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Broadcha - the fabric of kings and emperors

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Broadcha - the fabric of kings and emperors
Broadcha - the fabric of kings and emperors

Many amazing things that we use to this day came to us from the East. And the fact that we did not even try to adopt is still fascinating. The culture of China is amazing: breathtaking landscapes, beautiful traditions and fascinating legends. China in the past was one of the most closed countries in the world, and the export of secrets was punished very strictly - the thief was deprived of his life. It is from there that silk came to us. Its manufacture was the greatest secret that no one was able to repeat. Therefore, this Chinese fabric was valued on a par with gold. But this is not only about silk. Brocade is a fabric that originated in this eastern country.

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Fabric History

Brocade fabric (photos are presented in the article) has a long history. Its roots stretch as far as the end of the thirteenth century. For the first time, it was Chinese craftswomen who wove brocade. Then they learned about it in a no less colorful and spicy country - India. This Asian state was then closely connected with Europe. Yes, and Byzantine merchants often made purchases there.

Precious fabric was sent to the Black Sea coast. And from Byzantium - all over the world. Brocade is a fabric whose manufacturing process then no one could figure out in order to repeatit's a miracle. Therefore, it was taken for the manufacture of royal and imperial outfits. No one then could boast of such a chic attire. Priests and bishops, who, as you know, were also very rich and revered, wore brocade robes. Therefore, this fabric soon became associated with the royal court, nobility, we alth and luxury. And it was true. After all, it attracted not only the secret "recipe", but also precious inclusions.

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What is brocade (fabric)?

There are several types of brocade. But they were all preceded by one - the one that was associated with mountains of gold. The whole secret was in gold. Brocade is the union of a silk warp and gold, silver or other metallic threads. This makes the canvas stiff and resilient.

Of course, the production of brocade required effort and expense. Gold can be drawn into the thinnest wire, because it is a very malleable metal, but the fabric was sky-high. Later it was modernized. Precious threads began to be replaced by alloys with a lower content of precious metals. And the base was replaced with a softer one to make it more comfortable to wear clothes. And the fabric has retained its former richness of colors, patterns and applications. And so the first species was born, which is simply called brocade.

But Lycra brocade was created relatively recently. Unlike the classic version, it is not at all rough and not hard, but stretches very well. One hundred percent silk brocade is used only for sewing something solemn and weekend. In general, the properties of brocadedepend on impurities and inserts. With the addition of Lurex, it becomes more elastic, the more shiny threads - the tougher it is.

Caring for brocade

Brocade is a very capricious fabric. And if you planted a stain, then there is a risk of completely destroying the weekend suit. If you get rid of the dirt from the front side, then the situation can only worsen: you drive the dirt deep into the fabric. But from the inside you can try to do it, but only very carefully. If you are not confident in your abilities or the outfit is very dear to you, dry cleaning will do the best. Be careful with ironing too. Very carefully iron from the inside, setting the mode for silk. Wash in warm, mild soapy water, being careful not to warp the fabric.

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Applying brocade

It so happened that we associate brocade (fabric) with power and luxury. The price for it in the Middle Ages was really high, but now it is quite democratic. Therefore, this fabric is widely used. These are mainly decorative materials: pillows or curtains, etc. If you want to go out in such an outfit, then brocade will look good in wedding dresses, and in weekend or evening looks. Pair it with lightweight fabrics. Brocade is still used in theatrical business, because the outfits from it look really beautiful and rich.

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