began to progress noticeably.

There is an official version of the history of the holiday, according to which the bailiffs independently organized the Day of the Federal Service Worker and celebrated it every year on November 6, starting in 1997. Since 2009, this holiday has become official and was moved to November 1.

How is it celebrated in Russia?

Bailiffs of the Russian Federation celebrate their professional day with colleagues. All people related to this type of activity gather at the holiday. Traditionally, November 1 begins with a solemn oath. New persons are entering the Federal Service, who undertake to adequately cope with their duties.

transfer of money
transfer of money

Another official procedure takes place in the afternoon - the awards ceremony. On the first day of the coldest month of autumn, leaders of organizations saycelebratory speech and present awards to those who have excelled in the service over the past year.

Evening is a time of rest. Employees are going to celebrate a holiday in a cafe or restaurant. Often, the organizers select a thematic entertainment program for officials, which allows them to charge them with positive emotions. If the holiday fell on a day off, then on TV you can watch holiday concerts dedicated to this day.

What to give?

There are a number of gifts that are recommended to give to a relative or friend on the professional holiday of bailiffs. In total, 10 of the most relevant of them can be distinguished.

bouquet of flowers
bouquet of flowers
  1. A watch is the best gift for a man and a strong, strong-willed woman. First, they will allow you to always control the time. Secondly, this accessory will decorate the appearance of an official. The work of bailiffs of the Russian Federation is filled with not the most pleasant surprises, so it is recommended to choose impenetrable and waterproof models.
  2. The picture is a wonderful souvenir that will decorate the office of the hero of the occasion. It is recommended to choose an image with the national flag or coat of arms. You can pick up a beautiful picture for the bailiff's house. But before you do, you should ask about his personal preferences. A globe or a themed figurine will also be an excellent designer decoration for an office.
  3. A pen is an indispensable gift for a manager. An expensive model will become a necessary attribute for the work of the bailiff.
  4. All executiveswork in formal suits or uniforms. Gold cufflinks will help to decorate clothes. You can buy them at any jewelry store. If desired, you can order individual cufflinks with engraving.
  5. Bailiffs are people like everyone else who like to relax and have a good time. It would be very handy to give them a bottle of expensive wine or a set of elite shot glasses or glasses. If you want to create a positive impression, then the bottle can be decorated with a shape, engraving, flag or coat of arms of Russia.
  6. Any woman will be happy with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Do not forget about this nice little thing when choosing the main gift.
  7. It is not at all necessary to give expensive and memorable gifts to a colleague. On this day, you can please him with a small sweet present that improves brain function. These include chocolate and sweets.
  8. An indispensable gift is a quality perfume. But it will evoke pleasant emotions in a person only if the fragrance is chosen correctly.
  9. Bailiffs always have to keep in mind a large amount of information related to work. A nice and necessary gift for them will be a notebook or notebook.
  10. The list of the most successful gifts also includes any stationery items - a pen holder, a hole punch, a pack of paper, files, etc. Employees of this area should have order in everything, including on the desktop.
chocolate candies
chocolate candies

It is absolutely not necessary that the gift be related to work activities. A relative or friendto please with any standard gift, such as an interesting book or goods for the home.

Congratulations in verse

November 1, on the Day of Bailiffs, it is important to congratulate a person not only with a memorable gift, but also with a pleasant word. In total, there are several good wishes in the form of poems.

"What a significant date - the Day of bailiffs, So that you can take a break from worries.

And no matter how many debtors are ahead, Today anything can wait.”

air balloons
air balloons

"I would like to thank you for your hard work.

Not everyone will congratulate you and not everyone will understand.

May justice always surround you, And adversity and misfortune bypass.”

Congratulations on the Day of the bailiff can be written on a beautiful postcard or read aloud in front of the public.

Congratulations in prose

Congratulations in verse sounds beautiful. But the wish will look more sincere and touching if it is in the form of prose.

"My dear man. On this day, I would like to congratulate you on the most important holiday - the Day of Bailiffs. May your wishes always come true, and may your work activities be filled with only pleasant events.”

Interesting facts

2015 is considered to be the most fruitful year in the field of bailiffs. During this time, more than 420 thousand "evaders" were detained throughout the country. In the middle of the 17th century, the bailiffs were called "non-workers", their duties, as now, included the search for a person,accused in court. In the 18th century, the rise of "deviators" was seen. Hard labor was used as the main punishment for them.

money from hand to hand
money from hand to hand

There is a separate position for workers in rural areas, it has acquired the name "staff bailiff". It officially appeared back in 1873.

Who is a bailiff? This person can be called an intermediary between the court and a citizen who does not fulfill his duties. The work of this person is important and responsible. Therefore, it is very important to congratulate him and express gratitude on his professional holiday.

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