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Riddle about space - fun, entertaining, interesting

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Riddle about space - fun, entertaining, interesting
Riddle about space - fun, entertaining, interesting

Space is what has interested man since ancient times. Yuri Gagarin managed to visit there for the first time in 1961. Since then, people have been making more and more efforts to explore space. They add to their knowledge of the planets, stars, comets and meteorites. And they start doing it at a very early age. Any riddle about space is a great option for an interesting pastime! The world of mysterious stars always attracts the attention of kids.

Riddle about space - a task for curious children

When people were just beginning to explore the Earth, they imagined it as an inverted bowl, located on three huge elephants standing on the shell of a giant tortoise. The wonderful animal seemed to be swimming in the ocean under the crystal dome of the sky, strewn with many bright twinkling stars. Millennia have passed since then. Smart, educated people live on Earth. They begin to explore the world from an early age. Each riddle about space perfectly helps with this. The child must understand that the Earth is a ball. The riddle about space can also prove that our planet revolves around the Sun, making a rotation around its axis in one year. Such assignments cancontain information about airplanes, rockets, the atmosphere, astronomers, etc. In a word, there are many options.

riddle about space


Let's look at a few examples of what a riddle about space can be. Most often, these tasks take the form of a poem. So:

Flew into the sea of ​​stars

Wonderbird, red tail. (Rocket)

Many, many thousands of years

An object is flying in space.

And behind him is a streak of light.

It's bright… (Comet)

First flew into space

Brave brave guy.

What is the name of the brave man? (Yuri Gagarin)

There is a big bucket in the sky.

Just don't eat it.

They look at him from the Earth. (Ursa Major)

Sends signals to everyone

Special apparatus.

A traveler flies among the stars.

It's called… (Satellite).

space riddles with answers

For the holiday

Riddles about space with answers can be found in various literary sources for children. For the little ones, you can stop at simple rhymes. For older children, you can choose something more difficult. Such tasks on Cosmonautics Day will be especially appropriate. Unfortunately, today the country no longer celebrates this holiday with such trepidation as a few years ago. Children always listened with great pleasure to stories about Yuri Gagarin, learned poems about space. Almost without exception, the guys were confident in choosing their future profession. Today, the theme of space has subsided a bit. Therefore, it is worth turning yourattention to lighting. Riddles about space will perfectly help with this.

Of course, such tasks arouse considerable interest in kids, develop logical thinking. Books with riddles about space will be a great gift for your children on their birthday, New Year or some other holiday. The child will undoubtedly be delighted with such a present. By the way, you can invent riddles on your own. Compose them with your children. Thus, you will not only spend your free time interestingly, but also with great benefit.

riddles for preschoolers

Pay attention

Riddles for preschoolers are generally an interesting and fun activity. By the age of four, kids show great interest in the world around them and, in particular, in space. Planets and stars cannot but attract boys and girls with their mysteriousness. Focus on the sky, constellations and various phenomena occurring in space. You will be able to interest the kids even more, push them to knowledge, and just give pleasure. Solving such riddles, the child tries to understand what exactly is happening in the vast depths of space, finds answers to his questions, learns a lot of new and interesting things.

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