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Halloween is The history of the holiday. Traditions, script
Halloween is The history of the holiday. Traditions, script

Today, Halloween is not only a purely American holiday, but also the theme for most Russian parties. In the United States, October 31 is the second largest celebration after Christmas and New Year's. In Russia and Europe, this is a relatively new tradition, but nevertheless, every year more and more people dress up in the most unusual costumes and organize street processions. How did it all begin and where did this holiday come from?

Halloween Story

Where did the tradition come from to dress up in costumes on this day and go to neighbors' houses, offering "sweetness or nastyness"? In fact, several centuries ago it was not just a holiday, but an obligatory annual ceremony with its own strict rules. The history of Halloween dates back to the era of the birth of England, Ireland and France. In those days, the year was not divided into 12 months, but consisted of only two parts - winter and summer. Since the population of the countries was predominantly pagan, there was a legend that the Sun God was captured every winter by Samhain, who, in turn, was the lord of darkness. Therefore, it was on October 31 that the Celts prepared offerings to the dark knight in order to appease him so that he would return the sun back.

halloween it
halloween it

Also Halloween, datewhich fell at the end of the harvest season, was a symbol of the transition to a new life. In winter, all living things died and turned out to be under the snow, but then they were reborn again. In addition, it was believed that Samhain lived in a white desert, where peace and tranquility reigned. After a hard day at work, for the Celts, winter was a time to take a break from hard work and spend time with family.

Another legend associated with the lord of darkness says that it is on this night that he opens the gates to other worlds and allows you to see the past and the future. Just as summer turns to winter on this day, the Celts hoped that life would change its course and bring them good luck next year.


In Ireland, it was customary to gather in the main city of the country - Tara. During the holiday, a huge feast was arranged, which began in the early morning and ended only the next day. Admirers of Samhain extinguished the fire in the houses, and lit it again only from the sacred fire of the Druids. The priests consecrated the flame, and with it all the Celts, promising them prosperity and good luck.

According to legend, Halloween is a time when other creatures can enter the real world: spirits, demons, goblins, witches and other mystical creatures. In order to prevent dangerous creatures from attacking local residents, the Celts dressed in costumes corresponding to these images and went from house to house, threatening residents and demanding food from them.

After the lands of England were captured by the Romans, the holiday remained, since its date coincided with the Roman celebration of the goddess Pomona, who was responsible for everythingliving plants on earth. Gradually, the traditions mixed up, and the pumpkin for Halloween, which is still popular today, appeared in the rite.

Where did the name of the holiday come from?

All Saints' Day is a holiday dedicated to those saints who do not have their own day to celebrate. In medieval English, the day before November 1 was called All Hallows Even, or All Hallows Eve, after some time the phrase was shortened to Hallowe'en, and eventually acquired the now known form of Halloween. Despite the fact that the Pope tried his best to eradicate pagan festivities, for some reason it was Halloween that took root so much that it became one of the most popular days of the year.

Pay off, or I'll bewitch

"Treat or Punishment" has become a popular gaming tradition. Everyone knows its meaning. On October 31, children put on Halloween costumes and start walking around the houses of the townspeople, asking the residents for sweets.

witch for halloween
witch for halloween

Of course, it is not necessary to give candy to little witches and other creatures, but otherwise you can expect not the most pleasant punishment. In ancient England, the little heroes of the holiday smeared the handles of the front doors with soot if they were refused. Now, you may find your home covered in eggs or toilet paper. Of course, this does not happen in Russia, but for the United States this is a fairly common phenomenon, so city residents prefer to buy as many goodies as possible in advance.


Jack's lantern is another tradition and an essential attribute that must be included in the scriptfor Halloween.

It all started with a cunning Irish blacksmith. Jack tricked the devil twice by making a deal with him. He remained the owner of his soul, but, unfortunately, this did not help him. When Jack died, for his sinful life, the gates of heaven did not open before him. Therefore, the miserly blacksmith was forced to wander the earth until the end of centuries in anticipation of the Day of Judgment. The only thing he got in the afterlife was a small coal, which was protected from rain and wind by a familiar vegetable. This is how the now famous Jack-o-lanterns lantern, or the well-known Halloween pumpkin, appeared.

halloween story
halloween story

How is Halloween celebrated in other countries?

In China, on this day, it is customary to remember the dead ancestors and put a flashlight and food in front of their photos. Thus, the Chinese help their deceased relatives to illuminate their path in the afterlife. On the evening of October 31, city residents gather and set sail paper boats, which are then set on fire. Smoke is believed to help souls ascend to heaven.

In Germany, on the night of November 1, residents dress up as monsters and go to Frankenstein's castle. Many are sure that on this day a crazy alchemist appears on the roof of the building.

France is famous for its fantastic parades. Every year, more than 30 thousand tourists and residents of the country dress up in Halloween costumes and go to the suburbs of Paris, Disneyland and Limoges. Thousands of goblins, ghosts, vampires and witches put on the most colorful show.

Halloween script for students

In Russia it is customary not to walkhome, collecting sweets and frightening incoming guests with unusual decorations. Most often, theme parties are held in clubs or cafes. Consider one of the options for holding such a theme party.

script for halloween
script for halloween

The host welcomes the guests and briefly tells the story of this legendary holiday. After that, he invites the audience to hide from evil spirits under masks.

