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How to celebrate Halloween: the history of the holiday, traditions and celebration ideas

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How to celebrate Halloween: the history of the holiday, traditions and celebration ideas
How to celebrate Halloween: the history of the holiday, traditions and celebration ideas

The very word "holiday" evokes pleasant sensations: an idle, empty day, in other words, free from work. We know a huge number of such celebrations. Many celebrate with pleasure. Each holiday has its own history and traditions, some of them have appeared in our lives quite recently, or, in any case, we are used to thinking so. Today we will talk about just that.

Date of celebration and history of occurrence

So what is Halloween? When is it celebrated? Halloween has its roots in the distant past. For more than two thousand years, mankind has been celebrating it. Most of the holidays of our ancestors were associated with nature, the sun and the change of seasons played a huge role in human life. It is generally accepted that the holiday itself and the traditions of how to celebrate Halloween were given to mankind by the ancient Celts, who celebrated the end of the harvest on October 31. And on the night of November 1 - the transition from light to dark time, the god Samhain, the patron of the dead and the owner of the other world, became the ruler for this period.

how to celebrate halloween

In order to appease the powerful god, various rituals and sacrifices were carried out, the priests kindled a sacred fire, the flame of which wasdesigned to protect the tribe until the onset of bright times. Coals from the fire people dismantled at home and kindled their hearth from them - now he protected the family and the house from adversity. It was believed that on a magical night, spirits come from the world of the dead to our world and can harm the living. To avoid such a misfortune, all the doors and windows of the dwelling were closed, people put on scary outfits and painted their faces, and on the threshold of the house, as a ransom from spirits and other evil spirits, they left goodies.

In Russia

When is Halloween celebrated in Russia? The ancient Slavs had their own holiday, quite similar to Halloween, it was called the Veles night. It was celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1, as, in fact, it is celebrated to this day. Just like the Celts, the ancient Slavs marked the transition from light to dark time, but, unlike Samhain, who took the sun god Mak Oll prisoner until spring, the Slavic Belobog simply transferred Kolo of the year, in modern terms, power for the winter period Year of Chernobog.


Another difference is the attitude towards spirits: the Slavs did not lock the doors, but, on the contrary, invited the spirits of deceased relatives to visit their home. They prepared refreshments for them and asked for help to the family. And in order to prevent evil spirits from sneaking into the dwelling together with the good ones, a fire was lit from a sacred fire, around which they danced, sang and danced. Jumping over the fire and walking on the coals were supposed to cleanse from filth, and the round dance symbolized the movement of the sun and the hope for its soon return. The holiday was very cheerful, and, of course, no one in the houseswas not locked, so how to celebrate Halloween, everyone can choose for himself.

when is halloween celebrated in russia

Current traditions

Modern Halloween traditions are a mixture of a pagan holiday, Christian All Saints Day and folk art in the form of the legend of Stingy Jack, also called Jack Lantern (he managed to deceive the devil three times). Thanks to his tricks, he took a word from the owner of hell that he would not take him away, but since the sly man was not a righteous man, Jack did not go to heaven either. So now he walks between heaven and hell with a candle in his hands, and so that it does not go out, he hides it in a carved pumpkin. Over time, a pumpkin carved like a funny face with a burning candle inside has become a symbol of celebration, so many cannot imagine how to celebrate Halloween without such a bright attribute. Today, the Jack-o-lantern is the main character of the holiday, and scary clothes to scare away spirits have turned into carnival costumes. Sacrificial treats now look like treats that children dressed in Halloween costumes are happy to receive from adults after the ultimate demand: "Trice or Life".

when is halloween celebrated

Celebrating at home

How to celebrate Halloween at home? As mentioned above, now Halloween is more like a masquerade with characters (sorcerers, witches, vampires, angels and demons) characteristic of this holiday. Therefore, a party with friends dressed in costumes of such heroes will turn out to be very fun, for example, the owners of the house caninvite guests to a sabbath with drinking a magic potion from a huge cauldron. Punch is perfect for a witch's stew, and funny contests can easily pass for witchcraft rituals.

how to celebrate halloween at home

Many daredevils, thinking about how to celebrate Halloween at home, recall scenes from Bulgakov's work. After that, they organize a real ball, hosted by Messire Woland himself. Children, no less than adults, enjoy this old and slightly strange holiday. The Addams Family characters, their habits and home decor make for a great Halloween party for kids. The main thing is not to forget about the Jack-o-lantern, carving faces from a pumpkin in kids is a special delight.

Celebrate fun in Moscow

Where to celebrate Halloween in Moscow? Various clubs, cafes and bars invite to the celebration. They promise an unforgettable program and fun. Everyone is trying to delight and scare at the same time: creepy, colorful scenery and the theater of the absurd completely immerse visitors in a world of chaos, horror and mysticism, which is always interesting to become a part of, especially if the costume matches. The dark world will gladly accept its inhabitants, and free drinks will be a bonus. Therefore, before you wonder where to celebrate Halloween in Moscow, get a costume - and the hospitality of the supernatural forces is guaranteed.

where to celebrate halloween in moscow

Cheerful "evil spirits" are always happy to accept:

  • chain of bars and nightclubs ShishasBar;
  • cafe "Seainside";
  • Space Moscow club;
  • Tuning Hall Club;
  • Club "Teatr";
  • Moscow club;
  • club "16 tons";
  • Rooklyn club;
  • Glav-Club;
  • KazanBar;
  • "Veritas Club".


Centuries have passed, the sacred component of the holiday has gone. Panic horror before winter gave way to the expectation of New Year's festivities and adventures, and the fear of evil spirits turned into masquerade fun, holiday traditions changed, and the question "How to celebrate Halloween?" now there is only one answer: "Fun!"

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