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Astragan - top quality fur

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Astragan - top quality fur
Astragan - top quality fur

Mother nature has put a lot of luxurious furs at the disposal of modern fashionistas. However, women constantly want something new and unusual. Each of them dreams of wearing such a mantle or fur coat to feel the one and only. To achieve this goal, the best designers and couturiers around the world are working. Using new technologies, furriers turn well-known skins into unusual novelties from ancient times.

What is Astragan?

astragan fur

This is one of the recently appeared, but already deserved sympathy fashionistas, novelties. The velvety and lightness of this fur is not inferior to broadtail, but significantly surpasses it in durability and practicality. Astragan is a fur that is made from the highest quality sheepskin, which has a highly curly pile and a very thick undercoat. After shearing such fur to seven millimeters, it is (thanks to the different directions of the curls) a skin with an iridescent, moiré effect. This makes him significantly differentfrom muton. Such fur will last much longer than a muton, since the short length of the pile prevents possible rolling.

How much does this fur cost?

Astragan products are somewhat more expensive than mouton fur coats, but still remain quite affordable for a wide range of customers. On average, astragan - fur, the price of which in the product ranges from 35 to 50 thousand rubles, every woman can afford. In fact, this fur is a very high quality sheepskin, despite its sophisticated and expensive look. That is why it deserves every praise as a practical, warm and unpretentious material.

astragan fur photo

Astragan's virtues

Its thinness and lightness allow designers to boldly experiment with styles, sometimes creating surprisingly beautiful models. Its thick pile perfectly retains heat. Astragan is a fur that is well dyed, so its many colors and shades are unlikely to leave a woman indifferent. You can choose models from milky to dark brown. Astragan - fur that looks more spectacular in dark colors. He looks amazing. Sometimes when dyeing, a special technology is used that allows you to print patterns and detailed images.

Fur products

astragan fur price

Light and thin astragan - fur, which allows you to realize the most daring design ideas. It can be a playful fur coat or a strict classic coat, a short fur coat or a floor-length model. Look stylish and hats from thisfur.

Astragan: fur and care for it

A fur coat made from this fur, with proper care, can last more than 10 seasons. In order for the product to serve you as long as possible, you must adhere to some rules:

1. You should not wear bags on your shoulder or on your arm, they leave a mark, which not every master can fix.

2. Astragan - fur (you can see a photo of products from it in our article), which does not tolerate accessories with sharp edges.

3. Before storing an astragan item for storage until next winter, it should be dried well at room temperature.

4. Store the fur product in a dark place so that the color does not fade, and in a special case (but not plastic).

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