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The largest cats: Savannah and Maine Coon

The largest cats: Savannah and Maine Coon
The largest cats: Savannah and Maine Coon

Cat lovers are always very curious about which one is the smartest, the prettiest, the most agile, the biggest, etc. This interest is based not only on elementary curiosity. Secretly, they all believe that this is their cat is the most, most, most…

largest cat breed

Today we will talk about big cats. For a long time, the myth of the existence of the most expensive and largest cat, the Ashera breed, was maintained. However, such a breed does not exist, and large representatives of the Savannah breed were called Ashers.

What are actually the biggest cats? The Maine Coon breed is well known to specialists and cat lovers. It appeared over 100 years ago. It was at this time that the largest cats appeared. The Maine Coon breed has made a splash among lovers and connoisseurs of these pets.

For a long time, a raccoon cat lived on farms in Maine. Her "duties" included the fight against rodents. This animal was first shown at an exhibition at the end of the nineteenth century. Since that time, the history of the breed has been counted. The more distant past of this animal is shroudedsecret. It is believed that these cats came to America on ships, with the first settlers from Europe. Their further history can be considered a legend. According to one of the versions that have come down to us, cats crossed with a lynx, and according to another, with a raccoon. In the "favor" of these versions, only the external resemblance to them speaks. The largest cats (the Maine Coon breed) are distinguished by magnificent tassels on the ears, like a lynx, and fluffy and wide tails, and the color repeats the raccoon coat. These original versions have no basis, due to species differences and the impossibility of crossing them.

Over time, American farmers fell in love with the Maine Coon breed. The cat fully met the requirements of the owners - she was smart, knew how to take care of her own food, and had excellent he alth.

largest domestic cat breed

Fables are often told about the size and weight of Maine Coons. We want to give you real information about the real sizes of animals. The largest cats (Maine Coon breed) weigh (for cats) no more than 10 kg, some sterilized specimens reach 13 kg, cats can weigh up to 6 kg, there are individuals reaching 8 kg.

The largest breed of domestic cats - Maine Coons - animals are surprisingly kind and gentle, they are curious and trusting, like children. This is a born companion cat. Many of them do not like to sit in the arms of their owner (however, it is quite difficult to comfortably arrange such a giant in your arms), but they will gladly take a seat next to you on the couch during an evening movie.

For a long time it was believed that the largest cats are a breedSavannah (previously passed off as Asher). The goal of Pennsylvania breeder Judy Frank, the founder of the breed, was to breed a pet that would combine an easy-going nature and exotic appearance. The parents of the first kitten were a domestic Siamese cat and a serval, a predator living in the savannah.

Savannah is the largest breed. A domestic cat, weighing twelve to fourteen kilograms and having a height of about 50 cm at the withers, inspires respect. This cat is an intellectual. She is very resourceful and individual. Behavior is more like a dog. He enjoys walking on a leash along the street, loves to swim, and is easy to train. Gets along well with other pets.

largest domestic cat breed

Today you learned a little more about what are the largest cats. The Savannah and Maine Coon breeds are sure to interest you.

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