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Choosing wedding bouquets of lilies

Choosing wedding bouquets of lilies
Choosing wedding bouquets of lilies

Today it is very difficult to surprise someone with a bouquet. What kind of flowers do not use florists. The same thing happens with wedding compositions. The place of roses is occupied by various violets, forget-me-nots, even chrysanthemums. Wedding bouquets of lilies also look gentle and graceful.

wedding bouquets of lilies

Believe symbols

White lilies symbolize purity and purity. They are also a symbol of majesty. Therefore, bouquets with these flowers will look good with a pompous dress on a crinoline or a long flowing dress that falls to the floor. There are also bouquets of tiger lilies. These flowers are a symbol of prosperity and abundance. With them, your family will be prosperous and well-being. However, not every young lady will be able to carry a bride's wedding bouquet of lilies of this color. It's not even about the persistent smell, to which some people are allergic, but about the color. It is so out of the usual pastel shades that both the dress and the character of such a bride should be special.

Luxury bouquet

wedding bouquet of white lilies

To create it, you will need seven lilies, variousgreen leaves in addition, butterfly decoration, glitter, white pearl beads. This bouquet will be very lush. Lilies need to be cut at a distance of 20 centimeters, and then, alternating with green leaves, tightly tied together. Already at this stage, the finished composition should be obtained. Decorate it with glitter. If using a spray, then spray it on the flowers at a distance of 25 centimeters. If gel, then lightly decorate the tips of the petals of the lilies themselves. Add a butterfly and pearl beads, fixing them with glue. The bouquet should have a rounded shape, it should be comfortable to hold in the hands of the bride. If it's too heavy, reduce the number of colors. Finally, wrap the stems with pastel-colored ribbon and tie a bow at the side. Done!

Composition of colored lilies

If a wedding bouquet of white lilies does not quite complement your image, then in flower shops you can find lilies of other colors: soft pink, yellow or slightly greenish. Choose the flowers you need. Usually, other flowers are not added to wedding bouquets of lilies. The flower looks beautiful on its own. However, if you collect pink lilies in a bright spherical bouquet, then a gold-colored bead attached to the pistil will help to decorate it even more. It will seem that the bouquet is light, weightless.

More tips

bridal bouquet of lilies

1. The bouquet should complement your image, but not focus on all the attention of the guests.

2. A bunch of flowers should be light, but strong. A heavy bouquet will not only interferebride during the ceremony, but can also injure the lucky woman who manages to catch him.

3. Choose the color of the bouquet according to your age. So, a lady in years should not choose pastel shades. Bright, saturated colors are much better for her.

4. An elongated bunch of flowers is more suitable for tall girls, and ball-shaped lily wedding bouquets are better for girls of small stature.

5. Bouquets can be selected to match the color of the hair. Pastel colors for brown-haired women, bright colors for brunettes, white and yellow for blondes.

6. You do not like the smell of flowers, but you are delighted with their appearance? In this case, wedding bouquets of lilies are best made from special varieties that do not exude fragrance, but look just as spectacular.

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