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Is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy: the choice of a safe pain reliever, its effect on the body of a woman and the fetus, reviews of pregnant women and advice from a gynecologist
Is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy: the choice of a safe pain reliever, its effect on the body of a woman and the fetus, reviews of pregnant women and advice from a gynecologist

During childbearing, women often experience exacerbation of various chronic diseases, as well as new ailments. The main reasons for this are excessive stress on the body and changes in its hormonal background. That is why doctors strongly recommend expectant mothers to put themselves in order even before conceiving a child, in order to subsequently minimize probable illnesses. However, far from all girls succeed in planning a pregnancy, and they may simply not have time to solve current he alth problems.

Since the baby, being in the womb, literally sucks everything necessary for its development from the mother, an acute deficiency of some trace elements may occur in her body. First of all - calcium, which is so important for the formation of the child's musculoskeletal system. Because of this, mom is literally in front of her eyes"crumbled" teeth. Problems in the oral cavity can occur in a variety of ways, but banal caries is more common than others. True, sometimes the damage to the tooth is so great that the doctor has a completely reasonable recommendation for its removal. But is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy? How does this threaten mother and child, what risks await a woman if she lets the situation take its course?

Toothache during pregnancy

Is such a procedure possible in principle?

From the very first days of their interesting position, the girls understand that they have a rather difficult nine months ahead of them, because this period is full of restrictions and prohibitions. You can’t get sick, you can’t be treated, you can’t eat the usual food, you can’t sleep as you want either. Therefore, for many expectant mothers, a reasonable question arises - is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy? In fact, such a procedure is allowed, but with some reservations. They relate to the timing of the operation, as well as what drugs are used by the surgeon for anesthesia.

Dental treatment during pregnancy

How dangerous is tooth extraction during pregnancy?

Of course, any dentist-therapist will recommend to his pregnant patient to keep the integrity of the dentition and not to tear anything as long as possible. Treatment of dental problems during this period is not something that is not contraindicated - it is absolutely safe. Modern drugs that dentists use in their work have a local effect, they practically do not penetrate into the blood and cannot overcomeplacental barrier.

But if the doctor nevertheless decided to remove the tooth during pregnancy, then he had a good reason for that. However, he must explain to the woman the risks associated with such an intervention:

  • stress;
  • reaction to pain medication;
  • possibility of infection of the well;
  • blood loss.

As you can see, there are many reasons for concern, therefore, in order to remove a tooth during pregnancy, a woman should only contact a qualified dentist who knows the intricacies and nuances of maxillofacial surgery.

Are teeth removed during pregnancy?

Why can't dental problems be ignored during pregnancy?

Teeth don't just hurt. If a person feels even the slightest discomfort associated with the teeth, this means that he needs to urgently visit a dentist who will either confirm or rule out the pathology. Even an elementary carious hole is already an inflammatory process in the oral cavity, a place where bacteria develop, which can cause even more trouble. During pregnancy, teeth deteriorate especially quickly, and even those that have never bothered you before can remind you of yourself.

And if a tooth needs to be removed, then the situation with it is completely critical. It is impossible to walk for nine months with a focus of inflammation in the mouth. In addition to the fact that this is a constant stress for the body caused by acute pain, it is also fraught with further spread of inflammation to neighboring teeth, gums, and bone tissue. That is why inin some cases, the question of whether teeth can be removed during pregnancy does not even arise - they are simply torn. Another thing is that there are some contraindications to such an operation related to the gestational age.

Can teeth be removed during pregnancy?

How long does it take for teeth to be removed at all?

According to the protocols, the best time to have a tooth extraction is during the second trimester. At this time, the body has already adjusted to work in a new mode for itself, the fetus is firmly established in the uterus, and the woman’s tummy is still quite small.

Specifically, in terms of timing, removal can be done between the 13th and 32nd weeks. In the first and second month, such operations are contraindicated. This is an extremely short period, the internal organs and systems are just beginning to form in the fetus, and the slightest influence on these processes can lead to irreparable consequences.

Is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy in the last months? The deadline for this is the 34th week. At the ninth month, it is absolutely impossible to tear teeth, and it will be very difficult to find a doctor who agrees to perform the removal, as this can provoke premature labor. However, there are indications, because of which the doctor will still make the removal. These include severe pain, jaw injuries, and the risk of cysts and other growths.

X-rays, drugs and anesthesia - features of use in pregnant patients

As already mentioned, most medicaldrugs commonly used in dental practice. However, in the case of pregnant women, the doctor needs to follow the instructions as closely as possible and choose the right dosage of drugs.

Anesthesia during pregnancy

Often, pregnant patients ask if teeth are removed during pregnancy using anesthesia or is it done “on the fly”. Of course, the doctor should minimize any discomfort. The only thing that is relative to this category of patients will be correct to use only local anesthetics. This is a fairly wide range of drugs, the main condition is that they do not contain adrenaline.

Often, during the treatment or extraction of teeth, the doctor needs to conduct an X-ray examination, but it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to do an X-ray. In their case, a radiovisiograph is used, since this device has more gentle radiation.

X-ray during pregnancy

Can wisdom teeth be removed during pregnancy?

Most doctors categorically do not recommend any manipulation of wisdom teeth during pregnancy. The fact is that they are difficult to treat because of their physiological characteristics. You can also delete them only in case of emergency. If the matter bears, and the removal can wait until the delivery of the woman, then it is better to postpone the operation for a more favorable period.

Is it possible to remove teeth during pregnancy

Reviews of women about the procedure: does it hurt, the consequences of tooth extraction duringpregnancy time

The question of whether a tooth is removed during pregnancy is often discussed by expectant mothers. Most of them had to deal with such a problem, and many note that the longer the pregnancy, the more difficult it is to find a doctor who will agree to perform the operation. The girls also claim that the procedure itself is painless, and they did not experience any negative reactions to anesthesia. However, complications often occur in expectant mothers after removal, but in order to avoid problems with the hole, you need to follow the doctor's recommendations and prevent infection, as you will have to drink antibiotics later.

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