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Funny script for the bride price

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Funny script for the bride price
Funny script for the bride price

It happens that two lonely people meet and fall in love. They get used to each other and seriously think about the wedding. So the desired moment comes when a man kneels down and offers his hand and heart to his chosen one. And if the girl agrees, then there comes an exciting moment of anticipation of the wedding, in other words - marriage. We will consider, perhaps, the most interesting part of the wedding - the ransom of the bride. You can come up with a scenario for this event yourself.

Where does marriage begin

As we noted, everything originates from the desire of two hearts to legitimize their relationship and bear a common surname. Modern couples want to do everything in a new way. For some people, traditional weddings are a pain in the ass. And this is understandable, because after repeated visits to the same type of weddings, the desire to plunge into such a cozy atmosphere of an event to connect two hearts completely disappears.

Typicalweddings are rooted in the distant times of the Soviet Union. All of them follow the same scenario with rare deviations. In middle-class families, everything goes about the same plan.

Typical wedding plan

If you are too lazy to think, then stereotypes and labels mixed with traditions intervene. A husband should never see his woman in a wedding dress, otherwise, for unknown reasons, their marriage may not last long and be characterized as unhappy.

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Perhaps the most common cliché is the ransom of the bride, the scenarios of which are not distinguished by fantasy. But we will fix it together with you. Like restorers putting a new spin on an old piece, we'll turn a trivial 1960s wedding into an artful event filled with innovative ideas.

Youth wedding

Get all past wedding experiences out of your head. Your marriage should be remembered for its originality and pomposity. And it is not necessary to be rich for this, it is enough to turn on the fantasy. Please note that your relatives will not like this advice.

Instead of the usual plot, fantasize a funny scenario for the ransom of the bride. And the word "funny" is the key. This should captivate your audience, amuse all the guests. Perhaps because of this, you will be given a little more money.

Raising money

Also forget about fundraising in pantyhose. Come up with something else. And if fantasy does not work, this article comes to the rescue. For example, replace tights with choice boxes forbulletins. Sounds wild, doesn't it? But this is the calculation. Unnecessarily impressionable, this method, of course, will not work. So try something less radical. For example, let the money be transferred directly to your bank card. This is the ideal solution - you will not have to count and add them for a long time. And the possibility of making a mistake when counting also disappears.

Wedding photos
Wedding photos

And for real modern people who follow the trends, you can try to get a crypto-wallet, and let them send you bitcoins or other online currencies. True, the disadvantages of this method are obvious, the rate may sink.


The most important part of a wedding is entertainment. Let there be someone at your event who will dispel boredom and organize exciting contests. But in no way "get into the bottle with a thread" or "pop the booty ball." These definitely should not be at a youth wedding. The toastmaster will come up with a funny scenario for the ransom of the bride, modern and in line with the spirit of our time. And if his idea does not suit you, then below are some interesting scenarios.

It is preferable that the wedding was led by a young toastmaster. He understands the specifics of the wedding and follows popular trends. Music will include modern, all at a high level.

Progressive and modern bride price scenario

To give your wedding charm and sophistication, a colorful plot will help you. Let your bride be dressed not in a wedding dress, but in the costume of your favorite cartoon character. And you yourself, for example, dress in the costume of her pet.

strong union
strong union

Let's imagine that in the story a man has to go through a labyrinth of various obstacles. The task is to captivate wedding visitors with the plot and give them the opportunity to take part in the process. For the initial data, we will take the image of a man-Hercules and a woman-Aphrodite. The action takes place in a park area.


  • Start. Hercules is tasked with talking to the goddess of love (husband's or wife's girlfriend), who will show him the way to Aphrodite. In a conversation with her, a man understands that his path is not easy and thorny. The interlocutor sets tasks for him, which are accompanied by ordinary everyday difficulties.
  • Hercules and everyday life. His first feat is to clear the Augean stables. Of course, this is a metaphor, but the meaning is the same. The hero needs to do something pleasing to society, for example, to clear the whole yard of garbage. Agree, this is useful and teaches you to appreciate the order in the house.
Happy couple
Happy couple
  • Hercules and Cerberus. The girl's father acts as a mythical creature. Our newlywed must convince him that he is a worthy candidate for his daughter. If he can, then the malicious Cerberus will let him into his daughter's heart and even help.
  • Girdle of Hippolyta. If in the myth Hercules had to bring a real belt, stealing it from the Amazons, then in our case he must buy the most beautiful ring for his chosen one.
  • Oratory talents. Let Hercules show himself in all his glory and ask for help in winning the heart of his girlfriend. His task is to tell about malicious nymphs (wife's friends). He must figure out how to distract them andquietly sneak into the castle (apartment or something else).
  • We continue to consider a cool bride price scenario. This is where the development of the main events begins. Everything depends on the success in the past action. Hercules will either be helped to distract the malicious nymphs, or they will leave him alone.
Bride and groom
Bride and groom

The final action is to propose to the girl. Having quietly or visibly made his way through the dense ranks of bridesmaids, Hercules is faced with another difficult task. Now he has to guess the date of their acquaintance, and this will serve as a password to enter the castle


It is not so difficult to come up with a scenario for the ransom of the bride. The main thing is to have a little imagination and the same amount of money. If you follow the advice from the article, you will have a real youth wedding, which will be remembered by the guests for its originality.

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