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What can be used instead of lube: home remedies
What can be used instead of lube: home remedies

Many couples during their sexual intimacy use special lubricants that replace their natural lubricant. These specialized factory-type products help to get rid of the unpleasant sensation of dryness during contact, and also allow you to solve a number of other problems. However, what to do if at the right time such a gel was not with you? Is it possible to replace it with improvised or natural means? And what can be used instead of lube?

what can be used instead of lube
what can be used instead of lube

Overview of the benefits of lubricants

To begin with, it is worth finding out what is remarkable about the so-called intimate lubricant. Most often, it is a kind of gel, cream, oil or milk with a somewhat viscous and moist base. The task of the remedy is the possible replacement of the natural female secretion, the release of which occurs in the event of the excitation of the partner. Based on this, we highlight the following functions of factory lubricants:

  • creation of a thin protective film that helps to protect the genitals of both partners from micro-tears and other types of minor damage possible with "dry" contact;
  • ensuring easy sliding of genitals in contact with each other;
  • getting rid of discomfort during intimacy;
  • creating protection against genital infections (due to the presence of antiseptic ingredients in lubricants);
  • giving additional sensations leading to an increase in the state of arousal;
  • Providing care for sensitive genital skin.

We will talk about what can be used instead of intimate lubricant and what not.

what can be used instead of intimate lubricant
what can be used instead of intimate lubricant

Can massage cream or oil replace lube?

In order to deal with the issue of a possible replacement of intimate lubricant, you should deal with its types. In total, they can be divided into three groups of funds:

  • water-based;
  • made with an oil base;
  • made with silicone base.

Based on this information, the following question arises: "Can I use cream instead of lubricant?". According to experts, such a replacement is allowed. In this case, it is best to use a massage cream or oil. However, there is one "but".

Before applying to the intimate area, it is necessary to carefully study the chemical composition of these funds. For example, it is worth giving up creams and oils containing menthol, mint, as well as red pepper, mustard and other ingredients with a strong cooling or warming effect. Otherwise, a burning sensation or slight cold tingling on the skin will prevent you fromand your partner to focus.

Can oil be used instead of lubricant?
Can oil be used instead of lubricant?

What can be used instead of intimate lubricant at home: a simple recipe

Unbelievable, but not only household chemicals, but also ordinary fruits can have adhesive and enveloping, and most importantly, sliding properties. Who would have thought that a wonderful lubricant can be prepared from food in the refrigerator and any improvised means.

what can be used instead of anal lube
what can be used instead of anal lube

For example, did you know that you can use a ripe banana and running water instead of an intimate lubricant? To prepare such a lubricant, you must perform the following steps:

  • take a ripe banana and peel it;
  • cut the banana into small circles and put it in a blender;
  • grind the fruit in a blender and put the gruel in any small container (you can use a jar of cream);
  • add some water to the delicious banana mixture.
what can be used instead of lubricant for sex
what can be used instead of lubricant for sex

Natural lubricant is ready. The main advantage of this remedy is its naturalness and the absence of any adverse reactions of the body. This is due to the fact that the banana, as a rule, does not cause allergies. It does not irritate, but moisturizes the skin. In addition, since the composition you prepared is quite edible, it is perfect for preliminary oral caresses. Here's what you can use instead of lube.

Original Starch Greaseand water

A starch-water mixture is an excellent alternative to synthetic lubricants. To create it, you should take some starch, pour it with the same amount of water and put it on fire. Then you just have to stir it occasionally until it thickens.

After your jelly thickens, it is recommended to remove it from the burner and put it in a cool place until it cools completely. The original substitute for liquid vaseline for intimate pleasures is ready. This is for creamy textures. But can oil be used instead of lubricant? And which one is suitable in this case? Consider further.

