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Fabric staple. How to choose?

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Fabric staple. How to choose?
Fabric staple. How to choose?

Many people will not go out if their appearance is spoiled by some detail (a hair sticks out somewhere or a small speck appears on their clothes). Everyone wants to look perfect. If a person does not dress in fashion, he still wants to look stylish.

"Trendy" personalities choose the fabric, the color of which would suit them perfectly. At the same time, what kind of material it is is also very important for them. It is the fabric from which the clothes are sewn that is a very important component for many people, because if it is not to their liking, things seem ugly and uncomfortable. The same thing, which was sewn from different fabrics, has a different look. It is very important that clothes are not only beautiful, but also pleasant to the touch.

All this has contributed to the fact that lately the staple fabric has become very popular among designers and consumers. What are its benefits?

The staple fabric is…

This is not a regular fabric like satin, flannel, canvas or any other. This is a material that is made from cotton and viscose. Therefore, the fabric is so dense, because two different types of threads are intertwined in it. At the same time, cotton and viscose are presenthere in the same volume.

The staple fabric looks somewhat like wool, although if you look closely, you can see that it is noticeably different. This material is very soft and gentle, which cannot be said about wool. Therefore, many people choose a staple. The composition of the fabric is almost natural, although it also contains chemical fibers. Due to its composition, this material is quite elastic and retains its original shape even after several washes.

Fabric staple
Fabric staple

Why staple?

The staple fabric has one feature - it does not fade in the sun, so that the products retain their appearance for a long time. Not many materials can be said the same.

Staple fabric composition
Staple fabric composition

Staple Properties

When buying any fabric, you need to know the details about its properties. So, if you decide to purchase a staple fabric, then you need to remember that it can shrink a little. Therefore, when buying ready-made things from a staple, do not pay attention to those that fit you. Buy clothes in this fabric that are 5-10 cm wider and longer than you need.

If you want to sew a thing from such material yourself, then first soak it for a while in warm water, and then dry it. After that, he will sit down a little, and then you can sew clothes with the sizes you need. If you want to avoid shrinkage of the fabric, then use only chemical cleaning methods.

What to look for when choosing a material?

Staple –fabric, the description of which you read above. And now let's try to make a number of requirements that you need to pay attention to during the purchase:

  • fabric quality;
  • color characteristic;
  • fabric cost;
  • producer;
  • fabric composition.
  • staple fabric description
    staple fabric description

How to avoid being scammed?

It's no secret that recently there has been a huge number of sellers selling low-quality goods. Many of them sell fakes, passing them off as quality items. Staple fabrics are no exception, and you can often be deceived into wanting to purchase this material. Be vigilant when shopping - better use the services of stores that can provide you with fabric documents.

Besides, you yourself can distinguish a real fabric from a fake. The fact is that the original looks much more impressive than the fake one. Many people have a question about how to find out if this effect is deceptive. Look at the material: if it is bright, pleasant to the touch and returns to its original position after stretching, then most likely this is a staple fabric, and not a fake.

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