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Pregnancy without signs: description, features and recommendations of experts

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Pregnancy without signs: description, features and recommendations of experts
Pregnancy without signs: description, features and recommendations of experts

Many families plan to give birth to a child and look forward to the moment when they can find out if the attempt was successful or not.

pregnancy without symptoms

Women study all kinds of literature and try to find at least something about pregnancy and its signs. They listen with trepidation to their feelings. Can there be pregnancy without symptoms? Let's take a closer look.

What are pregnancy symptoms?

Symptoms or signs of pregnancy are physiological changes that women notice in themselves when they are in an interesting position. Although they can not be called symptoms. This concept refers to diseases, not the normal he althy state of women. In this article, we will use the term "signs of pregnancy", which occur in women in the early stages.

Knowing the main symptoms, a woman can easily assume whether she is pregnant or not. You can confirm or refute your guesses with the help of tests and analyzes.

Reliable signs of pregnancy

pregnancy without first signs

According to statistics, 7 girls out of 100 note that their pregnancy proceeded without symptoms. Although this statement cannot be considered reliable, because some symptoms can be confused with other processes occurring in the body.

Some women find out they are pregnant when they are three months old. And there are several reasons why expectant mothers claimed that the pregnancy proceeded without the first signs:

  • Menstruation can also be observed in the first two months of pregnancy, after the egg has been fertilized. If you are worried about the condition of the baby in the womb, then you need to go to the gynecologist.
  • Changes in taste sensations a woman can take for whims or oddities of the body.
  • Frequent mood swings in a girl are blamed on fatigue or hormonal surges.
  • Nausea in the morning is a negative reaction of the body to certain foods eaten last night, but not toxicosis, the girls are sure.
  • From the above, it becomes clear that pregnancy without symptoms is a rare occurrence. Maybe the symptoms are mild, but they are still there. And you should listen to your body.

Is there even a pregnancy without signs in the early stages? Of course, a complete absence of symptoms is unlikely, especially in the first three months.

Asymptomatic pregnancy is a reality

A natural sign of pregnancy is a growing belly. It is by the presence of this change that pregnancy can be determined. FROMon the other hand, not all expectant mothers have a pronounced increase in volume. As mentioned above, in the first trimester, menstruation may be present. Toxicosis, breast enlargement or swelling, weakness and drowsiness may not be felt at all.

pregnancy without early symptoms

Approximately 10 out of 100 women who have given birth will say with confidence that there are no signs of pregnancy. The exact reasons for this phenomenon have not been identified. Most often, gynecologists are faced with cases of late pregnancy detection, when a woman comes to an appointment and complains of an enlarged belly and incomprehensible sensations.

Sometimes expectant mothers complain of minor ailments, such as morning sickness, whitish discharge and retention. But these signs are taken not for pregnancy, but for a malfunction in the body.

Doctors advise timely examinations, tests to monitor their own he alth. Periodic examination will help prevent the development of various diseases and determine pregnancy in time. After all, women are often interested in the question, pregnancy without signs - is it possible? This can happen, but there is no need to worry about this, each organism is individual and can specifically respond to conception.

No early signs

Some women may not notice changes at all - in this case, the pregnancy proceeds without signs. This applies to girls who normally had problems with the menstrual cycle, so it is sometimes difficult for them to realize that their bodybecame the site of fetal development. The situation is clarified at a later date when examined by a gynecologist.

On the 8-10th day after unprotected intercourse, the process of fertilization takes place in the body, after which the embryo is attached to the uterus. During this period, a woman may experience a discharge similar to menstruation, so many mistakenly believe that conception definitely did not occur.

delay without signs of pregnancy

After the gynecologist still discovers the pregnancy, the woman begins to worry about the fact that there are no symptoms. But it normal. Yes, many girls feel sick at first, some eat chalk, others biscuits with ketchup, but this does not mean that all pregnant women should have such signs. There is no definition of right and wrong pregnancy. Each girl will have this period individually.

Are periods dangerous?

If pregnancy is established, and menstruation continues, then this is a cause for concern for doctors and the expectant mother. Such cases are extremely rare. Early menstruation indicates the process of implantation or detachment of the fetal egg. In such cases, the woman has a thin, spotting discharge with blood.

Pregnancy without early symptoms is common. For example, this happens when a fertilized egg does not have time to implant before the onset of menstruation. There may be slight delays - from 5 to 15 days. Delay without signs of pregnancy cannot be considered as a confirmation or refutation of the factfertilization.

Refutation or confirmation?

Ultrasound examination and certain tests help to reliably determine pregnancy. But not every woman is ready to take paid tests, especially if everything is in order with her he alth.

can there be pregnancy without symptoms

In Brazil there was a very interesting case. 27-year-old Fernanda Claudia gave birth to a daughter while swimming. The girl was born he althy, weighing about 3 kilograms. A woman after a sudden home birth herself went to the medical center and told her unusual story to the doctors. It turns out that she was unaware of her pregnancy until the moment she began to give birth. This case shocked the public and doctors.

How to determine pregnancy? Expert advice

It is important to remember that early pregnancy can only be determined by ultrasound and hCG analysis. Gynecologists also recommend listening to the following tips:

  1. If there is a pulling sudden pain in the lower abdomen, then you need to see a specialist, especially if you suspect that you are pregnant. Pain may be evidence of a threat of abortion, the occurrence of inflammatory processes and uterine contractions. No need to self-medicate, because you do not know the exact causes of pain.
  2. If the pregnancy is confirmed, then it is advisable to reconsider all your life priorities and addictions. It is necessary to adjust the diet, because the food should be he althy. The complete rejection ofbad habits, which include smoking and alcohol.
  3. If you are worried about the fact that your pregnancy is proceeding without signs, then it is better to talk with a psychologist who will help you "recover yourself".
  4. Don't panic if your pregnancy is different. Each organism has its own individual physiological characteristics, and its reaction to bearing a baby is difficult to predict.

About the main thing

Did you find out you're pregnant? And it does not matter at an early or late date, whether it proceeds like everyone else or asymptomatically. It is important to remember only one thing - no stress and worries.

pregnancy without early symptoms

Make more time for yourself, relax, walk and breathe fresh air. Only the harmony of the physical and mental state will allow you to experience all the delights of motherhood, starting from the early stages of pregnancy.

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