The best car seats for children: an overview of popular models. Characteristics, owner reviews
The best car seats for children: an overview of popular models. Characteristics, owner reviews

Video: The best car seats for children: an overview of popular models. Characteristics, owner reviews

Video: The best car seats for children: an overview of popular models. Characteristics, owner reviews
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With the advent of a child in the family, the issue of safety takes on a whole new meaning. The choice of a car seat for a child requires special attention.

Car seats as an integral part of ensuring the safe passage of the child

Each parent cares about their child and wants to protect him from various troubles as much as possible. A car is already a means of increased danger and, unfortunately, the annual accident statistics confirm this.

best car seats
best car seats

Since January 2007, an amendment was made to the rules of the road, which obliges parents to transport children under the age of 12 in special seats. In this regard, the question of choosing a child seat in the car has become quite an acute problem. Indeed, when choosing it, it is already worth paying attention not only to the colors or whether the chair fits the style of the car interior.

What to look for when choosing a car seat

Many parents are wondering which car seat is best for their child? Which of the many models on the market today will providethe maximum level of safety when their child is in the car?

Today there are a lot of models of various brands from all over the world on the market. We are used to the fact that a high price is, first of all, a guarantee of quality. But with car seats, that doesn't always work. The best car seats are not the ones that cost more than the rest. There are many models that have stood the test of time and have been ranked high in car seat ratings and cost slightly less than the new 2014-2015 models.

best baby car seats
best baby car seats

When you choose a car seat, pay attention to quality certificates. If the seat is manufactured in Europe, it must comply with ECE R44/03 or ECE R44/04. If the car seat is of domestic production, then it must have a mark of compliance with the requirement of GOST 41.44.

Pay attention to the category of the chair and whether it is suitable for the weight of your child. It is also worth considering how easy the seat is to install in the car, whether it is heavy and whether there are additional elements of protection for your child.

Who will help you make a choice

In addition to parents, there are numerous testing companies working on the question of what is the best car seat.

best car seat for baby
best car seat for baby

It is worth noting that all the best child car seats that are on our market undergo special so-called crash tests, according to the results of which ratings of their reliability, convenience and safety are compiled. There are a fewworld-famous organizations that conduct crash tests on various evaluation methods:

  • German automobile club ADAC, which conducts tests every year to find the best car seats in terms of protection, ergonomics, economy and care;
  • Dutch Automobile Association ANWB - the essence of testing is similar to ADAC;
  • Swiss club TCS, which evaluates the parameters of protection and use;
  • Spanish car club RACC, which tests the same parameters as ADAC;
  • Autoreview is one of the largest magazines for car lovers in the Russian Federation, which assesses the protection of the head, abdomen, legs and spine of the child separately, as well as the comfort of using the chair.

By what criteria are car seats evaluated

Each organization has its own evaluation criteria. There are constants that are evaluated by all automobile clubs. This criterion includes the safety of the child. During the crash test, such an important indicator as the distance that the child car seat has shifted in the event of a frontal collision at a car speed of 50 km / h is taken into account. According to the standard, the chair should not move more than 55 cm.

which car seat is best
which car seat is best

In addition to safety, the best car seats that were selected for testing are judged by the following parameters:

  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • easy to use and install in the car;
  • presence of additional protection;
  • quality of upholstery, fasteners;
  • price.

Because manufacturers do not stand still and constantly improve their models, ratings are compiled often enough so that they do not lose their relevance.

Best car seat manufacturers

Over the past decade, the number of car seat manufacturers has grown steadily. According to car club ratings and customer reviews, the best manufacturers of car seats for children are:

  • Maxi-Cosi is the country of the Netherlands (Holland).
  • Cybex – Germany.
  • Romer – Germany.
  • Nania - France.
  • Cosatto – England.
  • Coletto - Poland.
  • 4baby – Poland.

Car seats 0-13

This category of chairs is not exactly a chair. Rather, it is a small cradle for newborns. The best car seat for a child in this category should have the highest ratings in all safety parameters, as it is intended for the smallest babies: from 0 to 15 months.

best car seats 0 18
best car seats 0 18

According to test results and consumer feedback, the following models are the safest:

  • Cyber Atom Basic.
  • Happy Baby Madison.
  • Maxi-Cosi Citi.

