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Halloween look for girls: choose your option

Halloween look for girls: choose your option
Halloween look for girls: choose your option

It is believed that Halloween is a holiday of the forces of Darkness. But if it used to be like that, it's different today! For many, this day is an occasion to have fun and arrange a real carnival. Which Halloween look for girls will be the most suitable? This is worth thinking about! To make it easier, we offer you different images for Halloween (photos are attached). Choose what you like!

Halloween look for girls: various evil spirits

On this day, you can be reincarnated, for example, as a witch. But witches can be different! Baba Yaga, for example, is not particularly attractive. But the charming Hermione Granger from "Harry Potter" - nothing at all! All you need to create this look is a long robe, a striped tie and a magic wand!

halloween outfit for girls

And in the picture "The Wizard of Oz" the witches were quite cute! To create Theodora's look, you'll need a wide-brimmed red hat, matching tailcoat, white shirt, black leather boots, and matching trousers! A great Halloween look for girls is the witch Evanora from the same movie. The best option for womenbeauties! You will need a shiny black and green floor-length dress (with lurex and feathers). The Halloween witch look is a hit!

You can also portray a vampire. There is a wide scope for imagination here. You can wear a leather suit or black velvet. To make it clear to everyone that in front of them is a real vampire, you need to line your eyes with black (you can even create something like dark circles under the eyes with the help of dark shadows), make up your lips with bright red lipstick, and artistically apply glossy shiny artificial blood.

You can embody the image of a mummy - but this is for those who tend to shock and are not inclined to look feminine! Everything is very simple here - you need to wrap yourself in a sheet and an elastic bandage.

For those who watched the movie "Silent Hill", nurses can be a good role model. Of course, the face is not worth disfiguring! But wearing a short white robe smeared with blood, a hat and a stethoscope will be very handy!

Halloween witch image

How about dressing up as a she-devil? The costume is up to you. Mandatory elements - horns and tail!

Halloween look for girls: fantastic heroines

And you can also be Snow White (albeit a little different from the cutie from the cartoons). To do this, you will need a black wig (preferably with curls), a short dress with a corset and a skirt resembling a tutu. Stockings in a large mesh will not interfere either.

A worthy option is a catwoman. To do this, you will have to purchase a black latex suit (suitable andavailable in black leather, natural or artificial). Mandatory element - ears!

images for halloween photo

Halloween look: does it have to be intimidating?

Of course not! You can simply create a fantasy make-up with rhinestones, sparkles, false eyelashes of different shades. Body art, henna painting will help you. After all, Halloween is a great occasion to experiment and wear what you have long wanted, but seemed inappropriate! Good luck! Be bold! Happy Holidays!

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