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"Geyser" (filter): overview of models

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"Geyser" (filter): overview of models
"Geyser" (filter): overview of models

The very first domestic manufacturer of water treatment systems is Geyser. The company employs more than 700 specialists with a fundamental education of the Soviet era, as the company has been operating since 1986. Stores and branches of the brand are located in Russia, but the products are exported to America, Europe, Asia.

Types of filters

The company is actively researching. One of the developments is the Aragon ion-exchange polymer, which not only filters, but also protects against scale. In its products, the brand uses a three-level water purification system, for example, the Geyser 3 filter has it.

filter geyser 3
filter geyser 3

The company produces the following types of filters that protect against rust, some bacteria and viruses: main, household, water softening, jugs, industrial, reverse osmosis system.

Pitcher "Geyser"

Pitcher "Geyser" - a filter for household needs, which is the most popular water purifier today. Despite the fact that there are only five models on the market, thanks to their undeniable qualities, they occupyleading position. Their most important benefits are:

  1. Tight lids that allow you not to wait for all the water poured into the jug to clear, but to drain in small portions.
  2. The Geyser filters have a shock-resistant housing made of German food-grade plastic, while the Amigo model is made of safety glass, which is especially important if you have small children and often go out into nature.
  3. Convenient volume up to 4 liters and filtration speed - 0.4 liters per minute.
  4. Affordable pricing policy. The cost is about 500 rubles.
  5. geyser filter
    geyser filter

The kit includes replacement cartridges for the Geyser filter. There are four of them, can be used in other brands of water purifiers, you only need an adapter.

Types of cartridges

  • Protects against the most common problem of rust and chlorine in tap water universal cartridge.
  • Using a hard water cartridge will help to avoid many troubles. "Geyser" - a filter that will allow your kettle to do without unpleasant scale. But this is not the main problem. Softening the spring is essential for he alth, as hard water can form kidney stones. After filtration, the water becomes soft and has a pleasant taste.
  • "Geyser" - a filter that can be taken out of town to the country. Only you need to fill it with a special cartridge against bacteria. It is able to protect against a variety of their species, including E. coli.
geyser filter cartridges
geyser filter cartridges

Benefits of replacement cartridges

The composition includes materials from the latest developments of the company, such as "Aragon", "GEFS" and "Damfer". Water goes through 5 stages of purification, as they are based on activated coconut charcoal and silver ions.

Another advantage is that the Geyser filter cartridges not only purify large volumes of water, but can also be regenerated after a while, that is, after cleaning it, it will serve you again. It's done like this. The sediment is removed with a toothbrush, washed under running water, poured with a solution of citric acid and left for several hours. The price range ranges from 130 to 350 rubles.

Membrane systems

Membrane systems are in high demand as water purifiers, they use a reverse osmosis system. Using the "Geyser Bio" or "Geyser Prestige" filter, we get perfectly clean, he althy and tasty water. Thanks to these systems, even the most hard water is perfectly purified and mineralized. In terms of efficiency, this system has no analogues, it reliably protects against almost all contaminants. Geyser filters in this system work like this. Water, falling on the membrane, is divided into pure and various impurities that go to the drainage. Membrane pores are the size of a water molecule, while various impurities are much larger, and this is how the highest result is achieved.

geyser filters
geyser filters

Main filters

Replaceable flow-through water purifiers received this name from the installation site. They are mounted on the highwaywater pipes of cottages, apartments, houses, they are fixed under the sink. Household water purifiers use cartridges that are cleaned mechanically.

These filters will reliably protect household and plumbing equipment from rust, various particles of a collapsing pipe. You can use replaceable cartridges, each of which protects against certain types of contaminants. One removes iron compounds, the other softens the water, the third removes chlorine from the water.

The apartments have two pipes with cold and hot water. Cartridges are installed separately on each highway. The requirements are more stringent for hot water filters, so they are more expensive. The company produces a universal filter "Geyser Typhoon", it is used for both types of water, and purification takes place to a drinking level.

geyser bio filter
geyser bio filter

How to replace the cartridge?

To begin with, we block the water supply to the "Geyser" (filter) with the faucet included in the kit. Use it to unscrew the bottom of the filter element. After the old cartridge is removed, we check the rubber bands located on the ends. If they are elastic, then you can continue to use them, seals are needed to install a new cartridge. Then the rest of the water is poured out of the flask, and the reservoir is washed, after which a replaceable cartridge is installed in a clean flask. The flask is tightly twisted with a key.

Geyser filters are a unique and perfect water purification system for every home. It allows you to get any amount of drinking water from a separately installed tap. Equipment capableprotect the family from various types of pollution that have entered the water supply.

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