Witch Exit

The host tells the following story to the guests: “Since the passage to the other world opens on this night, witches enter us and arrange their coven. Since ancient times, people have tried to catch at least one such sorceress; for this, a certain ritual was even invented. In order for a real witch to appear before you, on Halloween you need to go outside in clothes turned inside out, and then a mystical creature will definitely meet on your way. Especially for you, we found real witches. Let's welcome them!"

After that, the witches enter the stage, perform a sabbat dance and pose for a photo. Halloween is starting.

After the dance, the presenter tells another story related to the appearance of the pumpkin lantern, and about the Irish blacksmith Jack. Further, everyone can try their hand at creating the most unique flashlight. A professional decorator shows how unusual things can be carved from a pumpkin.

pumpkin for halloween
pumpkin for halloween

When the winner is determined and has already received his memorable prize, the host of the evening tells the audience about the rest of the mysticalcreatures that can appear before your eyes at any moment. Mummies, mermaids and other creatures appear on the scene. At this time, hired stylists do the most unusual Halloween makeup for everyone, so by the end of the evening all the guests turn into witches and goblins.

After dancing, carving pumpkins and more, the long-awaited competition "Best Halloween Costume" is announced. At the end of the evening, a cake and other treats for students are taken to the stage.

Script for children's Halloween

Halloween is primarily a children's holiday, as no one likes to dress up as fairy-tale characters more than children.

Little pranksters believe in miracles, so for them such a party can be no less exciting than the New Year or birthday. Moreover, it is not necessary to dress up your child as a witch or a goblin, it can be any fairy-tale hero and character from your favorite cartoon. How to spend a fun children's Halloween?

makeup for halloween
makeup for halloween

It is better to tell the pranksters in advance about what this holiday is like. It is very important that all participants of the children's party are carefully prepared and dressed in unusual costumes. You can look into the joke shop and buy dummies of worms, eyes and other things. Such paraphernalia will help you fully feel the celebration. And, of course, we must not forget that you will definitely need to apply makeup for Halloween. Moreover, such makeup is done for both children and adults.

It is better to decorate the room not too ominously, do not get carried away, the holiday is still for kids,so don't scare them too much. It would be optimal to decorate the apartment with a web on which toy spiders will sit. You can also hang black balloons. Little kids should be warned in advance that all this is not real, but just a representation.

How to make a Jack-O-Lantern?

Of course, for a children's holiday, you will definitely need the main attribute of Halloween - a pumpkin lantern. For this you will need:

  • Buy a pretty big pumpkin.
  • Use a sharp knife to carefully cut off its upper part.
  • Scoop out all the pulp with a spoon and brush the vegetable with vegetable oil so that the pumpkin does not dry out.
  • Draw eyes and cut out a sinister grin.
  • Place a candle inside the lantern.

Children's Halloween Costume Options

Of course, you can buy a ready-made suit in the store, but quite often they are made of poor quality material and do not look very attractive. In addition, the cost of such an outfit can reach up to 5000-7000 rubles, and next year the child will already outgrow it, and you will have to buy a new one. Therefore, it is better to sew the costume yourself. So, the most favorite characters in which children like to dress up:

  • Vampire. For this look, you will need to sew a raincoat, buy a mouth guard with fangs and white face makeup.
  • Koschey. For this, a regular black leotard is suitable, on which the bones of the skeleton will be drawn or embroidered.
  • Shrek. For such a fat man, you will need a lot of foam rubber or other filler to make the monster as believable as possible.
  • Spiderman. Spiderman also wears tights, but he also needs a mask.
  • Princess or fairy. Girls love to dress up as little queens. For such an outfit, any puffy dress is suitable, which will later come in handy for holidays in kindergarten and birthdays.
  • Witch. An evil or good witch will definitely wear a tall hat on Halloween.

You can sew a costume with your child, who, most likely, will be very interested in joining this exciting process.

Cooking a potion and other festive dishes

Little pranksters can be offered to brew a "real" witch's potion. For this you will need:

  • half a liter of milk;
  • 1 banana;
  • 1 kiwi.

Mix all the ingredients in a mixer with an awesome laugh. Of course, the mixture will not look very attractive, but that's what this potion is for. The cocktail tastes nutritious and sweet.

You can also make Swamp Jelly, which requires Kiwi or Tarragon Jelly Mix.

photo halloween
photo halloween

A few more secrets for preparing a terrifying menu for children:

  • If you put gummy worms in liquid, they will swell up and look very nasty.
  • Tomato juice can be called "Vampire Drink".

These dishes can be used in competitions, for example, to determine who dares to eat any of the above.

And, of course, we must not forget to take memorable and funny photos during the holiday. Halloween -very colorful holiday, so the pictures will be very cool. To round off the fun, give the kids prizes and ask them to talk about their characters and what they enjoyed at the party.

In closing

The night of November 1 is becoming very popular all over the world, and every year residents of many countries are happy to transform into the most unimaginable characters. Halloween is a wonderful holiday for children and adults, as it is on this day that kids can get older, and parents can hit their childhood and make their forgotten dreams come true. Girls can turn into princesses, catwomen or ancient Greek warriors. Men can dress up as heroes of their favorite movies or characters from popular comics.

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