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Bridal veil: history, signs and recommendations for choosing

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Bridal veil: history, signs and recommendations for choosing
Bridal veil: history, signs and recommendations for choosing
bride's veil
bride's veil

The tradition of wearing a veil for a wedding came to us from our distant ancestors. If earlier it was a symbol of purity and tenderness, now it is still more of a beautiful and appropriate accessory, which is increasingly being replaced with hats, bows or completely abandoned. Bridal veil - this article is devoted to this topic.


Wedding traditions, like many others, very often pass from generation to generation. The bridal veil is no exception. Our ancestors believed that she is a symbol of innocence and femininity, and also protects the bride from evil eyes and gossip, damage and conspiracies of envious people. The bridal veil was also used after the wedding. It was believed that she performs the function of a talisman not only before marriage, but also after it. Mothers hung it on the baby's cradle when he was sick, or next to the crib. Brides tried to choose the longest veil, as it was believed that the longer it was, the happier the girl would be in marriage. The classic color is white.

Veil Choice

To those girls who decided thatthey will definitely marry in a veil, the tips below will help when choosing it:

  • dress should be combined with a veil, so if your choice fell on a material with any inserts or edging, then make sure that the two things are in harmony with each other;
  • a long bridal veil can look perfect both on its own and
  • long bridal veil
    long bridal veil

    decorated with a wreath of flowers;

  • when choosing a veil decorated with patterns, flowers, consider its length and volume: it should not be too lush and long, otherwise the ornament will not be visible;
  • the color of the veil can be any, except, of course, black, but be sure to match the dress;
  • if we are talking about a two-layer or multilayer veil, then you should give preference to the material without any pattern;
  • the length of the veil is a purely individual matter, some prefer the classic version - to the floor, some - to the shoulders.

By the way, if your mother or grandmother has this solemn thing stale, then you can use it. Of course, if you like it and it is in good condition.


bridal veil price
bridal veil price

How much does a bridal veil cost? The price will depend on several factors:

  • availability of drawings, patterns;
  • volume (1-, 2-, 3-tier);
  • material (lace, synthetics, etc.);
  • length.

Pre-wedding signs

  • Put on a veil only on your own, without outside help, as it is believed that peoplecan transmit negative energy through it.
  • The veil should be removed by the husband (if you are going to obey him and be “for” your husband), mother-in-law (if your goal is to get close to your spouse’s relatives) or yourself (if you are for equality in marriage).
  • The bride's veil is attached to a special headband, if it is not, then use decorated hairpins to fix it.
  • It is not recommended to transfer your veil or to "rent" it. This symbol of marriage should always remain with you. Unlike a wedding dress, which cannot be worn by another person, since the fate of the bride who previously wore it can be passed on, a veil given into the wrong hands can bring trouble to the bride herself.

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