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How to make a glass for the newlyweds with your own hands: ideas and tips

How to make a glass for the newlyweds with your own hands: ideas and tips
How to make a glass for the newlyweds with your own hands: ideas and tips

Beautiful glasses on the wedding table are a must. And if earlier the tradition demanded that the newlyweds break them for happiness, today, on the contrary, they are carefully kept as a reminder of the birthday of a new family. Decorating glasses with your own hands has become very popular now. Flowers from satin ribbons, lace appliqués, polymer clay compositions and many, many other interesting ways to decorate wedding dishes exist in the world. We will look at some of them in this article. We carefully study all the information and try to make a glass for the newlyweds with our own hands.

do-it-yourself glass for the newlyweds


Glasses made of transparent glass, decorated with rhinestones, look very impressive. The simplest version of this decor is stripes of silver or golden pebbles along the upper edge of the container, in the middle and at the bottom. You can also make the initials of the bride and groom with rhinestones or figurines in the form of rings, hearts, doves. Pebbles need to be glued with silicone glue or special for glass. Get a chic sparkling glass for the newlyweds. Do-it-yourself can be done to this decoraddition in the form of a bow or flower. To make it, take a ribbon of the same shade as the rhinestones (silver or gold). Attach this decoration to the legs of the glasses.

do-it-yourself decoupage of wedding glasses


Do you prefer dishes with bright color patterns? Well then, you will also definitely enjoy doing the decoupage of wedding glasses with your own hands. This is a rather “young” type of needlework, but very fashionable today. To decorate festive dishes in this style, you need to stock up on decorative napkins with the desired pattern, acrylic paints and varnish.

How to decorate a glass for the newlyweds with your own hands using decoupage technique: step by step instructions

  1. Wipe the surface of the glass with an alcohol wipe to remove grease and dirt.
  2. Ground the glasses with white acrylic paint (using a foam sponge). Leave them to dry completely.
  3. Cut out the desired fragment of the pattern from the napkin, put it on the glass surface. With movements from the center to the edges, moisten it with a wet brush, thereby attaching it to the glass. Smooth out any “wrinkles” well, remove excess water and leave to dry.
  4. Draw the contours of the composition with acrylic paints. They can additionally decorate the entire background of the glasses (painting, dots, waves, etc.).
  5. Coat the decorated glass surface with acrylic lacquer.

You can decorate a bottle of champagne or wine with glasses in the same style.

decorating glasses with your own hands


What could be more beautiful than flowers? Well, except perhaps a glass for newlyweds decorated by them. It is very easy to decorate wedding dishes with a flower arrangement with your own hands. Combine small flowers into a small bouquet, tie them with a thread. Attach the composition to the glass using transparent tape (artificial flowers can be glued with a hot gun). Top decorate with bows of nylon ribbons. If you decorate glasses with fresh flowers, then lightly sprinkle the composition with water during the day.

Whatever wedding decor you choose to decorate glasses, practice it on any other vessel. This is, of course, painstaking work, but very exciting and interesting. And the result of the work will delight you and your chosen one not only on the day of marriage, but also for many years of family life. We wish you to drink champagne from a wedding glass decorated with your own hands on your golden wedding day.

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