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Accountant's Day in Russia: the history of the holiday, congratulations and gifts

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Accountant's Day in Russia: the history of the holiday, congratulations and gifts
Accountant's Day in Russia: the history of the holiday, congratulations and gifts

Almost every profession has its special day of the year. This wonderful tradition has touched the specialists in the field of accounting. There are holidays in their honor not only at the international, but also at the Russian, regional level. We will tell you more about Accountant's Day in the article.

International holiday

International Accounting Day (from English - "International Accounting Day") is celebrated every year on November 10th. All accountants of the world celebrate it.

Why is this date chosen for International Accountant's Day? It is known that it was on November 10, 1494, that the Italian mathematician L. Pacioli (he is considered the founder of the principles of modern accounting) published the book "The sum of geometry, arithmetic, proportions and ratios".

In the publication, the author tried to structure all modern knowledge about mathematics. One of the chapters of Pacioli's book was "On Accounts and Other Records". There he described contemporary accounting in Venice. Pacioli was presented most of the accounting cycle in a form characteristicand for the present, information about the method of double-entry bookkeeping, work on its commercial variety.

Accountant's Day
Accountant's Day

Luca Pacioli is still called the "father of accounting", although he did not develop any principles, the basics of accounting, but only described contemporary ones that were used by merchants in Venice during the Renaissance. However, the information, terms and techniques structured by him remained relevant for the next four centuries.

I must say that in our country the International Day of the Accountant is not particularly celebrated. After all, it is on November 10, by coincidence, that another professional date is celebrated. This is the Day of employees of the Russian internal affairs bodies.

Accountant Day in Russia

In our country, this holiday is not a public holiday. Also, this is not an official holiday - neither for accountants, nor for other workers.

But still, the date is celebrated annually by workers in this field. What date is Accountant's Day in Russia? It's November 21st. It was on this day that Boris N. Yeltsin, who held the post of President of the Russian Federation, signed Federal Law No. 129 "On Accounting" in 1996. I must say that today this legislative act has already lost its force. It was replaced by Federal Law No. 402, adopted in 2011.

Note that sometimes Accountant's Day is also celebrated on November 25, 28. Why such a discrepancy? On these dates, the Federal Law "On Accounting" was officially published in the media.

And with the numbers here again a coincidence. Since 2000, on November 21, Russia has celebrated another professionalholiday. This is the Day of the Russian tax worker - a holiday for all employees of the vast apparatus of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

international accountant day
international accountant day

Chief Accountant's Day

Yes, don't be surprised - it exists too! But not yet officially. The idea was proposed by one of the well-known Russian accounting publications. The importance of chief accountants can now be celebrated every year on April 21.

The date was not chosen by chance, but according to the specifics of the profession. The last days of April are the time when financial statements are submitted. Specialists have the opportunity to "breathe freely" before the May holidays. And at the same time motivate yourself for labor exploits with a special professional holiday.

The second reason for choosing such a date - it was on April 21 that the initiator magazine was first released. Its editors hope that in the future this number will become the official Chief Accountant's Day.

History of a professional holiday

Let's look at milestones in the history of the holiday - Accountant's Day:

  • The issue of the number of professional celebrations was first discussed in 2000 at a meeting of the executive committee of the Congress of Russian Auditors and Accountants. The general decision was to apply to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation with a proposal to establish a professional holiday - Accountant's Day. November 21 was chosen as the date for the above reason - it was then that the Federal Law "On Accounting" was signed.
  • In 2002, the Institute of Professional Auditors and Accountants of the Russian Federation (Institute of Professional Auditors and Accountants of the Russian Federation) designateddate November 28th. As you remember, this is the day of the official publication of Federal Law No. 129. This decision was enshrined in the minutes of the meeting of the Presidential Council of the Institute of Biological Safety of the Russian Federation No. 05/-02.
  • Not so long ago, in 2014, the Russian Ministry of Finance launched a process to determine the date of the official Accountant's Day. However, no concrete outcome of the discussions has yet been reached.
  • accountant's day in russia
    accountant's day in russia

Regional holidays

Curiously, many regions of Russia have their own Days of Accountants. This is most likely due to the fact that there is no official general date for specialists throughout the country.