Attention! Using folk recipes for making homemade lubricant, be vigilant and careful. Follow the instructions and do not overdo it with the dosage. Be aware that the ingredients in the products you use can cause allergic reactions and inflammation.

can sunflower oil be used instead of lube
can sunflower oil be used instead of lube

Simple lubes with added oil

Returning to what can be used instead of a lubricant for sex, you need to remember about oil-based products. In this case, you can use any organic oil you have. For example, sesame, coconut, linseed or olive oil is suitable for these purposes.

To prepare such a lubricant, you should prepare a small saucepan and a bowl into which you need to pour about 5-10 tablespoons of oil. Then you need to pour water into a bowl, and place the container filled with oil above.

Next, put the future lubricant on the fire (you should get a water bath) and heat the liquid. In total, this preparation will take you no more than 15-20 minutes. You can also add a couple of drops of essential oil or any liquid type aphrodisiac to the boiling agent. As you can see, it turned out to be a good lubricant with excellent sliding characteristics.

Caution when handling oils (butter, vegetable, margarine)

The use of vegetable and fatty oils is not always equally beneficial for your intimate caresses. For example, many couples are interested in whether it is possible to use sunflower oil, butter or margarine instead of lubrication? Theoretically yes, as all of these products have excellent sliding properties.

However, it should be understood here that the components of these foundations are not intended for use in the genital area. And although they, like other oils, will allow you to slip and relieve dryness, their abuse can lead to quite the opposite effect. For example, there is a risk of irritation and even swelling of the mucous membranes. Therefore, the use of the above products is not recommended by doctors and other professionals.

In addition, oil can destroy the structure of latex, which leads to a violation of its integrity.

Can cream be used instead of lubricant?
Can cream be used instead of lubricant?

Can I use baby cream for lubrication?

Some couples claim to use baby cream instead of anal lube. This statement is correct andwrong at the same time. So, on the one hand, such a kind of lubricant perfectly moisturizes and is absorbed into the skin. That's just it's good if you use it on the outside.

With deeper contact with the mucous membrane of the genital organs, the cream may not be absorbed at all. As a result, fatty and insoluble components of this product may remain inside you, which will become an excellent habitat for various pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

In addition, the use of a fat-containing cream leads to the destruction of the material from which the condom is made, which jeopardizes your sexual intimacy.

How safe is Vaseline to use?

Another sensational tool that bosses and their subordinates talk about so often is Vaseline. Affordability and the availability of a suitable viscous structure that can facilitate the movement during sexual intercourse makes many couples think about its use. But is it as good and safe as they say about it? Let's start with the fact that this tool is very difficult to wash off. It not only remains on the skin, but also leaves unattractive greasy stains on clothes and underwear.

Further, the use of this substance may disrupt the normal flora of your partner's vagina. As a result, this can lead to the reproduction and accumulation of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, sometimes the use of this remedy causes redness, and even burning of the skin. And finally, Vaseline destroys the protective layer of the condom and damages it. The same applies to used sex toys.

Usefultips for using homemade lube

Assume you know what you can use instead of lube at home. For example, your choice fell on a water-banana composition. What's next? The use of such a lubricant will be safe if you follow a few simple rules. Firstly, you need to apply the product on a clean and dry wiped body. Secondly, it should be spread with a thin layer with light blotting movements. Thirdly, after applying the banana composition, do not forget to wash off its remnants with running water.

Another important point: homemade lubricants are not suitable for daily use. Despite the fact that most of the ingredients used are not allergens, their regular use may well provoke a negative reaction in your body. For example, do not abuse starch lubricants. Recall that this substance is considered an excellent breeding ground for the reproduction of various microorganisms and fungi.

What to do if there are complications?

When using homemade lubricant, pay attention to how you feel and how your body reacts. If you experience any discomfort afterwards (and it does not disappear even after taking a shower), it is recommended that you see a doctor right away.

Now you understand that you can use some natural ingredients instead of lubrication. However, their use is associated with a certain risk and with all the ensuing difficulties.

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