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How to wrap a baby in a blanket: tips for new parents

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How to wrap a baby in a blanket: tips for new parents
How to wrap a baby in a blanket: tips for new parents

Despite the wide range of newfangled rompers and envelopes, many parents prefer to swaddle their babies the old fashioned way. This is very practical, because newborns quickly grow out of outerwear, which also costs a lot of money. However, most new moms have no idea how to wrap a baby in a blanket.

how to wrap a baby in a blanket

Do I need to swaddle a newborn

If earlier our grandmothers were confident in the benefits of tight swaddling of babies, today opinions on this matter are divided. Most modern pediatricians recommend replacing traditional diapers with diapers and undershirts, arguing that any restrictions on a child's movements can negatively affect his physical development and motor activity. In addition, tight swaddling, which interferes with learning about the world around, can cause inhibition of the mental development of an infant.

how to wrap a babyrectangular blanket

But on the other hand, our grandmothers are not so wrong, telling how to properly wrap a child in a blanket, and confident in the benefits of such manipulations. After all, many babies often shudder during sleep. Thus, swaddling can provide the newborn with a restful sleep. Each parent must weigh the pros and cons for himself and decide for himself whether to wrap his child in a blanket. After all, the most important thing is for the baby to feel as cozy and comfortable as possible.

What to look for when choosing a duvet

So that the baby does not experience any slightest inconvenience, the product must pass air well and warm at the same time. It is necessary that it not only be able to retain heat, but also not prevent the evaporation of moisture. Due to the fact that a newborn needs special hygiene, his blanket should dry quickly and retain its original shape after numerous washes. Experts recommend giving preference to products that are easy to clean and do not require the use of specific care products.

how to wrap a baby in a blanket

Also, before wrapping a baby in a blanket, make sure it is made of hypoallergenic materials, as newborns are very sensitive and many of them are prone to allergic reactions.

Types of blankets

Today, there are several varieties of products suitable for different life situations. Therefore, before wrapping the child in a blanket, you need to decidewhich one is right for your baby.

how to wrap a baby in a blanket for a walk

The warmest are light and hygroscopic down products made from goose or swan down. These blankets are not only breathable, but also perfectly retain heat, so they are ideal for the cold season. However, you need to be very careful with them, because they often cause allergies.

No worse than woolen products, for the production of which camel, sheep or goat hair is used. These light and warm duvets perfectly absorb moisture and disappear just as quickly. A child wrapped in such a product will be warm and comfortable.

Recently, most parents opt for synthetic blankets filled with various fibers. The main advantages of such products can be considered their relative cheapness and hypoallergenicity. They wash well and retain heat very well. But before you wrap the child in a blanket for a walk, you need to make sure that he will not be hot, because the baby, wrapped in such a product, sweats quickly and stays wet for a long time. And this is very harmful for a newborn, because he can catch a cold.

How to wrap a baby in a blanket for discharge

During the first trip home, the baby should be safe and comfortable in the arms of the parents. In order to be able to keep the newborn in a semi-vertical position for a long time, without fear that he will bury his face in the envelope and fail to turn around, you need to understand how to wrap the child ina blanket so that at any time you can look at the baby's face and assess his well-being. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the envelope does not fall apart during transportation.

how to wrap a baby in a blanket for discharge

First of all, you should put a wide three-meter ribbon on the surface of the changing table, making sure that its ends, remaining on both sides of the table, are the same in length. From above you need to put a blanket, unfolding it in the form of a diamond. A diaper-corner lies on top of it so that its lace end coincides with the edge of the blanket. Now you can put the baby to bed. This should be done so that his face can be covered with the end of a lace diaper. After that, wrap the bottom edge of the blanket, and then the right and left corners. A wrapped child is tied with a ribbon. So that the baby does not experience the slightest discomfort, do not swaddle him too tight.

Helpful tips for new parents

Many inexperienced mothers prefer to wrap a newborn baby in a traditional down product that reliably protects him from the cold. But most of them still do not suspect that even a one and a half month old baby can easily pull out arms or legs from under it. Therefore, in the warm season, before wrapping the child in a rectangular blanket, it is advisable to put a diaper and a flannel vest on the baby. When taking an infant out for a walk, one golden rule must be followed, which is to dress the child in the same way as an adult, plus one extra layer of clothing.


OnToday, there are several different options for wrapping a baby in a blanket. Whichever one you use, it is important to remember that the child should be warm and comfortable in this position.

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