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What to do with children on the train: simple tips

What to do with children on the train: simple tips
What to do with children on the train: simple tips

Oh, those kids with their inexhaustible energy! We adults wonder all the time: “How can you jump, run, ride a bike all day long and not get tired at the same time?” But the real headache comes when you need to go somewhere with the kids, and at the same time you don’t know what to do with the kids on the train.

what to do with kids on the train

Packing things

Before you go on a long trip with children, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. First of all, think about what the child will do. I present to your attention a few recommendations on how to keep a child on the road.

Pencils, markers, colored pens

These supplies will keep the baby busy for a while, and if you also buy a new coloring book with his favorite cartoon characters, then peace is guaranteed for a few hours.


Books can be divided into two categories: educational and fairy tales. Take fairy tale books that your baby likes to listen to at home. After reading the fairy tale, you can discuss and ask the baby which hero is kind and which isevil. Developing books in our time are full of variety in stores. If your baby does not yet know the names of flowers, animals, birds, then buy books in this direction. When the baby is five or six years old, take a book that teaches children letters in a playful way and teaches them to read. Of course, with such books the kid himself will not be interested, and here you will have to deal with the child. But judge correctly: at home, in worries and troubles, there is often no time to deal with the child, but here there is plenty of time, and the baby is not bored.


Take a small ball, it will definitely come in handy. There are always other kids on the train who are also bored, meet them and offer to play ball. Thus, you will save other parents from the problem than to keep children on the train.

what to do with a child on a train


Kids are always interested in sculpting different figures from plasticine, and if you also join such an exciting business, it will be doubly interesting.


If a child likes to design various objects, take a constructor for him. Better if it is new.


When you think about what to do with the kids on the train, think of balloons. All children love to play with them. Get balls of different shapes and colors. You can simply play with them, throwing them to each other, or you can draw various muzzles on the balls with felt-tip pens.

Soap bubbles

They will cheer not only your child, but all the children in the car.


A tablet or player with a recording of his favorite cartoons will come in handy at a time when you can't make time for your baby.


Mostly, when it comes to what to do with a child on a train, puzzles can serve as a way out. They are compact and light in weight, which is valuable when collecting bags on the road.

what to do with a child on the road

Children's wheelchairs

Is your baby between one and five years old? Be sure to take a toy with you - a wheelchair. Better if it is musical. Do not worry about the neighbors, let the child play with musical toys rather than rage and cry, thereby annoying fellow travelers even more.


When collecting bags, it is better to put toys in a separate bag or bag, as you will need them even before you get on the train. If the bag is not heavy, have your child carry it.

Children are cunning creatures

Children very quickly understand the boundaries of what is permitted. When you are among strangers, it is difficult to explain anything to a child or punish him for a bad deed. They become out of control. Therefore, consider how and what to do with the children on the train so that the trip does not turn into a long and painful nightmare.

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