How to please your husband on his birthday, wedding anniversary and just like that

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How to please your husband on his birthday, wedding anniversary and just like that
How to please your husband on his birthday, wedding anniversary and just like that

Video: How to please your husband on his birthday, wedding anniversary and just like that

Video: How to please your husband on his birthday, wedding anniversary and just like that
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Every woman asks herself from time to time: “How to please her husband?” It doesn’t matter if a specific occasion is planned, or if the weak half is in a good mood. After all, the desire to surprise her beloved husband periodically arises in a beautiful head. Some do it disinterestedly, simply because they like to please their man, while others do it with subtext, wanting to receive some kind of gift in return. In any case, no matter how brutal the partner is, he, like a child, expects affection, attention and tenderness from his woman.

beloved husband
beloved husband

Birthday approaching means thinking about gifts. Naturally, the wife wants to surprise, please her man, give him an unexpected surprise. It is easier to act if the spouse has a number of interests or a certain hobby. And how to please your husband on his birthday if he “needs nothing”?

It's good when a woman has a lot of ideas and thoughts. Otherwise, choosing a gift may not be a very pleasant action, because the lack of options can ruin an already gloomy mood. The most important rule: in a negative mood, it’s better not to choose anything. For you can buy a completely useless thing that does notwill bring no joy to either husband or wife.

Although women are used to receiving surprises from men - whether it's a marriage proposal in a restaurant on the ninth floor or a trip out of town in a luxury car - but the strong half of humanity also wants attention. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to a banal gift in a box - a romantic dinner, congratulations in verse or, for example, advertising on a street stand will make a man rejoice no worse than a small child.

So, how to please your husband? In fact, there are a great many options for congratulations, you just have to choose the right one for your own occasion. Let's look at the types of gifts.


how to please your husband in the evening
how to please your husband in the evening

You can give a man:

  • First, the garments. A man will be happy with a new shirt, tie or set of underwear. Of course, we are not talking about socks at all. After all, such a present, on the contrary, will upset a man.
  • Second, accessories. Cufflinks, belts or a purse - there are many options to choose from, the main thing is to rely on the preferences of the head of the family.
  • Third, these are handmade gifts. You can create your own, unique gift that only your own husband will have. A great idea is a drawn map with cities marked on it, to which travel is planned. It can be both Russia and, for example, a part of the world where you would like to go in the future.

If a woman cooks well, her own cake will becomea pleasant surprise for a loved one. You can specially order an edible icing with a portrait of your husband. Then there will definitely be no limit to joy.

Sports gifts

If the husband is an athlete, you can arrange the delivery of a new motor boat or tent for outdoor activities right during the birthday celebration. It will be a real pleasant shock.

By the way, the sneakers he dreamed of for a long time will please no less unusual, for example, watches or glasses of a famous brand.

Gifts depending on hobbies

In this regard, the choice of gifts for your beloved husband has no restrictions. If the head of the family periodically supplies domestic fish, then a new spinning rod with a feeding kit or a neoprene kit will become a real treasure for an avid fisherman.

An experienced hunter can be presented with a new gun (of course, you must first choose exactly what the husband wants, so as not to miscalculate). The country picnic lover will love the cooler bag.

In principle, every woman knows well the interests of her soul mate, so you can choose the right option from the whole variety without any problems. If there are no ideas at all, a gift certificate will save the situation, but will not bring the joy that could be with a regular present.

Have fun

There is a category of men who really do not need material gifts, but they can be counted on the fingers. Such a candidate is suitable for trips to nature, going to a restaurant or traveling to other cities or countries. Travel lovers canpresent, for example, train or plane tickets in a beautifully designed envelope, or, alternatively, draw a map of a country trip.

Unusual birthday

This option involves a spontaneous celebration of the celebration. You can have a themed party, for example, in retro style, or organize a real surprise - invite friends, decorate the room with balls, collages with photos. The most important thing is that the husband does not suspect anything. In this case, you need to decide how tasty to please your husband. But remember that a cake with candles will be an obligatory attribute of fun.

If you want to show all your culinary imagination, you can cook both a sweet surprise and a meat one. If the cakes are not very good, then it is better to give preference to other food. For example, you can bake stuffed duck or a delicious roast. If you have a love for fast food, a delicious pizza with mushrooms or pineapples will be very successful, and fragrant pilaf in a cauldron will not leave your spouse indifferent.

how to make your husband happy on his anniversary
how to make your husband happy on his anniversary

Although the "food" option is very good if a woman does not know how to please her beloved husband just like that. Dinner prepared with love will be a wonderful surprise after the end of the working day.

By the way, more than one beautifully set table can surprise a man. The way to the heart is not only through the stomach.

how to please your husband on his birthday
how to please your husband on his birthday

The stronger sex also wants attention and care. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to please your husband in the evening. The choice is simple - if it allowsweather, you can invite your loved one on a date. You don't have to take him to a restaurant. After all, a pleasant walk in the park will give a lot of positive impressions, and the purchased ice cream will not leave you indifferent. If it's raining or a cold blizzard outside - an interesting film, a big blanket and a bottle of good red wine will cheer you up, and moments of unity and enjoyment of each other cannot be compared with anything else.


How to please your husband after work? This question haunts many wives when they see a tired loved one. It's simple: the most reliable way is a relaxing massage. You do not need to be a master, the main thing is to do everything with your soul. Every woman can slowly stretch her shoulders, muscles of her arms and back and legs.

how to please your husband after work
how to please your husband after work

The husband will be very pleased after the massage. You can play it safe and wear beautiful lace underwear. In this case, the surprise will be doubly successful, since a man loves with his eyes, which means that aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.

Warm bath

How to please your husband? You can give him a warm bath. If a man is a romantic, then rose petals, candles, a bottle of white semi-sweet wine and aromatherapy will appeal to him.

how to please your husband
how to please your husband

If the dimensions of the plumbing allow - you can keep him company. In this case, a good evening is guaranteed.

Funny surprise

You can, of course, experiment, but this method is not suitable for all couples, but only for those who have an excellent sense of humor. Its essence isin acting out the situation of the presence of a lover in the apartment through the specific behavior of the wife and the creation of a mess with the help of clothes. Exposing a woman will once again confirm her loy alty to her beloved, and her husband will be satisfied. Although, of course, the experiment can be called quite dangerous, because the reaction of even the funniest spouse can be quite unpredictable.

Anniversary gift

Another important occasion for surprises is the wedding day. How to please your husband on your anniversary?

One of the popular ways is to build your own wedding photo album or collage. Although men are brutal, they really like these little things.

You can play a little performance, as if the spouses barely know each other, and they have a first date. Such a situation will enliven the senses and allow you to have a great time, completing everything with a walk around the city at night. By the way, a romantic trip out of town can also create a wonderful atmosphere of solemnity, allowing you to plunge into the world of tenderness and emotions.

Declaration of love with the help of a poem of your own composition will create the effect of surprise and will be an original way to congratulate your husband on your wedding anniversary. You can decorate what you read with a beautiful wooden frame and place it on the wall next to the bed or on a chest of drawers.

Or here's another idea - a box of memories. You need an ordinary paper box, where, for example, a flash drive with a message to yourself, photographs, some love notes and all sorts of little things that remind you of pleasant events and things are placed. How interesting it will beremember the old days, the first minutes of acquaintance and the most interesting and important events of life together!

something delicious to please your husband
something delicious to please your husband


Now you know how to please your husband with or without reason. The most important thing is to know the interests of your soulmate and show your imagination. Men - they are like children, they also love surprises. Therefore, even a small trifle can make the most severe person smile.