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How to keep a figure during pregnancy: ways and recommendations to keep the body beautiful
How to keep a figure during pregnancy: ways and recommendations to keep the body beautiful

Every woman in anticipation of a baby thinks about how to keep a figure during pregnancy without harming the baby. It is usually embarrassing that experienced mothers and grandmothers insist that now you need to eat for two (or even for three, if twins are expected), and the doctor begins to groan and gasp with each kilogram gained in excess of the norm. What to do? This article describes how to keep a figure during pregnancy. You will learn about the rules of nutrition, gymnastics and many other factors that affect weight gain while expecting a baby.

How Much Weight Can You Gain While Pregnant?

how to keep fit while pregnant

Please note that the subheading says "can" and not "should"! That is, now we’ll talk specifically about weight gain that is safe for the he alth of a woman and a child, the limit of which is not recommended to be exceeded. First, with too muchIt will be difficult for a mother to bear a child by weight, pressure will begin to jump, swelling will appear, and other problems with he alth and well-being will begin. Secondly, it is quite difficult to give birth with excess weight. Finally, too much weight gained during pregnancy will be difficult to lose after childbirth.

So, the BMI of women before pregnancy affects the rate of weight gain during pregnancy:

  1. BMI less than 19.8 - women are thin, they can gain between 13-16 kg during pregnancy.
  2. BMI from 19, 8 to 20 - average physique, in this case it is allowed to gain from 10 to 14 kg.
  3. BMI over 26 - obese women, they are recommended to gain no more than 7 kg during pregnancy.

If twins are expected to be born, then to the norms indicated for each BMI, you can add another 2.3 kg for full and 4.6 kg for thin girls.

It turns out that thin women can gain more during pregnancy than those who are already overweight. How to keep a figure during pregnancy? There are many factors that affect weight gain, and each of them is worth considering.

Weight gain varies by trimester

excess weight

You should definitely know about this. Many women, looking at how little they put on weight in the first weeks, begin to get scared of how they begin to "get fat" in the future, and resort to diets that are not needed at all. The fact is that in the first three months the increase will be small. Consider how weight gain goes in women during pregnancy in trimesters.

First trimester. FirstYou won't gain much for three months. Thin women usually gain up to 3 kg, medium build - 2 kg, and dense - 1 kg. There are times when women do not gain at all, or even lose weight! This, in the first place, may be associated with toxicosis. If tight ladies can lose up to 3 kg, then thin ladies are harmed, and a gynecologist should control weight loss.

Second trimester. In the second trimester, the weight will begin to grow steadily. During this period, thin people can gain from 7 to 8 kg, medium build - 6, and dense - 4 kg.

Third trimester. During this period, the baby begins to actively grow, and the weight will increase "by leaps and bounds"! Thin future mothers gain up to 500 g per week, women of average build up to 300 g, and overweight women up to 200 g.

You should not be guided only by the norms given in the article, because the increase will be individual for each woman. The publication provides average standards. To know more accurate numbers, you need to draw up an individual plan for weight gain during pregnancy with your doctor.

How not to lose a figure during pregnancy? The first thing you need is the right attitude on a psychological level!

Psychological mood

how not to gain weight during pregnancy

The first step is to understand that during pregnancy, weight gain cannot be avoided, and more kilograms will be superfluous. Psychological attitude affects the feeling of hunger. A woman realizes that a lot of vitamins and microelements are needed for the growth and development of a baby, and theyenter the body only with food. That is why pregnant women are tormented by a constant feeling of hunger. If you are thinking about how to keep your figure during pregnancy, then remember the following:

  • food should be right, with a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals, and not enhanced, as our grandmothers believe;
  • you can't eat anything that makes you hungry;
  • the statement, again of our mothers and grandmothers, is considered incorrect: "If you want, you can eat a wagon!"

A woman, as a rule, learns about pregnancy not on the first day, but only at 4-8 weeks! From this moment, an increased feeling of hunger, whims and so on begins. And why, before they found out about the pregnancy, life was normal? It's a psychological factor! Set yourself up for the fact that everything is the same, eat as before (only talk to your doctor about introducing additional foods and vitamins). Don't watch other pregnant women eat sandwiches on the street or while waiting for their turn at the doctor's! Lead your old way of life.

