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Ersatz - what is it? Ersatz cardboard

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Ersatz - what is it? Ersatz cardboard
Ersatz - what is it? Ersatz cardboard
ersatz what is it

Chrome-ersatz is a boxboard made from unbleached and bleached pulp, waste paper, coated wood. Ersatz - what is it? This question interests many people. Ersatz is a substitute for something. Even during the war, this concept was very common. Then there were substitutes for coffee, meat, butter. That is, it is chicory, something like sausage and margarine. Ersatz cardboard is now of interest to many. It is even stronger than real cardboard. And much cheaper. Due to its minimal cost and low-cost production, it can be bought at affordable prices and used for various purposes.

Description and manufacturing options

Ersatz cardboard is a three-layer double-sided cardboard. The top layer is usually made from chemical pulp. There are the following options: uncoated ersatz, cast coated or uncoated. The middle layer is made of wood and the bottom layer is lightly coated.


chrome ersatz

Chrome-ersatz (which is already discussed above) is best used for making boxes. The folds of the box are not torn or rubbed. This material is usedfor the manufacture of consumer packaging. Packaging made of ersatz cardboard is inexpensive, but durable and attractive in appearance. Therefore, many manufacturers use chrome-ersatz cardboard. In such boxes, products are stored longer. Therefore, most often ersatz cardboard is used for the manufacture of packaging intended for food. Such packaging can easily compete with plastic packaging. But if you need to ensure rigidity, then ersatz cardboard has no equal, since it has high rigidity rates due to the addition of mechanical cellulose to its composition.

It is quite light in weight, elastic, compact, and also durable. With all these advantages, its cost is relatively small. It is used for packaging frozen food, bakery products, coffee, tea, candy, chocolate. Also, this material is great for packaging cigarettes, perfumes, medicines, chemicals, household goods, toys. And that's not all.

Ersatz: what is it, composition and application

The composition and quality of ersatz cardboard allows you to perform high-quality printing and embossing on packaging, and this is far from being possible on all types of cardboard. The use of high-quality paints makes cardboard packaging noticeable to buyers, which means that the goods that are packed in such boxes will be in the greatest demand. But it is important for any manufacturer that its products be noticeable.

ersatz cardboard

This cardboard is easy to buy, as its cost is affordable. Very common in most factoriesersatz cardboard. What is it and why is it needed? It is also used in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging. This material is recommended for the manufacture of high rigidity packages. They are used for heavy products.

A type of ersatz cardboard

Such cardboard is recycled and cellulose. Cellulose has a white interior and is therefore used in products for the packaging of medicines, cosmetics and food. All other niches, except for corrugations and interlaced cardboard, are occupied by recycled cardboard. There is also a type of cardboard presented with a kraft back - cellulose cardboard, glued on the reverse side with a thin layer of kraft paper. It has found its application in the process of packaging frozen semi-finished products. It provides high safety of products, which is also important for the manufacturer.

At the moment, the import of ersatz cardboard does not cover all the needs of production, which means that the domestic market for its production will continue to develop. Even stronger and much higher quality boards can be expected soon.

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