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Strip contest: how to prepare for it?

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Strip contest: how to prepare for it?
Strip contest: how to prepare for it?

Nude contests in clubs get different attitudes, as do striptease acts in the entertainment program. They have ardent opponents, but there are also zealous supporters. Enough young girls and boys go to the gym or buy beautiful underwear just to take part in this kind of entertainment.

Indeed, those who are not morally or ethically allowed to have such fun should simply not visit establishments that have these contests in their entertainment program. Those who are not averse to taking part, but are afraid of looking not quite presentable, need to prepare.

When and how did such contests arise?

The strip contest is nothing more than a "teen" game of spin the bottle or cards, just on a larger scale. Competitions in our country arose along with the first nightclubs, that is, during perestroika.

Standard programentertainment included having a host, who usually rarely knew how to joke well, and performances by striptease dancers. And one day a week, usually Wednesday or Thursday, was for women. Girls were let in until midnight, and in some places until one, without pay. The program of the evening on such days was, of course, a male striptease.

Strippers earned in those days no worse than bartenders or DJs, although the idea of the art of the strip was for the most part very meager. Nevertheless, representatives of this particular profession from the service and entertainment sector were the first to go on vacation outside of Russia. That is, those who went to sunbathe and go to nightlife, and not to bring goods to their homeland, as the "shuttles" did.

The result of this was that a new tradition arose in domestic clubs. At the end of their number, the dancer or striptease performer chose a young man or girl in the hall, took them to the stage and undressed. Such numbers were a success, this was noticed by the club entertainers, who immediately intercepted the idea from the strippers and began to independently hold a strip contest, without the participation of dancers. The innovation was accepted with enthusiasm by the public, which is why it spread throughout the post-Soviet space very quickly.

What kind of contests are there?

It's not just girls who get naked in clubs. The stripping contest can be of any complexity and number of participants.

boring without competition
boring without competition

The main nuances that characterize this entertainment are as follows:

  • team or pair;
  • single or mixed;
  • single;
  • with or without dressing elements;
  • with or without choreographic or game components.

Prizes are usually awarded anyway, and the winners are determined by the audience's loud applause.

How to prepare for such a contest?

The first thing to do is visit the club and see what the strip contest looks like from the outside. You need to watch with an assessment of the participants, that is, notice all the minuses that catch your eye, what you would like to exclude with your own participation.

The second thing to do is to critically examine yourself in a large mirror and identify the pros and cons of your own physique. Rehearse winning poses for yourself, hiding flaws and demonstrating virtues. That is, to think over exactly how to stand on the stage and work out these poses to automatism. Magazines or online publications that have examples of poses for beginner photo models can help in choosing positions.

As a rule, every person has parasitic habits that appear when he is standing or moving. For example, many slouch - this is always evident from the side. Many girls, and boys too, have a habit of pulling in their tummy. This is also a parasitic habit. By pulling in the stomach, a person does not become slimmer, but shows the audience protruding ribs. This does not add to the presentable appearance.

Many people like to participate in competitions
Many people like to participate in competitions

After the poses are determined, a reminderhung next to the mirror, and the determination to take part in the competition has not disappeared, you need to think about your skin. If at the end of the last century everything was simple, at least for women, it was enough for them to take off their bra and all visitors were indescribably delighted, but now this is no surprise to anyone. Erotica in our age of consumption is everywhere and it will not be enough for the public just to see the bust or hips, the audience will also appreciate them.

Pale white-pink, and sometimes bluish, uneven skin color, protruding hairs, pigmentation on the elbows and other nuances should not be evident. Accordingly, you should sign up for the nearest solarium.

After the subscription is on hand, you need to think about your own food. It is quite possible to become slimmer while the skin acquires a color that is pleasing to the eyes, and the body learns to avoid parasitic poses.

The last thing to think about is lingerie, shoes and clothing, which also play an important role for those who have to go through a strip contest in a nightclub.

How to dress?

It is necessary to avoid those toilet articles that cannot be beautifully removed. For girls, these are tight trousers, tights, blouses that are worn over the head.

You also need to pay attention to underwear - you can not wear white and colored, consisting of only one layer of lace. White shines through in the ultraviolet, and under the usual soffit looks stale. Of course, if this is not an abundance of flying lace ribbons and borders. But such linen "sticks out" from under any clothes. Colored, consisting of one layer of lace fabric,looks extremely unpresentable and stale. The first thing that catches your eye is the seams, and the beauty of the fabric is simply not visible from a distance.

Contestants are always popular
Contestants are always popular

Linen should be simple, but with a twist, the ideal material is satin or silk. Seamless sports underwear looks good only on a sports figure. No need to limit yourself to a bra and panties, the set should be supplemented with belts, corset, garters and other details.

When not to enter the competition?

The strip competition requires not only preparation and self-confidence, but also an understanding that other people are looking at the participants.

You don't have to participate in it impromptu if something is wrong. For example, wearing old washed underwear, socks with holes in them, underarms not shaved, or wearing cheap chin-length tights under tight jeans.

Drinking - no need to participate
Drinking - no need to participate

You shouldn't even enter a contest after drinking heavily in a bar. Of course, alcohol makes the eyes burn, but it does not make the body attractive, nor does it improve coordination of movements.

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