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Good night, kids, or What if a newborn baby does not sleep well

Good night, kids, or What if a newborn baby does not sleep well
Good night, kids, or What if a newborn baby does not sleep well

All young families are nervous before the arrival of the baby and worry that they will have long sleepless nights ahead of them. However, the opinion that a newborn baby does not sleep well is only partly true. By nature, sleep in newly born children takes a significant period of time. If your baby behaves restlessly, and you cannot put him to bed for a long time, then there must be reasons for this that need to be found and resolved.

Lack of maternal experience often makes it difficult to objectively assess the well-being of the child. Before talking about the fact that the newborn does not sleep well, you should decide on the normative indicators. For the first three months, a he althy baby sleeps for at least 16 hours. Further, up to six months, the duration should take about 15 hours. After six months - 13 hours. When the baby is one year old, his sleep time is reduced to 12 hours.

newborn baby not sleeping well

Why a newborn baby does not sleep well, no doctor can say for sure. The root causes can be different, ranging from individual characteristics, increased arousal, dietary changes andending with colic, changeable weather, stuffiness and the appearance of teeth. Some of these causes can be resolved by following the tips below.

Before you put your baby to sleep during the day or evening, ventilate the room well. To help your baby sleep better, hang a cloth bag filled with lavender, valerian root, or hop cones at the head of the crib. Baths with decoctions of soothing herbs will also help improve sleep.

newborn sleeps poorly

Wrong for many young mothers is the desire to protect their baby from all extraneous noise. But, accustomed to absolute silence, children can wake up at the slightest sound. Eliminate active games and strong impressions in the evening.

If a newborn baby is not sleeping well, it may be worth reviewing his diet. Make sure your baby has a hearty dinner. Instead of motion sickness, just lie down and sing a lullaby. Be sure to adhere to the daily routine, follow all the rituals of going to bed - bathing, massage, feeding, etc. At night, when you hear the cry of a child, do not rush to approach the crib. Wait a while, the baby can calm down and fall asleep on its own.

how to put baby to sleep during the day

An important factor is the environment. For example, colorful wallpapers and too bright light can interfere with he althy sleep. Sometimes a newborn baby does not sleep well on a bed that is too spacious. Children feel more comfortable in a small space. Remember that during nine months of being in your mother's cramped tummy,the kid didn't know what could be different. A good way to simulate familiar sensations is swaddling. In addition, this way you can eliminate the likelihood that the baby will injure himself in a dream by accidentally hitting his eye or face with a pen.

In general, a newborn's adaptation to nighttime sleep takes three to four months. During this time, you can try these methods or show your imagination and come up with something of your own. After all, each child is unique, which means that the solution to the problem should be individual. We wish your baby a sound and he althy sleep and good night to you.

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