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Foot warmers "Self-heating": reviews, instructions

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Foot warmers "Self-heating": reviews, instructions
Foot warmers "Self-heating": reviews, instructions

Legs are our weakest point during severe frosts. No matter how warm socks and boots we wear, after a while in the cold, our fingers begin to freeze treacherously, and not a single walk in this situation is a joy. Many people have discovered a great solution to this problem. They use "Heat Warmers" foot warmers.

Actual solution for cold winter

The climate in our country is very harsh. In most cities, winter manifests itself in all its glory with huge snowdrifts and severe frosts. On the one hand, it's so cool! You can take a break from the summer heat, take a walk in the cold, pinching your nose, build a snowman and go sledding. But, alas, after 20-30 minutes of being in the cold, the legs begin to get very cold and any desire to walk disappears.

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If you can leave a walk at any time, then what about working in the cold? If you, for example, work in the market, then in winter it is very easy to freeze your feet,if you stand in one place for several hours in a row.

All these problems can be solved in one fell swoop, using the "Self-Heating" foot warmers. They resemble simple insoles that are placed in shoes and gently warm the feet without burning them. Once you walk around with these cozy heating pads, you won't want to give them up anymore, and you will return to them every winter again and again.

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How do heating pads work?

Many people are afraid of "Self-heaters" because they do not understand how they work. Let's deal with it so that you can understand that nothing terrible and dangerous happens in heating pads.

The material of the heating pad is sewn with a special mixture of activated carbon, iron powder, wood flour, sodium chloride and other safe and environmentally friendly materials. Such a mixture reacts very interestingly to oxygen. Upon contact with oxygen, it begins to gradually warm up to a small temperature and retains heat for a long time.

Many countries have long tried to create something similar, but all received heating pads were expensive and ineffective. But the familiar version was invented in Japan. Surprisingly, it is not only effective but also inexpensive due to the simple materials it is made from.

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Who are heating pads suitable for?

Heaters are a great solution for many people. Suitable for:

  • people who spend a lot of time outdoors in winter;
  • little babies whose tiny feetso susceptible to cold;
  • those with impaired circulation in the limbs, blood stasis and impaired blood flow;
  • sick with colds and hypothermia.
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Heaters for feet "Heating" have a huge range of benefits. Let's get to know them.

  1. These heating pads heat up very quickly. It takes literally 10-20 minutes and you can put them in your shoes.
  2. Using them is as simple as possible (read the instructions to see for yourself).
  3. The heating pads are made of environmentally friendly materials and components, so you can safely put them in children's shoes.
  4. Since the Self-Heating foot warmers are disposable, this eliminates even the slightest chance of transmitting infections through them, including fungal infections.
  5. The operating time of one heating pad is 5-7 hours. The exact time depends on three factors: the location of the heating pad, the material of your shoes, and the amount of your movement. Thus, one pair of heating pads will be enough for almost the entire working day.

Unfortunately, the "Self-Heating" foot warmers have not yet been made reusable, they all remain disposable, but given their low cost, this is not a problem. Moreover, you can buy yourself a whole set at once, for example, from 10 pairs, if you are planning a trip to a ski resort, and you will have enough of such a set for the whole vacation.

By the way, many people are frightened by the fact that such heating pads are made in China. Poor qualityChinese things are just a stereotype. Once you get acquainted with the composition of the product and at least once test it on yourself, you will understand that this product is of very high quality.

Instructions for use

If you have purchased "Self-Heating" foot warmers, the instruction is the first thing you should read. In fact, there is nothing complicated in it, but following each step of the instructions will help you get the desired result to the fullest.

It is necessary to open the individual packaging of the heating pad immediately before the moment of its use. As soon as you open the package and the heating pad material comes into contact with air, the heating pad will begin to heat up. Let her "breathe" the air for 10-20 minutes.

It remains only to remove the protective film from the back and stick the heating pad to the toe at the top of the foot. Now you can safely put on your boots (these warmers are designed exclusively for use inside shoes, the only way they will keep their heat).

The heating temperature of the heating pad is 42 degrees. This means that your legs will not be "fried" at all like on a fire. They will be enveloped in soft and gentle warmth, as if you are sitting at home in warm woolen socks in front of a fireplace. After you have returned home and the heating pad has stopped heating, it must be disposed of as normal household waste. This attachment is not designed to be reused.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to use the Self-Heating foot warmers. How to use, you know, now just take these handy little things and go on an exciting winter walk.snowdrifts!

foot warmers how to use

People's reviews

Many people have already tried the Self-Heating foot warmers. Reviews, of which there are many, are proof of this. Leave such reviews a variety of groups of people. These are mothers who are forced to walk for a long time with their children, standing in one place while they frolic on the slides, and athletes involved in winter sports, and office workers, and street vendors, and representatives of many other professions.

All agree on one thing. Warmers are convenient to use, as their sticky base is reliable, it firmly attaches to the sock and does not fidget while walking. In addition, people also note the ideal comfortable temperature of heating pads. This temperature is not too high, but not too low, that is, exactly what is needed for human comfort. And finally, all people note the ease of operation. Even a child can handle such a heating pad.

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