These models rightfully occupy a leading position in the ranking of "The best baby car seats for newborns." The first car seat on the list - Cyber Atom Basic will not only provide the maximum level of safety for the child, but will not spoil the look of the car interior, as it has a good design. Chair upholstery is removable and can be cleaned and washed.

Happy Baby Madison is also a good choice for your baby. The chair has a durable body, high-quality upholstery materials and fasteners that protect the child from damage.

All three models also have special side panels that protect against damage to the sides, sun visors, as well as adjustments that help you choose the best depth depending on the child's weight. In addition, all the presented models can be put on the chassis for strollers.

Car seats 0-18

Category 0/+1 includes car seats that are suitable for transporting children from 0 to 18 kg.

Best car seats in this category:

  • Maxi-Cosi MiloMix.
  • Cyber Sirona.

Maxi-Cosi MiloMix not only got good scores in ADAC crash tests. It is the first chair with anchor fastening. Of the positive aspects, it is worth highlighting that these chairs can be mounted both in the direction of travel and against the direction of travel. There are also backrest adjustments and good protection on the sides. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that this chair does not have a horizontal position for children.

best car seat
best car seat

Second in the "Best Car Seats 0-18 kg" rating, it has a high level of stability, which is ensured by additional fixation of the chair to the floor. This seat also scored well in ADAC testing, making it one of the best in its category.

Car Seats 9-18

These chairs are already more like adults. The "Best Baby Car Seat" title in this category was awarded to the following models:

  • Maxi-Cosi Pearl.
  • Maxi-Cosi Tobi.
  • Cyber Juno 2-Fix.

The first of these received its excellent results in six crash tests back in 2010. This chair features a variety of positions (including a lying position), the presence of an orthopedic insert and additional protection for the head and neck.

The second-ranked chair also scored well in six independent tests, but a year ahead of the Maxi-Cosi Pearl. Has five different back angles and good side protection.

Cyber Juno 2-Fix received positive marks in the 2013 ADAC crash test. It differs significantly from the previous representatives, first of all, by the presence of a table. Although, according to the reviews of parents, it is not always convenient for the child. The chair is large enough and comfortable, but lacks a tilt that causes the child's head to fall forward when falling asleep.

Car seats 9-36

Kiddy GuardianFix Pro2 and Cyber Pallas 2-Fix are the best car seats 9-36kg, according to parents who have already used these seats, as well as according to test results.

In the first seat, your child will always sleep comfortably, and his head will not fall forward. The chair is equipped with special protection, many adjustments for seat length, height, backrest tilt, side protection and internal volume. The downside of this chair is the lack of belts that wouldfastened between the legs of the child, preventing him from slipping.

best car seats 9 36 kg
best car seats 9 36 kg

Cyber Pallas 2-Fix received recognition and positive reviews earlier than the first chair in this category, but it is no less comfortable and safe. This chair has a removable table, many tilt and height positions, which will allow the child to comfortably endure even long journeys.

These two chairs earned the title of "Best 9-36kg Car Seats" for a reason. They not only provide the maximum level of protection for the child while the car is in motion, but also enable him to transfer the move as comfortably as possible.

Car seats 15-36

For children from 4 years old, a car seat from 18 kg is suitable. What is the best chair in this category, crash tests and customer reviews will tell you. According to them, the leading positions are occupied by such models:

  • Romer Kidfix XP Sict.
  • Concord Transformer T.
  • CBX by Cyber Free Fix.

The first model on the list is distinguished by the presence of a special pad on the belt, which helps to reduce the load on the neck of the child in a frontal accident. In addition, with high safety performance, this chair has a relatively low cost compared to other models. Although it is also worth noting that all these models will provide the child with reliable protection. They are made of quality materials, have a good side protection system and a good selection of backrest and tilt adjustments.

Because these car seats are designed for children of a fairly wide age range (from 4 to12 years), they have many different back and tilt positions, which help to adjust the most comfortable position depending on the volume of the child.

Choosing a car seat for a child is an incredibly important and responsible issue, since it depends on it how comfortable the child will be during trips and how well he will be protected from damage while driving.