Let's get acquainted with the numbers of these professional celebrations:

  • Petersburg - November 15.
  • Volgograd region - November 1.
  • Krasnodar Territory - the first Sunday in December.
  • Moscow - November 16.
  • Tatarstan - last November Friday.
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory - November 12.
  • Yaroslavl region - the first Sunday in April.

Holiday in other states

Let's see how things are with Accountant's Day in the former republics of the Soviet Union:

  • Kazakhstan - October 6.
  • Ukraine - July 16.
  • Kyrgyzstan - April 3.
  • Moldova - April 4.
  • what date is the day of the accountant
    what date is the day of the accountant

How is the holiday celebrated?

Accountant's Day is customary to meet in the workforce, the entire department. Responsible employees gather in the office at the end of the working day orthey also organize a full-fledged holiday - a buffet table or a banquet in a restaurant, an evening in an entertainment center, a trip to nature. Much depends on the traditions of the companies where the accounting team works.

Colleagues of other speci alties are trying to prepare original presentations, memorable congratulations. Gifts for Accountant's Day can be:

  • Women: bouquets of flowers, souvenirs with the company logo, memorable accessories, sweet gifts, unusual things for the interior.
  • For men: diaries, functional items that will be useful at work, items for hobbies.
  • accountant's day holiday history
    accountant's day holiday history

Who celebrates his holiday on this day? Not only accountants. This is a special day for auditors, economists, tax specialists involved in such activities. Also, the day does not go unnoticed in universities, secondary schools, where future specialists study. Students prepare concerts, skits, exciting quests. It is also a celebration of teachers teaching accounting to the younger generation.

Happy Holidays

What can be congratulations to the team of accountants on Accountant's Day? You can easily find a suitable ready-made poetic honor on the Internet or find an author who will compose an original ode in honor of your colleagues. You can take a little time to complete this task yourself.

In the course and ready-made postcard templates for every taste and color. They can be sent in instant messengers, by e-mail to colleagues or in advance.print, decorate with postcards desktop, office. For older workers, you can pick up SMS congratulations - capacious, short quatrains, which are also full of Runet.

Other options are toasts in verse and in prose. Still good musical compositions. On the Internet you can find interesting little-known songs-congratulations, and not only the track of the group "Combination", which is all sorts of boring.

congratulations to the team of accountants on the day of the accountant
congratulations to the team of accountants on the day of the accountant

Examples of congratulations

You can stop at similar official options (especially if you decide to congratulate the chief accountant):

  • "Dear …! It is you who are the financial backbone of the company "…". Not only our income, but also the reputation of the entire company rests on your accuracy and attentiveness. So, please accept my most sincere congratulations on your professional holiday! Success and new achievements in professional activities, personal happiness and good he alth to you and your loved ones! Happy Accountant Day!"
  • "Congratulations to the most valuable chief accountant on his professional holiday! We admit that without your painstaking, responsible work we are nowhere. It is your knowledge, experience, attentiveness and excellent personal qualities that allow us to conduct our activities, receive salaries on time, be "Reliable partner and conscientious taxpayer. Thank you for your work! We wish you all the best on this day and throughout your life!"
  • "Congratulations on Accountant's Day! I wish you stability in your work, good luckcareer growth! For every day - activity and purposefulness, for every morning - excellent mood and enthusiasm! May debit always converge with credit, and personal happiness and well-being never leave you!"
  • accountant's dayts
    accountant's dayts

Accountant's Day is quite an interesting holiday. It can be international, all-Russian, and regional. On the one hand - confusion, and on the other - the opportunity to celebrate your professional triumph several times. And it is very useful for a responsible specialist to be distracted from painstaking work more often.

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