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Normal weight gain during pregnancy by week: table. Weight gain during twin pregnancy

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Normal weight gain during pregnancy by week: table. Weight gain during twin pregnancy
Normal weight gain during pregnancy by week: table. Weight gain during twin pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the happiest times in a woman's life. After all, how nice it is to feel how a new life is born inside, to enjoy the pushing of the baby, determining his heels and crown.

Yet one fad scares expectant mothers. This is an inevitable weight gain. But in no case should this be an obstacle to pregnancy. To make it easier to part with extra pounds after childbirth, you should know the norms of weight gain during pregnancy by weeks.

Eat right

After learning about their pregnancy, everyone is looking for ways to properly develop the fetus. Someone begins to leaf through the mountain of literature, and someone indulges in all serious things in relation to food. Don't eat for two! This does not bring any benefit to the child, and causes the appearance of extra pounds.

weekly weight gain during pregnancy
weekly weight gain during pregnancy

Some, having decided that the waist should always be, go on a diet even in an interesting position. As a result of fasting and limiting the use of high-calorie foods by the expectant mother, the child is harmed. Do not despair because of the weight, it is better to set the line that will help keep it in the right proportions.

To do this, you need to know the following:

  • for the proper development of the child, you need to eat regularly and fully;
  • should change the old way of life to a more gentle one;
  • it is important not to forget about visits to the doctor, the rate of weight gain during pregnancy by weeks requires constant monitoring by an obstetrician-gynecologist.

What is control for?

When a expectant mother knows the rate of weight gain during pregnancy by weeks, she can easily not only control the development of the fetus and her he alth, but also identify a number of pathologies in time. If the pregnant woman does not recover or, on the contrary, it happens rapidly, then it is necessary to pass additional tests and undergo examinations. This must be done for a number of reasons:

  • high gain may indicate diabetes;
  • this happens due to edema and, accordingly, improper functioning of internal organs;
  • Insufficient weekly pregnancy weight gain may indicate a fetal or amniotic fluid problem.
weekly weight gain during pregnancy
weekly weight gain during pregnancy

It is worth repeating thatan accurate diagnosis can only be made by doctors who are pregnant, the future woman in labor should only help them with their own control. By the way, in order not to recover quickly, doctors allow you to add 100 kilocalories to your daily food in the first months, and starting from the second trimester, raise the bar to 300.

Add weight

Calculate how much is the rate of weight gain during pregnancy by week, any woman can. It is worth making a reservation right away: if you eat right, then the addition of 12-13 kilograms will be the norm for each. Everything can be done easily and simply. The main thing is not to look into the refrigerator every minute and have a scale at hand.

The main indicator in calculating the weight that a woman can gain in nine months is the one that she had before pregnancy. So, at the first visit to the doctor, her usual weight is recorded, and later such a thing as body mass index (BMI) is calculated. It is worth remembering the course of school mathematics. To find out the BMI, you need to divide the weight by the squared height and multiply the result by a thousand. For example, if a woman weighs 62 kilograms, and her height is 167 centimeters, then her BMI will be 22.23. And now you should stand on the scales and the stadiometer and calculate your indicators.

According to them, you can allow the tummy to grow by the following numbers:

  • if BMI is 20-27, weight gain is allowed from 10 to 13 kilograms.
  • if BMI is over 27, then you should not gain more than 10 kilograms.
weekly weight gain during pregnancy table
weekly weight gain during pregnancy table

If the expectant mother manages to achieve such results that set the norms for gaining weight during pregnancy by weeks, then she will feel better and easier. And a caesarean section might not be needed.

But there are no rules without exceptions. Women who are not pregnant for the first time can recover from 14 to 20 kilograms. And it also happens that a woman who has recovered greatly gives birth to a child with a small weight. Therefore, only a gynecologist can determine these subtleties.

Why the weight increases

Of course, the pounds gained during pregnancy are not superfluous, they are evenly distributed throughout the body. This is the placenta, uterus, breast, amniotic fluid. Doctors attach great importance to the latter. If the examination reveals that they exceed the norm or have changed color, then this may be a cause for concern.

