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Bork multicookers - diversify your life with vivid impressions

Bork multicookers - diversify your life with vivid impressions
Bork multicookers - diversify your life with vivid impressions

Bork is a world famous manufacturer of small household appliances, sports equipment, juicers, professional coffee machines, air conditioners and various accessories for all types of products. On the Russian market, Bork equipment is very popular not only because of its high quality, versatility, stylish design, but also because of its quite reasonable cost. The main production facilities of the Bork corporation are located in China and Korea, but the development of new models and their testing takes place with the participation of highly qualified specialists from Germany, the USA, Australia and Russia. Recently, there has been just an insane demand for such a type of product as Bork multicookers, because this is a real find for any housewife! Let's see why.

multicookers bork

Versatility and practicality

A multi-cooker is an air grill, a microwave oven, a deep fryer, and a Bork steamer in one bottle. In addition, this appliance works in fully automatic cooking mode, so thatusing it is a pleasure. For example, the U700 model, which is the most popular in the domestic market, has 14 built-in modes for a wide variety of products (fish, pastries, roasts, and even cottage cheese and yogurt) and cooking methods (stewing, boiling, frying, steaming), as well as a mode A multi-cook that lets you create your own unique recipes with minimal effort.

Stylish design

The "Bork" multicookers are not only multifunctional, but also an original style in design and attractive design. So, sleek and shiny, finished in black and silver, with orange backlighting on the digital display, the U700 crock-pot looks like it came to your kitchen from some fantastic movie about the distant future. A kind of small, rounded, silently fulfilling all your whims, a robot assistant.

Equipment and main functions

From the variety of available functions and modes of the multicooker "Bork" just run your eyes. She is able to turn a routine and sometimes rather tedious cooking procedure into a real creative process.

bork technique


The "Bork" multicooker bowl has a rather large volume - 4.6 liters, so you can cook a meal even for a large company at a time. The thicket has handles with which it is very convenient to get it for cleaning. The inner surface is made of high quality Xwall non-stick material. Care of the multicooker is even more simplified due to itsself-cleaning with high pressure steam and temperature.

Induction heating principle

This innovative system consists in the fact that there are no heating and cooling stages in the operation of the Bork multicooker. Thanks to this, the cooking process is faster, and the food is he althier and he althier.

steamer bork

Delay start function

This function allows you to schedule a meal to be cooked at a precise time, up to 24 hours in advance. It is very useful for both busy housewives and a little absent-minded and forgetful lady.

Touch controls and voice prompts

Thanks to the fully electronic control and the presence of voice guidance, it is very easy to control the cooking process.

In a word, the "Bork" multicooker is simply a miracle of modern technology, bringing together all the latest technologies and achievements of development engineers from various countries. This is a worthy investment that will pay off many times over in the shortest possible time.

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