Wedding bouquets of roses: styles, photos

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Wedding bouquets of roses: styles, photos
Wedding bouquets of roses: styles, photos

Video: Wedding bouquets of roses: styles, photos

Video: Wedding bouquets of roses: styles, photos
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What is a wedding without a cute, original and beautiful flower bouquet? That's right, none. Most brides, even if they are celebrating an important day in a modest one-room apartment, are required to be with a small fragrant accessory. In this article, we will explain why girls love rose wedding bouquets so much, and what flowers are best to choose for creating a cute, but sophisticated and lively arrangement.

Cascading bouquet of roses
Cascading bouquet of roses

Did you know…

Initially, the bouquet was not part of the wedding image, but served as a talisman protecting the bride from evil spirits. A living composition was assembled not so much from flowers, but from plants that had a magical purpose. For example, field plants such as wheat or wild garlic were often used in the collection of a bouquet. Later, when the girls themselves popularized this decor, they began to choose beautiful flowers to give charm and tenderness to the celebration. Now the wedding bouquet of roses is considered the most popular.accessory, because these thorny plants are able to complement the image of the bride and are perfect for any theme of the event.

Why these flowers

  • Wedding bouquets of roses are a versatile decor that suits any theme of the celebration. The main reason why brides prefer these colors is their durability and fragrance. A bouquet of roses can be made a few days before the holiday and at the same time not be afraid that the buds will wither and the petals will begin to fall off.
  • The second reason is the fragrance. Of course, there are other flowers in the world that exude a wonderful smell, but roses emit such a gentle and subtle amber that it can envelop a newly-made bride with a veil.
  • The third reason is price and availability. A wedding bouquet of roses is an economical option, because such flowers can be found in any, even the smallest, city. But the decor looks expensive and elegant.

White roses

The standard wedding color is white because it symbolizes the girl's purity and purity. Of course, now moral values around the world are changing dramatically, and conservatism is receding into the background, but traditions are still preserved and carefully carried from generation to generation.

Cascading bouquet of white roses
Cascading bouquet of white roses

A wedding bouquet of white roses is a great choice, because light buds look extremely gentle, subtle, sensual, noble. Even if the celebration is held in a marine or forest theme, you still won’t lose if you prefer a bouquet in milky beigetones.

Of course, florists complement the accessory with beautiful green leaves. The most popular type of bouquet today is flowers in a cascade, where bright saturated ivy or charming lilies smoothly fall down, creating an original ladder.

Roses are such versatile flowers that they harmonize perfectly with any plants. For example, a white bud is ideally combined with blue veronica, blue statice, orange hypericum, green monstera or yellow solidaga. Those who want to add color to the decor can resort to drastic measures - paint light roses in any color. As a rule, brides often choose shades such as blue, peach, emerald, lilac.

Bouquet of delicate roses and chrysanthemums
Bouquet of delicate roses and chrysanthemums

Red roses

Passionate, fatal and feminine brides choose bright and rich accessories. Wedding bouquets of red roses are a wonderful decor because they symbolize the emancipation of a girl.

Bright flowers are a bold decision, because not every bride will be ready to decorate her look with unusual accessories. Red roses, despite their defiant appearance, look attractive, elegant and rich. Especially when a woman prefers velvet buds that range from red to maroon.

It is recommended to collect wedding bouquets for the bride from roses with white buds, irises, peonies, hypericum berries. At the same time, you should not worry that the red accessory will not fit the white dress or the light decoration of the banquet hall. On the contrary, a bright bouquet will attractthe attention of guests to the bride throughout the celebration - from morning until evening. This is a good bonus, because a girl will be surrounded by admiring glances at an important celebration of her life, which means that she will definitely not forget her wedding.

Bouquet of red roses
Bouquet of red roses

Spruce roses

Despite the fact that these fragrant flowers are very popular, because they are given absolutely for all holidays, whether it's a housewarming party or just a nice gesture, they are already pretty fed up with everyone. They are being replaced by bridal bouquets of spray roses.

The main feature of flowers is that their buds are very small, hardly more than a marigold. At the same time, several fragrant roses are on the same stem, while the standard plant differs in that it has one lush cup.

A bouquet of spray roses looks incredibly chic and lush, and since the buds themselves are small, they add color to a living accessory. Therefore, brides do not choose monotonous flowers, but make a bouquet of three or four shades. The most popular are wine, pink, white, orange flowers.

Peony roses

A wedding bouquet of such flowers is an original solution, because large buds literally catch the eye and delight all guests. Peony roses are incredible, their delicate natural hues symbolize sophistication.

Bouquet of white and delicate pink roses
Bouquet of white and delicate pink roses

Unlike classic peonies, these flowers are not attacked by insects, as they exude a less sugary aroma. main featurebuds is that they have very delicate petals, which, like thin velvet, cover an exquisite plant.

Surprising fact, but peony roses have not been around for very long. They have been bred by breeders for centuries to achieve incredible shape, flavor and color. Another feature of peony roses is that the buds themselves are dense and closed, but as soon as they open, the bouquet turns into a lush cloud, where one flower reaches 8-10 centimeters in diameter.

What goes well with

White roses are used to create an incredible bouquet. First, because these flowers are incredibly durable and long lasting. Secondly, because they give tenderness to the wedding look.

  1. Do you want to create a luxurious bouquet? Use delicate lilies, which can make a magnificent cascade. At the same time, it will not be superfluous to add orchids or fragrant peonies to the bouquet, especially if the bride looks and behaves like a sophisticated and graceful ballerina.
  2. What flower accessory is created without green plants with small buds? Popular, for example, kachim (or gypsophila). The plant looks like a small bush, strewn with small buttons, which eventually open up and turn into summer flowers.
  3. An original solution would be to add a unique decor to the wedding bouquet. For example, if the celebration is in a marine style, then shells or foam stars will ideally complement the accessory. You can see a photo of a wedding bouquet of roses below.
  4. Bouquet of white roses and succulents
    Bouquet of white roses and succulents

Introducing Styles

When choosing a wedding bouquet, it is very important to study the different types of this accessory, because sometimes the image of the bride requires a sophisticated and small decor, rather than a massive flower herbarium.

  • Symmetrical. Such a bouquet looks like a flat sphere. Roses are perfect for this, because thanks to their buds they can create a round symmetrical arrangement.
  • Cascade. As mentioned above, the bouquet is a flowing plant that is firmly attached to the base or flexible wire.
  • Creative. This is a bold decision, because often quite unusual items are used in the manufacture of such a bouquet - soft toys, satin ribbons, artificial flowers.
  • Biedermeier. The main feature of this bouquet is that it has several circles. For example, the middle is made white, and then flowers of other shades begin to be laid out around the circles.
  • Bouquet of lilac roses
    Bouquet of lilac roses

It doesn't matter which bouquet you prefer - roses can decorate a wedding look, give it charm and attractiveness. It is almost impossible to go wrong with these fragrant flowers, because their beauty has delighted and will delight connoisseurs of beauty for many centuries to come.