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Bifidobacterium for newborns: reviews, prices and application

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Bifidobacterium for newborns: reviews, prices and application
Bifidobacterium for newborns: reviews, prices and application

The most important thing for every mother is the he alth of her child. If the baby does not have any pain, he becomes cheerful and cheerful, develops well, eats with appetite. Unfortunately, sometimes even a newborn baby who is not yet a month old begins to behave restlessly and show signs of malaise. Turning to the doctor, parents find out that the reason for their baby's poor he alth is the lack of bifidobacteria in his gastrointestinal tract.

bifidobacteria for newborns
bifidobacteria for newborns

Intestinal microflora of a newborn baby

According to research by experts, a child is born with an absolutely sterile intestine. From the very first hours of a baby's life, various microflora begins to appear in it. If the he alth of the child is in perfect order, he is breastfed and protected from infection with various intestinal infections, then certain types of bifidobacteria inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.


Bifidobacteria are gram-positive rods with a curved shape. They are present in varying amounts in the gastrointestinal tract of infants, older children, and adults. At the same time, not only the number of microorganisms differs, but also their species composition. Bifidobacteria for newborns are needed much more than for an adult, in the gastrointestinal tract of which lactobacilli predominate. At the same time, the types of microorganisms in babies who are breastfed and children who are bottle-fed differ. Even the best milk formulas cause the growth of microflora in the intestines of a child, similar to the bifidobacteria that inhabit the body of an adult.

The effect of bifidobacteria on the child's body

Bifidobacteria for children are very important. They improve the process of absorption of nutrients that enter the baby's digestive tract along with food. These beneficial microorganisms transform the structure of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, ensuring the digestion of food. Bifidobacteria also have a positive effect on intestinal motility. The optimal contraction of his muscles leads to the timely release of undigested food residues.

infant formula with bifidobacteria
infant formula with bifidobacteria

The role of a fighter against pathogenic microorganisms that cause various intestinal diseases is also played by bifidobacteria. For newborns, this is very important, because their immune system is still quite weak and often cannot cope with even a small amount of harmful microbes.

Bifidobacteria are important forensuring a normal metabolic process. They produce lactic acid, which is necessary for the complete absorption of iron, calcium, vitamin D by the body. These substances are essential for the full physical and mental development of the baby, strengthening his immunity. Bifidobacteria are also involved in the metabolism of bilirubin. For children, this is very useful, because their pancreas, due to age characteristics, does not work as stably as in an adult.

Bifidobacteria have antimutagenic properties, which are the basis of cancer prevention. These beneficial microorganisms can also neutralize the effects of carcinogens.

Causes of dysbacteriosis

In children, dysbacteriosis develops quite often. The risk group includes, first of all, babies who are bottle-fed and receive bifidobacteria of other types. For newborns, it is very important at least for the first time to eat mother's milk, which contains all the necessary substances that ensure the growth of normal microflora.

bifidobacteria for children
bifidobacteria for children

Dysbacteriosis can develop due to severe intestinal infections. With a certain number of pathogenic microorganisms, beneficial bifidobacteria can cope on their own, but if there are too many of them or they are pathogens of dangerous diseases, then additional treatment is required.

Some medicines, mainly antibiotics, also suppress beneficial microflora, killing not only pathogenic microorganisms, but also beneficial ones.bifidobacteria.

The negative impact on the state of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract of children has a too early start of complementary foods without first discussing this with the pediatrician.

Consequences of dysbacteriosis

Depending on the degree of dysbacteriosis and the age of the child, its manifestations may be different. These include:

1. Chair problems. Babies may experience constipation, diarrhea, and undigested white lumps of food and mucus in the stool.

2. Abdominal pain, increased gas formation. Optimal intestinal peristalsis is largely provided by bifidobacteria. For newborns, this is very important, because the retention of feces leads to pain, colic and bloating.

3. With prolonged dysbacteriosis, there is a decrease in the child's appetite, he gains little weight.

bifidobacteria for newborns price
bifidobacteria for newborns price

4. Decreased immunity is a frequent companion of dysbacteriosis. Moreover, the child is at risk of getting sick not only with intestinal infections, but also with acute respiratory diseases.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis

If a child has signs characteristic of dysbacteriosis, you need to see a doctor. You should not give your baby bifidobacteria for newborns without his recommendations, reviews of which turned out to be the best. The pediatrician will conduct the necessary examinations to make an accurate diagnosis. Often, under the guise of dysbacteriosis, much more formidable diseases occur, such as severe intestinal infections, allergies, abnormalities in the structure of the digestive tract.

If dysbacteriosis is reallyconfirmed, the doctor will prescribe the child special drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora. He will also give the parents of the baby recommendations on proper nutrition, which the child should adhere to.

If you follow all the doctor's prescriptions and choose the drug that is most suitable for the baby, then the effectiveness of the treatment will be high.


lacto and bifidobacteria
lacto and bifidobacteria

All drugs that normalize the microflora can be divided into probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics are carbohydrates that are not digested by the body, but serve as a medium for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that are present in the preparation on their own or included in some other product.

Of all the drugs containing the most suitable bifidobacteria for newborns, the price of which is affordable for almost all parents, the most commonly prescribed drugs are "Bifidumbacterin", "Linex". Their cost ranges from 200 to 500 rubles, depending on the dosage of the drug, the presence of additional components, such as activated charcoal, the number of capsules in the package. These drugs are effective and easy to use. The drugs are usually mixed with formula, complementary foods, water. In order for the remedy to remain effective, it is important to follow the instructions for its storage indicated in the instructions for the medicine. Preparations with bifidobacteria are usually stored in the refrigerator.

bifidobacteria for newborns reviews
bifidobacteria for newborns reviews

Drugs with more effective action, which are prescribed asconcomitant with the main medicines in the fight against intestinal infections - bacteriophages. These drugs are produced in liquid form and have large concentrations of various bifidobacteria, designed to neutralize certain types of pathogenic microorganisms. Their cost is higher than that of simpler drugs, it is in the range of 500-1000 rubles.

Foods with bifidobacteria

In addition to special medicines based on beneficial microorganisms, there are also ordinary food products with their addition. Infant formula with bifidobacteria will help restore the normal microflora of a baby who needed to switch to artificial feeding.

Children's cereals and yogurts are also enriched with bifidobacteria. To maximize the presence of these microorganisms in the product, you need to focus on its shelf life. By the time it ends, the smallest amount of bifidobacteria will remain in the food.

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