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Preciosa beads: about products, assortment and ideas

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Preciosa beads: about products, assortment and ideas
Preciosa beads: about products, assortment and ideas

Introducing Preciosa Czech seed beads! Today we will discuss why the beads of this company are so good, what can be made from it and how it differs from a similar product from other manufacturers.

preciosa beads
preciosa beads

Below we will consider not only the approximate cost, size range, bead shapes, but also talk about what original crafts can be made.

Advantages of Czech beads

Any needlewoman who specializes in beading knows that Czech beads are the best. It is not comparable to either Japanese or Chinese. What are its advantages? Let's take a look:

  • high quality workmanship;
  • wide range of colors and sizes;
  • beads of various types, shapes;
  • impeccable finished product.

If you have made various things, crafts from beads many times, you probably noticed that almost half of the beads are defective - there is no hole and / or the shape is distorted. Preciosa Czech beads are practically devoid of this shortcoming.

You will be pleased that in the package almost all the beads are intact, even, without chips and deformations, have the desired color in full. Agree thatto make a quality bracelet or artificial tree, you need to have the appropriate material.

Color Variety

We will not list the colors of Preciosa Czech beads, as there are many of them. Let's just say that the manufacturer produces the entire range in several colors: from bright to soft pastel. You just have to decide what you are going to weave, in what color combinations.

Czech beads preciosa
Czech beads preciosa

Preciosa beads shimmer in the light, which cannot please. By the way, if you like an oily sheen or an iridescent glow, then you can find something similar on sale. Or do you dream of chameleon beads? And these can be purchased.

On sale are striped beads or with a combination of several colors, as well as various decorative crumbs and stones.

Choose size

What are you going to do? For example, do you want to weave a bauble on a fishing line or make earrings? Be sure to check the size of the beads. The larger its number, the smaller the hole and diameter. Bead number 12 is very small, and if you want to weave a decorative tree with wire, then it will not work. You need to choose larger ones, for example, Preciosa bead numbers 10 or 11.

What else is good about the manufacturer described by us is that there are almost all sizes for every taste and for any kind of product.

Issue price and equipment

Compared to products from other manufacturers, even Czech ones, Preciosa beads are one of the most expensive. But it's justified by his highquality. On sale you can find packages of 5 and 50 grams. The average price for 5 grams is 35 rubles, and for 50 - 160 rubles.

preciosa bead numbers
preciosa bead numbers

If you want to make a serious and expensive product, feel free to purchase just such beads.

What things can be made from such beads

There can be many ideas, let's list them in order:

  • decorations;
  • trees and flowers;
  • embroideries;
  • toys;
  • layouts;
  • curtains, bags, clothes.

You can choose any scheme of the future product, rewrite the desired colors and sizes of beads and purchase in specialized stores.

Let's say you can make a decorative flower or tree in a pot / vase. You will need a wire with a cross-sectional diameter of 0.3 mm. Remember, we discussed above that it is very important to know what number (size) of beads we need. In this case, 10 or 11 is fine.

colors of czech beads preciosa
colors of czech beads preciosa

Your next task is to choose the right colors so that they are combined with each other and at the same time do not merge. This refers to, for example, leaves and flowers. Choose Preciosa beads in exactly the color scheme you need. It is also important to decide whether the grains will be matte or shimmery.


For jewelry and ornamental berries, glass beads, beads, crumbs and irregularly shaped beads are suitable. There are several options for sale. You can also buy beads from other manufacturers, while combining it with Czech. end productwill look great! And most importantly - quality.


It is currently popular to embroider icons and other paintings with beads. You can independently develop a scheme or purchase it in needlework stores, buy Preciosa Czech beads, material and start embroidering. Your work will look unusual. Just imagine, you embroidered an icon, consecrated it, placed it in a holy corner. When you light a candle during prayer, you see how it transforms, as if it comes to life!

In conclusion, I would like to tell you: do not spare money if you want to make a wonderful gift for yourself or loved ones. A little more expensive is better, but you will hold in your hands a magnificent miracle created by your own hands from high-quality materials!

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