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Self-type stamp: description, instructions, reviews

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Self-type stamp: description, instructions, reviews
Self-type stamp: description, instructions, reviews

Self-typesetting stamp belongs to a new generation of office stationery, allows you to fill in the text on the cliche in manual mode and make a high-quality print on a sheet of paper. Due to its versatility and versatility, the self-type stamp has found its application in many offices of various companies that require the processing of a large amount of documentation.

Self-typed stamps and seals
Self-typed stamps and seals


Self-type stamps and seals, although produced by many companies, have largely similar equipment and the principle of operation.

The set is:

  1. Body, shape may vary.
  2. Cliché: A series of stripes on which symbols are placed.
  3. Character set. Quantity and composition depend on the model.
  4. Tweezer: a tool used to set letters/numbers on clichés.
  5. Replaceable soft ink pad.

An important aspect in the choice is the manufacturer, since when working with a largethe flow of documents causes rapid wear of parts, the life of a particular model is determined by the quality of the materials used in the manufacture.

Configuration Features

Self-type stamp can have a different shape and cliche, the application depends on the type of documentation being processed and the requirements approved by the State Standard.

The rectangular look is one of the most common types of cliches. The round shape is most often used for documents circulating within organizations. Triangular and square - specialized printing for government agencies.

Self-type stamp
Self-type stamp

Cash registers, or character sets for clichés, can be produced in various variations and can be purchased separately in case of replacement or breakage of existing ones.

There are differences both in the size of the print and in the number of lines in the cliche. Stamps are produced with a different number - lines from two or more, depending on the length of the cliché, the size of each line is limited, the number of small and large letters is prescribed separately for each model.

The color of printed characters is determined by the color of the ink.

It should also be noted that in order to avoid counterfeiting a corporate print, it is desirable to make it as unique as possible. It is recommended to use symbols to form the content of one cliché from different sets.

Daters are a type of seal that allows you to apply only the value of the date, using numbers and letters.

Working principle

Self-typed stamps and seals have a modern design to facilitate andautomate the typing and imprinting process.

The body of the seal consists of an upper (head) and a lower part (legs), to which the base is attached, and a typesetting plate (cliché) is fixed on it. A mandatory element that facilitates stamping is a spring that expands the lower and upper parts of the seal.

Stamp self-typesetting 4 lines
Stamp self-typesetting 4 lines

In the non-printing state, the base is pressed against the ink pad. When pressed, the base rotates and goes down.

The cliché ink pad is easily redirected regardless of model, even in cases where the manufacturer does not recommend doing this procedure yourself.

Trodat self-type dies: design features

Troda was founded in Vienna (Austria) back in 1912 and is now based in Wels. Products are manufactured according to high European standards and delivered to stores around the world. A feature of the products is the high wear resistance of the plastic used in the manufacture, convenient construction and design. Reliable fastening of the character to the line is carried out at two points. Additional interchangeable plates are applied to the stamp. The height of the characters is standard - small 3 mm, large 4 mm. Number of lines from 2 to 8.

trodat self-stamping dies
trodat self-stamping dies

Trodal self-type stamp is produced in two versions:

  • Full plastic body with one-piece molded handle.
  • The handle is a combination of metal and plastic, which allows to increase the service lifeproducts.

Types of self-type dies are presented in a large assortment:

  • With date. They have several lines for writing text and one special for setting the date. Number of lines from 2 to 6 and one line for the date.
  • No date. Number of lines to dial 2-8.
  • Pocket. Mobile and compact stamps. Easily carried in pockets without fear of getting dirty.

There is also a separate cash desk for sale. Additional set of letters and numbers. Allows you to replace already worn characters, as well as expand the possibilities of typing, protect printing from counterfeiting.

Colop stamp: types and features

The founding year of Colop is considered to be 1980, the first factory was founded near Wels. A wide range of products, reliability and ease of use allow the company to expand the market not only in Europe, but also in the former CIS.

Colop stamp
Colop stamp

The height of the characters is small 2.5 mm, large 3.5 mm. Bounding box may be included.

The range is divided into groups:

  • Self-type stamps. Allows you to type text and numbers. Profile dimensions vary by model. The number of lines is from 2 to 10. The stamp has a molded plastic body, the shape in most models is in the form of a rectangle, except for a small stamp made in the form of a computer mouse - Stamp Mouse 20Set.
  • Self-type daters. Number of lines from 2 to 6 pcs. The case is made in two variations: molded plastic, metal + plastic.

Separately onclasses with a set of letters and numbers are also sold, example: character set TS 25/35, including 440 characters, 20 symbols.

Features of work

A cliché is a collection of lines along the main guide. The number of characters and their size determine the model. Basic requirements for clichés: stability when printing, reliable and fast fixation of characters anywhere in the line.

Classic character set provides convenience and ease of typing. Strokes are one of the components of stamps. In round seals, the shape may be two separate connected semicircles.

It is necessary to carry out the installation of characters using the tweezers attached to the set, after typing the text on the sample, which will facilitate the procedure, since the set is carried out in a mirror image.

The first print must be made on a draft to check the correct set and stability of the characters.

To prevent premature breakage, the stamp must be placed on the surface evenly, without displacement.

Cost and reviews

Multifunctionality, simplicity and ease of use - all this can be said about self-typesetting stamps, the price depends on the manufacturer, the more reputable the company and the larger the cliche and the number of characters, the higher the cost.

Stamps self-typesetting price
Stamps self-typesetting price

Also important is the material from which the stamp was made.

If we take, for example, the products of the Trodat company: a metal self-type stamp with 6lines can be found on sale for 2728 rubles, and a self-type stamp 4 lines of plastic, depending on the size - from 494 to 910 rubles.

Reviews regarding Colop products speak of the simplicity and high quality of the product, as well as affordability and fast refilling.


Self-type stamp has a different service life, depending on the intensity of use. With a heavy load, prints from a reputable manufacturer will work without replacement for six months or more, unlike cheap Chinese counterparts that crumble already in the second month of work. Trodat and Colop are the undisputed leaders in the production of office supplies, guaranteeing quality and ease of use.

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