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What are thermal stickers for clothes, and how to glue them correctly?

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What are thermal stickers for clothes, and how to glue them correctly?
What are thermal stickers for clothes, and how to glue them correctly?

In the old days, needlework techniques and crafts were considered something complex and often were the main profession of the master. Today, everyone can try to make something beautiful with their own hands. In craft stores, you can find many original materials that are not at all difficult to use in needlework. Today we will try to figure out why we need thermal stickers on clothes, and how to stick them to the fabric correctly?

What are decals for?

Thermal stickers for clothes

Surely each of us at least once suffered from the fact that a favorite or completely new thing was damaged by negligence. Even the most durable fabric can be accidentally torn or cut in a visible place, burned with an iron, or stained with permanent dye. What to do in this case, is it really just to throw it away or send it to the country? Do not rush to get rid of a damaged wardrobe item: if you wish, you can give it a second life. And thermal stickers on clothes will help you with this. Home-made applications for textiles will also come in handy if you are tired of a monophonic thing and want to decorate it, make it more interesting andbright.

Varieties of stickers for textiles

Thermal stickers on clothes how to stick

Thermal applications that are glued to clothes are of various types. Stickers that imitate machine embroidery are very popular. Photo printing imitations look no less interesting. If you just want to decorate boring clothes, choose decals made of rhinestones and shiny elements. When it comes to design options, there are endless options. Thermal stickers for clothing are produced by many companies today, so customers can enjoy a variety of sizes and patterns. There are also “neutral” ones among thermal applications - images of plant motifs and ornaments. Young people will surely like stickers with logos of popular music groups, emblems of fashion brands. Very often self-adhesive applications are bought for children. Iron-on stickers for children's clothes will help decorate baby outfits, hide defects acquired during wearing, and can serve as a marking for kindergarten/school items.

Instructions for use

Thermal application of any type has an adhesive layer on the wrong side. On textile stickers imitating embroidery, it is especially noticeable. It is very easy to start the exciting process of transforming clothes: take the item you plan to decorate and try on the existing appliqué. Lay the fabric on the ironing board, attach the sticker to it with the adhesive side. Turn off the steam mode of the iron and heat it to a temperature of 160-180 degrees. Iron on the front side for 30 seconds. If aSelected thermal stickers for clothes have a protective film, it must be removed at this stage. Iron the applique again - about 10 seconds. After that, you can iron the place where the sticker is placed from the inside. That's all - now you can enjoy the updated look of a familiar piece of clothing!

Advantages of self-adhesive decals for clothing

Thermal stickers for children's clothing

Today, iron-on stickers are the easiest and most inexpensive way to repair or decorate clothes yourself. Many home craftswomen even prefer to collect a whole collection of such applications in their handmade box. And this is the right decision, because you never know when inspiration will once again descend on you, and you will want to decorate one of the things, or you will have to deal with the prompt repair of a damaged outfit. Now you know what thermal stickers are for, how to stick them to the fabric. Choose appliqués from well-known craft manufacturers and be sure that they will retain their original appearance even with daily wear and regular washing.

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