Myths and reality

how not to gain weight during pregnancy

There are many myths that during pregnancy teeth are destroyed, hair falls out, stretch marks appear and excess weight is inevitably added! There is some truth in this, but it can be fought.

Teeth will not fall out, hair will not come out, excess weight will not appear if a woman's body has enough vitamins and minerals. The baby needs "material" for growth, and he will pull it from his mother. Constant feeling of hungercan be pursued precisely from a lack of nutrients in the body. Talk to your doctor about supplementing your diet with mineral and vitamin fortified foods.

Again, the psychological factor: if excess weight cannot be avoided, then you can forget about all the past expenses in nutrition and start eating everything in a triple volume! You can and should save the figure during pregnancy! Eat like you used to.

Beauty will save the world

How to keep fit during pregnancy? This worries many women who are used to taking care of themselves. The first thing our grandmothers will advise is a complete rejection of cosmetics that harm the child! Against the background of the fact that now it is impossible to lead a familiar way of life, and you have to give up a lot, ladies begin to "jam" their sorrows. Gaining extra weight, confidence in their beauty disappears, some acquire an inferiority complex, lose self-confidence!

Dear women, we live in the 21st century, and today there is a sufficient amount of cosmetics that do not harm during pregnancy. Apply makeup every day, even if you didn’t plan to go anywhere, give your hair shine - use tinted hair gels, which are also not harmful to the fetus, as they are not absorbed into the blood! Pamper yourself with new clothes, buy beautiful outfits in size! Get a couple of things to wear after giving birth - the size should be the same as before pregnancy - this will help you tune in a positive way.

A made-up and well-groomed woman will always be self-confident. Don't forget to take care ofyourself, and you won't want to eat that extra cake that makes you want to eat but still lingers on your thighs.


communication during pregnancy

How to keep a figure during pregnancy? Reviews of numerous happy moms say that you can’t stay at home! Even if there are no friends with children and pregnant women with whom you could take a walk, go out yourself, and there will be communication.

Go out to the parks or playgrounds, go shopping for baby products. Here you will definitely find interlocutors! Pleasant communication distracts from the feeling of constant hunger. This feeling only appears when you are bored and have nothing to do.

Physical Education

How to keep a figure during pregnancy? First, you should understand that you are not sick, and moderate physical activity will only benefit. Sign up for gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga, swimming pool.

If there is no opportunity or desire to attend such sections, then just move more: walk, do housework, if you need to leave the house, give up the car and public transport - walk more than before pregnancy!

How to keep fit during pregnancy? Nutrition is the most important factor.

Eating during pregnancy

pregnant woman nutrition

Too much extra weight, gained during pregnancy by eating double portions, harms not only the woman, but also the baby. The child will also be born with excess weight, and, most likely, this problem will becomehim chronic.

But severe food restrictions are not the solution to the problem. A hungry woman is very nervous! But this is not the most dangerous - the lack of food in the mother's body harms the baby, because its growth and development slows down. Therefore, one should not be fanatical about maintaining a figure, denying oneself a cutlet, eating a diet bar made of grains instead.

It is important for us to find a middle ground that will allow mom to be full, give the right amount of nutrients to the baby, but not lead to excess weight.

  1. The diet should contain all the necessary foods: lean meat, poultry, fish, cereals, vegetables.
  2. Eat at least five meals a day, but in small portions, stop snacking.
  3. Chew your food slowly.
  4. Set the table beautifully every time.
  5. Give up fasting - you will get even more hungry, break down and overeat.
  6. Sleep at least 9 hours a night.

What can not eat during pregnancy?

How to keep a figure during pregnancy? Cook food, stew, bake, steam. Give up smoked and fried foods, they are high in cholesterol, which is not only unhe althy, but also contributes to weight gain.

No convenience foods and fast food! Learn to eat only homemade food. Pregnancy is a great opportunity to learn how to cook.

What to do if you still get overweight?

exercises for pregnant women

How to keep a figure during pregnancy if, subject to all the rules, there is excessdo they still appear? First, no panic. The child itself may be large, there may be a lot of accumulated fluid in the woman's body.

Even if you have overweight, you can quickly lose weight after giving birth. But this is only with proper nutrition. Also, athletic women get in shape faster after childbirth than those who prefer sitting on the couch watching TV.

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