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Wedding witness contests: have fun

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Wedding witness contests: have fun
Wedding witness contests: have fun

Contests for witnesses at the wedding

Wedding Witness Contests
Wedding Witness Contests

Such a celebration should be remembered for a long time not only by the newlyweds themselves, but by their relatives, guests and, of course, witnesses. Who, if not them, will accompany the young couple at every step, from leaving their father's houses to seeing them off on their wedding night. They are the right hand of the bride and groom, collect gifts and flowers, take an active part in all activities. They really deserve special attention from the couple. And how can you do without them on a holiday? Can you imagine a wedding without contests for witnesses? Let's look at the most interesting and funny entertainment.

Contests for witnesses at the wedding: what should they be?

Contests for witnesses
Contests for witnesses

This kind of entertainment is offered not only at the height of the fun, but also at the very beginning. Often, being in a sober state, guests are embarrassed to participate in competitions, and then your "accompanying" people come to the rescue. That is why there are competitions for witnesses at the wedding, who, with their mischief and festive mood, will set an example for other guests, show thatHere you need to have fun, not be shy. So it is better to warn your assistants in advance about when the entertainment numbers will be approximately and what content they will contain.

The funniest wedding contests for witnesses

Very naughty and funny examples of entertainment will be described below:

  1. "Translators". Witnesses are given cards with famous verses. They need to remake the text in a modern way, that is, in youth language and using slang. The other option is more difficult. Here one player redoes the text, while the other tries to guess the poem.
  2. "Situations". This kind of competition for witnesses at a wedding is quite simple to perform. The toastmaster or guests invite players to imagine themselves in certain situations, for example, when a plane crashes on an uninhabited
  3. Wedding contests for witnesses
    Wedding contests for witnesses


  4. "Bomber". To do this, two 3-liter cans are placed in front of the witnesses. Their task is to put as many coins into the jar as possible.
  5. "Pants". Such contests for witnesses at a wedding are very funny and funny. Witnesses are given oversized pants. On command, the players must, without the help of their hands, collect as many balls as possible into the trousers that are scattered on the floor.
  6. "My chair." Two chairs are placed on the stage. A large number of small things are scattered on the floor, for example: a designer, key rings, pens, buttons. The task of the players is to collect more items on their chair.
  7. "Vivat firemen!" Two chairs are placed back to back. They put under thema rope, and a jacket turned inside out is hung on it. The task of the players is to put on the jacket correctly, fasten all the buttons, sit in their place and pull the rope. Whoever does it first is the winner.
  8. "Detective". You need to select several guests and hide several small items in their clothes. Witnesses are told what exactly is hidden, and their task is to find the thing in one attempt. If they don’t guess, then the guests can make a hint, but only for the desire, for example, to sing a song, make a toast, dance.

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