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Types of spoons, description and their purpose

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Types of spoons, description and their purpose
Types of spoons, description and their purpose

What do we know about spoons, besides that it is a cutlery that resembles a small spatula, which scoops food from a plate? Most likely, we know: "The road is a spoon for dinner" and other folklore wisdom about her. We know that first courses are eaten with a tablespoon, sugar is stirred in tea with a teaspoon, and a dessert spoon is needed for use when we enjoy delicate jelly and other yummy.

Which spoons are more common in our everyday life? What cutlery for this purpose you may have never heard of? Right now we will learn and remember the types of spoons and their purpose in our kitchen. Modern appliances are designed to make eating or cooking easier. These devices are divided into main and auxiliary (auxiliary).

Main species


The main ones are created for direct use for direct purposes. Namely: they belong to the most common type of spoons - for eating. This category of devices includes:

  1. Dining room. Without it, your life will become dull and more complicated. This spoon is perfectly adapted for convenient eating of liquid dishes. Fragrant rich soup would not be so tasty if it were not for the most banal, at first glance, cutlery. The capacity of this type of spoon is 18 milliliters.
  2. Dessert - the younger sister of the dining room. Its volume is almost half that. It is convenient to take jam, creamy sweet delicacies with such a device. They are often served in bowls and bowls. It is also convenient to eat a cake with a dessert spoon (made of soft cakes, not sandy). Ice cream is also supposed to be eaten with this small dessert spoon.
  3. Tea spoon. Its main function is to help dissolve sugar in drinks. The most commonly used hot drink is tea - hence the simple name. However, a teaspoon can triumphantly replace its older sister - a dessert one. For some reason, this spoon is increasingly preferred for scooping up jams and other similar sweets. Ice cream and cake with such a device is also very convenient to eat. The volume is only 5 milliliters, and how much useful this baby does! And much more convenient than a large dessert spoon.
  4. Coffee. This very small cutlery holds only 3 milliliters. Foam latte and coffee spoon are inseparable.
coffee spoons
coffee spoons

Auxiliary spoons

These workers are always ready to help in cooking in the kitchen. However, their possibilities are not limited to one kitchen. But what are these helpers.

Bottling. A ladle, a scoop, a ladle - it's all about her, about a pouring spoon. The volume of this indispensable device starts from values of 100 milliliters or more. Every kitchen should have several ladles. The scoop is used for scooping up the first (liquid) dishes and sauces. Compotes, jelly and punch are also poured using this type of spoon

Soup ladle
Soup ladle
  • Sauce spoon. Of course, you can spread the sauces with a ladle, but using a special sauce spoon with a spout makes the task much easier.
  • Spoon-shovel for caviar. It is customary to put caviar with such a spatula on a cracker or a sandwich during a feast.
  • For salad. With the help of this special cutlery, the salad from the common salad bowl will safely move to your individual plate.
  • Spice spoons. Such babies, as their name implies, are designed to add various spices (s alt, pepper) to a portioned dish.
  • Spoon for soft-boiled eggs. Yes, such a spoon has its place in the cutlery collection. Its size is slightly smaller than coffee. In principle, it is possible to use a coffee spoon. The main thing is that it should not be a silver spoon. The noble metal turns black when it comes into contact with egg contents.
egg spoon
egg spoon

About spoon materials

The most common are cutlery made of metals and their alloys. Caring for them does not require special conditions and knowledge. Any of these materials for the production of cutlery has its ownbenefits that make it popular with people:

  • Stainless steel is one of the budget materials for the production of spoons and other kitchen appliances.
  • An alloy of chromium and nickel are also good spoons, they look quite decent and do not lose their luster. Sturdy and cute.
  • Aluminum. During the years of the Union, spoons made of this metal were in every kitchen. They were not expensive and, in principle, looked good. However, over time it has been supplanted by more shiny metallic materials in production.

Sustainable tree

In Russia, wooden spoons for food were more commonly recognized and loved. The owner could "customize" such devices as much as he wanted, for his large family. Eating with such an environmentally friendly spoon was even convenient: a wooden spoon did not burn your mouth with hot food. Over time, such a device began to be used not only for its intended purpose, it began to be decorated with paintings and varnished. So the wooden spoon gradually became one of the Russian souvenirs. You won’t eat this varnished spoon, but using it in kitchen decor is a different idea.

Khokhloma spoons
Khokhloma spoons

For use in cooking, it is better to have special-purpose wooden spoons. Now they are more like a rounded, flat shoulder blade with a recess. The use of such a spatula significantly increases the service life of non-stick cookware. Of course, on such a wooden spoon there should be no decorations using paints and other coatings. But carved, decorativeelements will give charm to such a useful tool in our time.

Silver spoon

The use of spoons made of this noble metal became most noticeable during the reign of Peter the Great. But they appeared long before the birth of Peter himself. It is customary to give a small silver spoon "by the tooth" to a child. And as a baptismal gift, such a children's spoon has become a tradition. Apparently, the fact that silver is an antiseptic material played a role in such a tradition. Heirloom silverware used to be considered a sign of the aristocracy, but now many can afford sets of silver cutlery. With the use of spoons from this metal, many still make "silver water". A clean silver spoon is placed in a glass of water, and after a few hours the water is enriched with silver ions.

christening spoon
christening spoon

When using this type of devices, you need to take into account the fact that their care will be more thorough than for ordinary ones - from cupronickel or nickel. Cleaning tarnished silver will help restore its radiance. The easiest ways to clean: baking soda, tooth powder. Powder (or soda) applied to a pre-moistened sponge or cloth, you need to rub the products and rinse them in running cold water. Do not leave silver utensils wet. Always dry silver spoons thoroughly and dry. Otherwise, they become covered with ugly spots.

Plastic spoon

Their varieties are enough. There are plastic spoons included in the picnic basket. There are very cheapdisposable items for use at selected fast food outlets.

An equally well-known variation of such a spoon is for children. This spoon is designed for convenient and safe feeding of the baby. With her, the baby begins to learn to eat on his own. Plastic, in this case, will be less traumatic than metal versions of the product.

Safety and convenience

This device is not so easy to damage baby's delicate gums when feeding. By waving it (as children often do) while eating, the child will not hit himself with the consequences that could happen if he used an ordinary or even a silver spoon at that moment.

plastic spoon
plastic spoon

The handles of children's spoons are often preferred to be made thicker, which makes it convenient for the baby to use the appliance.

Cons of plastic

Not everything is as perfect as we would like. A child, having learned to eat with a light and bright spoon with a thick handle, can hardly adapt to more "adult" spoons, which will definitely appear in his life very soon. However, each parent himself has the right to decide whether or not to give such a special device to his baby.

A spoon can be a true work of art. This fact confirms the creation of the spoon museum in the city of Vladimir and the town of Nytva.

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