Pregnancy Weight Chart

How to correctly calculate the rate of weight gain during pregnancy by week? The table developed by obstetrician-gynecologists is a faithful assistant in this. A prerequisite: it should not be thrown into the far corner, but carried out weekly. Thanks to her, you can see how the weight has changed.

how much is the rate of weight gain during pregnancy by week
how much is the rate of weight gain during pregnancy by week

If this did not happen in the first and second trimester (and you need to gain 500 grams per week), then you should be careful and see a doctor. And if in the third trimester the table indicators go over one kilogram every week, then this is a cause for concern.

So, what arenormal weight gain during pregnancy? The table says that the expectant mother can gain a certain number of kilograms, depending on the body mass index at the beginning of pregnancy.

Normal weight gain during pregnancy

BMI Normal weight gain
Below 19, 8 15kg
From 19, 8 to 26, 0 14kg
Over 26 9kg

It is recommended to draw up your table with your doctor and evaluate how well the period of bearing the baby is going.

Also, when compiling a detailed table, the following pattern can be identified. At the end of pregnancy, most lose about two kilograms. There is absolutely no need to be scared, it's just time to go to the hospital.

Expecting twins

Twins are not only a double joy in the family, but also a double burden on the body of the expectant mother. There should be room in the stomach for two babies, so the woman's organs are noticeably crowded, giving way to them. The stomach becomes smaller, the feeling of satiety comes faster than usual. And after a short time, I want to eat again. Therefore, you need to eat as often as possible in small portions. This is the only way to feed growing organisms. To prevent a woman from gaining too much weight, doctors have developed special diets for pregnant twins. At the same time, they advise introducing high-calorie and at the same time he althy foods into the diet.

weekly weight gain during pregnancy
weekly weight gain during pregnancy

It is worth remembering thatweekly weight gain rates during twin pregnancy also indicate the proper development and birth of he althy babies. Even without knowing the exact medical indicators or ultrasound results, one can guess the number of future children. By the way the mother’s “house” grows, one can determine how many tenants have settled in it. If during a singleton pregnancy, the belly becomes noticeable at about the fifth month, then with twins this happens much earlier. But this is not always an accurate indicator, most likely, just people's observations.

Medical weight for twins

Carrying twins is very hard physically. Here, everything is added twice as much: toxicosis, and stress on the body, and, of course, kilograms. Usually, twins are not born with the same weight as one full-term child. The largest twins most often weigh 2.5 kilograms. For all the time, a woman should gain approximately 15-22 kilograms.

How should this happen right? If in the first quarter of pregnancy, the expectant mother should recover by one and a half to two kilograms, then in the second - gain up to seven hundred grams weekly. And in the same way, the expectant mother must remember to control her weight both on her own and under obstetric supervision.

Big weight? No way

A lot of words have already been said about the norms of weight gain during pregnancy by weeks and about what busting in kilograms is fraught with. It is not necessary to touch upon in this article kidney disease, heredity, or any serious diseases that only a doctor can judge. I would like tosupplement the unsightly picture of overeating with the following unfavorable moments:

weight gain during pregnancy table
weight gain during pregnancy table
  • there is an additional load on the cardiac system;
  • appear swelling, varicose veins and heaviness in the legs;
  • feeling constant back pain;
  • late toxicosis, and hence the threat to the development of the fetus;
  • there is a risk of having a baby prematurely.

You need to get into the habit of controlling such an obligatory factor as the norms of weight gain during pregnancy by weeks!

Don't worry

Many women are extremely painful gaining weight. Under no circumstances should this be done. Firstly, pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon, therefore, both a large belly and other enlarged parts of the body will remain in the past (and will be remembered with tenderness). Secondly, after six months or a year, you can return to the previous forms. This will directly depend on the activity of the woman and the desire to lose weight. But do not forget how much the norm of weight gain during pregnancy by week is.

weekly weight gain during twin pregnancy
weekly weight gain during twin pregnancy

And now you need to walk more, eat the right food and forget about diets. And no nervous shocks! The child does everything with his mother: he eats and worries. It must be remembered that future motherhood adorns a woman, makes her treat her with special love and respect.

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