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Cranberry juice during pregnancy: good or bad?

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Cranberry juice during pregnancy: good or bad?
Cranberry juice during pregnancy: good or bad?

During pregnancy, cranberry juice is exactly the product that should be in the diet of any expectant mother, of course, with the permission of a doctor. Cranberries have a positive effect on women's well-being during the period of expectation of a child, and therefore, not only on the expectant mother, but also on the child. However, the sour taste of cranberry tea may not please everyone, but here is the solution: cranberry juice during pregnancy.

can cranberry juice during pregnancy

About cranberries

Cranberry is a truly unique product. The berry is saturated with vitamins, organic acids, microelements and many other useful substances so much that it is almost impossible to find a worthy analogue. This berry is useful for ARVI, has a positive effect on the kidneys, and is used for cystitis.

The drink is recommended during pregnancy, as the drink, as already mentioned, improves the well-being of the mother and child, and the pregnancy period itself passes easily. According to numerous reviews, in the unbearable summer heat, when a girl is ready to drink liters of water, cranberry drinks eliminate puffiness, preventing excessive water intake. So if you're still thinking aboutyou can cranberry juice during pregnancy, definitely possible, even necessary!

cranberry juice during pregnancy

Benefits of cranberry juice

The advantages of a cranberry drink are he alth promotion, a significant improvement in the digestive system and resistance to viruses, as well as the ability to rid the body of harmful bacteria. Plus, cranberry juice:

  • clears toxic substances;
  • stabilizes blood clotting;
  • swelling is minimized;
  • vessels become stronger.

For maximum benefit, choose a homemade drink. As part of store versions, you can find preservatives that are harmful and undesirable for the he alth of the mother and child. Natural cranberry juice during pregnancy is a great opportunity to strengthen the body and please yourself with something delicious.

The cranberry juice recipe for pregnant women can be diluted with various other berries, decoctions, fruits, mint or lemon balm, and in general everything that comes into the head of a pregnant girl.

cranberry juice during pregnancy recipe

Impact on the genitourinary system

The most common disease during the period of gestation in women, regardless of her age, is inflammation and infections of the kidneys and urinary organs. It is because of these processes that expectant mothers suffer from swelling. Cranberries are a true helper in the fight against these problems, because berries:

  • Have a slight diuretic effect and eliminate inflammation.
  • Has antisepticimpact.
  • Prevents harmful organisms from adhering to the walls of the bladder and urethra.
  • Helps to quickly remove them from a woman's body.

As a result, the complete restoration of the functioning of the genitourinary system and the complete elimination of puffiness.

cranberry juice during pregnancy from edema

Stabilization of hormonal levels

Often, increased swelling during pregnancy is the result of hormonal changes in a woman's body, which disrupts the metabolism throughout the body. Cranberries restore the basic properties of tissues and improve their work. Regular intake affects the resumption of metabolism and the elimination of edema.

Effect on blood vessels

Such a component as flavonoids, which is contained in cranberries, can positively affect the walls of blood vessels - their strengthening. What affects good blood circulation, does not allow the water that is in our body to get into the tissues. But, that's not all, with normal blood circulation, oxygen is supplied not only to the mother, but also to the child developing in her.

cranberry juice during pregnancy recipe from frozen berries

Features of use

Everything has its downside, and cranberries are no exception. You need to know that its use during the period of bearing a child may be contraindicated, because, as everyone knows, the berry has a very high acidity. Cases when cranberry juice is contraindicated during pregnancy:

  • Girls withinflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and high acidity in the body, the intake of this berry in all its manifestations is categorically contraindicated.
  • Allergic reactions to cranberries: itching and skin irritation.
  • Girls with low blood pressure.
  • Do not drink cranberry drinks: before you go somewhere for a walk or go to bed, it is important to remember the diuretic abilities of this sour berry.

Traditional medicine is good and useful. But do not forget to consult with your doctor.

How much can I drink cranberry juice during pregnancy from edema? This question worries many pregnant women who care about their beauty. For the first trimester, it is not recommended to take more than two glasses of the drink. Cranberries contain a large amount of vitamin C, and excessive consumption of it can lead to hypertonicity of the uterine muscles, which will contribute to a miscarriage. As the fetus grows, you can increase the volume of the drink. As a rule, pregnant girls are allowed to take no more than 1.5 liters per 24 hours.

It should be noted that drinks with the same recipes quickly become addictive and, as a result, they become boring. And the mood of the expectant mother either rises rapidly or falls sharply, so you should not drink cranberry drinks against your will, tormenting your body with this, but it is better to stop taking it for a while, so that in a few days you can fully enjoy the delicious fruit drink again.

Making a homemade cocktail of these berries is very useful, but what to do if it's winter outside? cranberry juice recipeduring pregnancy, frozen cranberries are no different from ordinary ones. But, of course, it's great when a young mother drinks this drink during her pregnancy, but even better when it is an integral part of the diet before planning the conception of a child.

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